Girl on the toilet stepped nail infection "tetanus", actually a life-saving amputation!(1)

  The evening of March 3, Maoming a 10-year-old girl was stabbed on the toilet and nails。
The next day, the father wash water treatment, the situation is worsening, two days later the doctor diagnosed as "", said to be amputated in order to save your life。Family but can only do the surgery。  What circumstances would lead to a constant and trauma associated with specific infection。Trauma of various types and sizes are likely to be contaminated, especially open fractures, containing rust, small and deep stab wounds, trauma blind tube, firearm injuries, more contaminated Clostridium tetani。
Pediatric patients with stab wounds to the hands and feet more common。In terms of soil, ash, wood ash and other indigenous wound dressing, more pathogenic。
  After the addition may occur in a variety of trauma, it may also occur under dirty conditions delivery of maternal and neonatal postoperative informal abortion。Otitis media, pressure sores, and tooth caused by intrauterine release ring may have the disease。Due to drug addicts by the use of dirty syringes and intravenous drugs patients also found an increasing trend。  Is a very serious disease, high mortality, especially newborns and drug addicts, this should take positive comprehensive treatment measures, including the removal of toxins source, and free of toxins, and relieve spasm control, keeping the airway open and Prevention complications。
Treatment measures are: all necrotic tissue in the process, foreign matter shall be cleared, shall, after antitoxin therapy, in good anesthesia, under the control of spasms wound treatment, debridement, adequate drainage, locally available 3% hydrogen peroxide solution after rinsing and does not have to suture the wound debridement dressing。Some seemed to have wound healing should be carefully examined whether the sinus cavities or dead under the scab。  Prevention and control of major complications in the respiratory tract complications, such as asphyxia, atelectasis, pulmonary infection, so the frequent seizures, the drug in patients with severe and difficult to control, tracheotomy should be carried out as soon as possible, in order to improve ventilation; respiratory secretions should be promptly removed matter, turning frequently, shot back, to prevent hypostatic pneumonia; tracheotomy patients should pay attention to make the respiratory tract, including airway atomization, wet, washing, etc.。Hand care, if necessary, to prevent accidents; strict aseptic technique to prevent cross-infection。It has been complicated by lung infection, according to the choice of antibiotic strains。
Indwelling catheter improve urinary retention, bloating improved placement anal。

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