Something about data: dengue is averaging 34.6 points pioneers nemesis

Beijing on March 21, today 2017–18 season, regular season to continue, a total of seven games Here are some interesting data that appear in a few games。
Today, Carl – Anthony – Downs, Andrew – Wiggins, Jeff – Teague and Jamal – Jamal Crawford scored 20 +, respectively, of the Timberwolves beat the Clippers。
In the previous loss to the Rockets in the game, four of them have the same game scoring 20 +。 A pair of two consecutive games scoring four groups were 20+, 1998 Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal – – Kobe Bryant, Rick – Fox and Eddie – Jones。
Pelican lost a game on a team-high points Jason – Tatum, and today a team-high 23 points, the Celtics win over the Thunder rate。 As a result, he became following the March 1980 – Larry Bird and, first in the Green Army single-season winning percentage is not less than 50% of the time, there have been two games in a row Green Army rookie scored a team-high performance。
When the fourth quarter of the field 20 seconds left, the Celtics still six points behind。 The last time is still in such a complete reversal of the situation is reversed when added to the magic of January 2, 2014 Knight。 Eagles victory over the Jazz in today's game, Dennis – Schroeder 41 points, Hawks 684 consecutive regular-season scoring record of 40 + no one passed away this。
This may in NBA history ranked No. 3, the top two respectively 76 885 consecutive games (by the beginning of the season – Joel end En Bide), between 2003 and 1994 to the Los Angeles Clippers 737 consecutive games。 Today, James – Harden scored 42 points, Blazers 13-game winning streak end of the rocket。
After joining the Rockets, Harden 20 against the Trail Blazers, scored a total of 691 points, the field can score, refresh the active players after joining a team, against the same opponents before the highest total scoring record of 20 games。 Pelicans beat the Lone Ranger in today's game, Anthony – Davis played 35 minutes scored 37 points。 This is the 13th season Davis average 1 point per minute of the game, the second highest in the league, three games less Bi Hadeng。
Beat the Magic in today's game, the Raptors get 93 points, nearly half from the bench (46 points), while the starting five in as much as 2 scoreless。 Prior to this, only two teams in this season there are two starting a scoreless game to win at least, respectively, December 6 victory over the Hornets warriors, and the January 21 victory over the Knicks Lakers。 (Demons)。

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