CICC: trade war affects only the short-term stock market sentiment the most affected industry trade list

  With newspaper Phoenix International iMarkets FRANCISCO March 23, according to Bloomberg, CICC, said intensified Sino-US trade friction will affect investor to determine the level of net exports from growth, especially in the recent divergence of growth point, expected short-term market risk appetite。 But given China's domestic demand toughness and more ample room for buffering policy, China's economic growth prospects and performance need not be too pessimistic。   Analysts said Japan and China, who at 23, forced the introduction of a trade war could cause the global economy, including China and the US, including the possibility of lose-lose up but its impact should not be exaggerated, Yintelangpu more in response to the mid-selected consider the political level。
  China is expected to take the initiative to adjust trade structure and further increase the pace of opening to actively respond to global。   United States intends to levy a 25% tariff bear the brunt of the industry, especially aerospace, information and communications technology, machinery。
  A higher proportion of industry trade will be affected: Chinese exports to the United States mainly mechanical equipment and instruments (such as home appliances, electronics and other categories, accounting for 48% of total exports) and miscellaneous manufactured articles (12%), textiles (10% ), metal products (7%), etc.。   US exports to China's products are mainly concentrated in machinery and equipment Instruments (30%, mainly capital goods), transport equipment (20%), chemical products (10%), plastics and products (5%), etc.。
  China may increase in the future is open to a number of areas in response to the Sino-US trade war, including automotive, medical, financial, pension, and other media products。

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