Survey that Hong Kong millionaires increased by 15% year-to 6.80,000

Data for: Central dazzling scenery。 Reporter Michael is still subject Min Head of Citibank Retail Banking Lin Zhigang said that although the proportion of respondents expected property prices to rise multimillionaire increased, but the proportion is still far lower than think property prices will rise in the proportion of Hong Kong people in general, but there are similar the proportion of millionaires is expected to fall in property prices, their views on property prices did not appear one-sided situation。
  Another survey in September last year to February this year visited 200 mainland visitors to Hong Kong in the form of face to face multimillionaire。
The results showed that the overall asset allocation of the Mainland and Hong Kong multimillionaire similar, there are more than seventy percent of the total assets invested in the property, but the two main sources of wealth of HNWIs significantly respectively。
  55% of Hong Kong millionaires main wealth comes from salary income, 20% of respondents wealthy mainly from wealth management business。 Mainland, 55% of respondents from the rich man's main asset management business, while 28% of respondents said the main wealth comes from investments。   The survey also found employment in the wealthy, the mainland respondents entrepreneurial intentions than Hong Kong respondents, 50% said that the former are interested in entrepreneurship, which is only 4% expressed the intention of entrepreneurship。   Lin Zhigang believes that this may be because Hong Kong has been a long time working in the rich, diverse products together with Hong Kong investment, HNWIs environment satisfaction。 And there are a lot of space in the mainland can be developed, the market is huge, so that the wealthy who want to venture。

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