Encounter love

Love this thing, most full of mystery, what kind of person when it came to anything, it is almost predestined。Love is not found, it must be met。After innumerable twists and turns probably not love, love must be, waited and waited, then, there he was, you found, and this is love。    ——When the snow small Zen met, but then gently glance, eager for text woman always emotional to the point of mercy; time in my eyebrows have already left the clear light of melancholy, occasionally in the years when will recall , just like the past, such as those who smoke to thank the flower, and then quietly disappear and then slowly forgotten。Fate, it is doomed reunion?Suddenly encounter between you and me is the fate of the arrangements it?If so, I would like to use this life time to cherish, to love you。    Pick up a pen, wrote lingering for love's heart again, not for more than hypocritical, only for it to meet in a warm beauty。The world is so big, so busy, those who are called to me who never had an important, but just then a period of time, there is a real person, but I know what love is, how to love to cherish。As we walked along the road season, came at a scenic another, and then look back, you just warm my heart is in my life the only indispensable。    Memorable time in the warm, moist all the time bit by bit my heart, every day thinking about the people from afar, became a simply wonderful lonely。Time goes farther, from the moment he met the love of learned silently borne in mind that the number of light accompanied by another day, minute by minute is life in the same legend。Gently, think about approaching you, never to leave, the Red purple street in this as long as I only put a little happiness, that is what I want perfection。    Suddenly, just think, in the text from the collections of crystal embellishment beautiful, the most beautiful and who is not sad parting, but who's that moment across the silent, misty eyes, the heart is full of each other。Love, really let us involuntarily, either my words tempting to turn to past lives whirling blur, everything is a miracle。    If, did not have a meet this beauty, then this life how can I be a note of a handful of a few strokes, when the Red Dust is not overwhelmed all the beautiful, still quiet after the vicissitudes of life to grow old?And if so, you have never met in such a dull Love me, life is still not stable to smoke, waves shadowless, walked in song after another poem where he white head?Human life is really too much to my surprise, I actually just met you in a better life, who is the fate is doomed, is our common repair to the mercy。    We, encounter love, having chosen to hold up their hands, do not easily let go, OK?Because love is not easy。Along the way, it is no longer a child, though sometimes in front of you so naive as to innocence, but it was only one thing belong to you, because you are my whole world day。Tolerance and your pet are four seasons in the sun, we can not afford to hurt anyone pet portrait can not afford to treat each other。At this moment, a ray of warm-up time by means of stroked help but miss the mind, not sad overspill far there have only miss in a deep wish I always ride。    Always write pen flower of circumstances, a love rich fragrance can linger in shallow plain white paper, also met a unique pure Love Lane, a you are my writing and writing, reading and read only。Ears "at least you" when determined to listen to the song again old songs, the mind will recall when the words of that chat, I said that even if the whole world I can lose, at least you deserve let me cherish。Yes, and you, at least you can let me love can make me miss。    Lonely character, walk Qingsi afternoon for some leisure time, sweet talk about love, drink a cup of tea, indifferent between the woman inadvertently write hot words, staring at that distance in one direction, then gently quietly silence picks up the dust on the pages of the book, a blow slightly, as it settled thoughts。Can not see the wind shadow of a horizon that will be blown, hear wind chimes shallow sing under the eaves, rattled, rattled, crisp clear of trees nap disturbed the birds, it quietly probes, afraid of accidentally he angered people's attention。Originally, as with all things, as determined students。    Close your eyes and serene joy in being clear, if quiet heart, everything is quiet。About love, not the end of a tea time will be able to write the perfect end of the sentence, and I just want to use the rest of this life to write slowly, slowly goods, until that day never Nabu Qi old pen, see you look like, down deep feeling of sadness will be recorded。But who can clearly know that some things in life some people not only live in lover's eyes is alive in the hearts of love。So, how many years do not worry I will not remember, because our hearts at a time dependent, is also connected to the Xixi life, not only does not want to remember。    Text: makeup silent

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