Australian media: We live in forgo dependence on the US, "Chinese world"

According to Australia, "Sydney Morning Herald" March 16 article in April 1973, I traveled to Beijing, carries a copy of the letter has now become a historic document; this is the letter 8 when he was prime minister Gough Tel Hui Farm to me, and I was ambassador。 It talked about the idea of developing relations with China and Australia, as well as our long-term goal。 This historic document is still the subject of today's reality hit。
Goff wrote: "We seek relations based on friendship, mutual trust and cooperation on development with China, and we already have or seek relations with other major powers (alluding to the US, UK and Japan) development quite the kind of relationship。
"It means quite familiar with the government and society, almost intimacy, closeness and trust, as well as to influence potential。
In Gough view, there can safeguard our own interests, and the ability to say "no"。
Australia and China but has never developed this "considerable" relationship。 We now than at any time in history, more necessary relations with China "and we already have or seek the kind of relations with other major powers rather"。
why?Because we now live in a "Chinese world"。 But our relations with China and this does not match。 In Asia, we began to enter a new era, it might be called "China Times"。
This involves not only the fact that China's wealth and power, and influence – political and social, not just economic。
China finance, build and gain influence infrastructure; Chinese tourists, businessmen, students and the impact of immigrants; the huge outflow of funds influence; bring Chinese culture, including the impact of commercial culture; Chinese state-led activities and China seeks to re-stimulate awareness of the Chinese, the impact on our domestic society。 Now, this effect is most friendly, helpful and welcome to our。 Australian politicians seem not ready for this。 They often refuse to recognize China's influence。 Now, we have to get rid of dependence on the US mental burden, so that we can see China, from our understanding of Chinese national interest point of view, we are dealing with in accordance with the conditions。 Now is not the America we live in, "Chinese world", we have to try to deal with the impact it brings。 (Author Stephen Fitzgerald, Joe constant translation) Editor: Liu Siyue。

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