African refugees Spain winning Euro 400,000 | Lotto | refugee | Spain

  Sina Wall Street Beijing 24 hearing, local media reported on Wednesday, the Spanish Christmas lottery annual ushered in a strange winner, he was an unemployed Senegalese eight years ago draped over a small wooden boat drifted into the adventure from Morocco Spain, was rescued by the Spanish coast guard was able to set foot on European soil, but now, suddenly received 400,000 euros in prize money。
  "Almeria" Voice reported that the people do not know the last name of the winner, except that he called Enge Mu (Ngame), has printed the winning number 79140 on the 1600 lottery that day, and he just had one of them Zhang。   The lottery is a coastal city in the southern province of Almeria Roquetas de Mar sold, while the thirty-five refugees positive and wife living here, his wife is with him sneak into the。
  "I do not believe, I can tell you, there are times when the two of us are not even five euros。 Enge Mu published a photograph holding a winning lottery ticket on the "newspaper。
  Enge Mu and his wife eight years ago, local first arrived off the coast of Morocco, Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands。
Before their boat out of the question, the Spanish coast guard rescue team they got there。
  "Sixty-five individuals on the boat。 I want to thank the Spanish government and the Spanish, when I was in the sea, they saved me。 "After coming to Spain, two couples or day laborers in the rural man, or to a nearby greenhouse in Almeria lot of people to help pick vegetables, hard to get by。
  Enge Mu said he had recently been fired a greenhouse。
  Spain's Christmas lottery is the world's highest prize, this year sent a total of 2.2 billion euros。   Only a small number of different lottery and other big winner, the Spanish Christmas lottery is to share the wealth, as many as thousands of winners。   This tradition was established in 1812, never stopped。 Even Spain in mid-1936 to mid-1939 civil war had not interrupted it, when the two sides have held their own lottery activities。   Now, the Christmas lottery has gained in Spain, friends, colleagues, and even the bar drinking buddy, we all go together to buy lottery tickets。   Standard ticket price of 20 euros, a few weeks before the lottery, lottery shop door had been waiting in a long queue to buy。

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