Huang Xuhua Academy of Sciences awarded "World Chinese influence Award" Lifetime Achievement Award

Academician Huang Xuhua。
  Toys for reference, the data used to thinking people ism, technology transfer and other terms, perhaps hard to imagine Huang Xuhua and his team, a nuclear submarine toy model, as an important "reference"。 For any country, the nuclear submarine technology is the core secrets。 Moreover, the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations in mid-1958, a large-scale withdrawal of Soviet aid to China expert。
Want to build nuclear submarines, the Chinese people can only rely on themselves!  Any clues about nuclear submarines, few words of Huang Xuhua and his team are very rare。 One day, someone brought back two United States, "George Washington" model toys for children from abroad。 Huang Xuhua treasure, the researchers put the toy apart, break down, excited to find that toy with their equipment in the crowded drawing essentially the same idea of nuclear submarines!"My conclusion is, then the tip of the things that are on the basis of conventional equipment development, innovation out。
Not so mysterious。
"Huang Xuhua further strengthened the confidence。   From the drawings, models, to create a real nuclear submarines, how many technical difficulties to break through, we imagine。 In computers, mobile phones are so popular today, you know, when a large number of core data scientists, surprisingly enough, "abacus" calculated nuclear submarine?  "For example, the stability of nuclear submarines is crucial, too easy to sink, do not go too light potential, the focus of the oblique roll easily, must be precisely calculated。
"Said Huang Xuhua。 How to do?Nuclear submarine equipment, pipelines thousands, Huang Xuhua requirements, each must weigh, every day for several years!So "preoccupied" indigenous methods, the end result is that thousands of tons of nuclear submarines in the water after the test potential, will be re-tested value and the design value as they would!  December 26, 1970, China's first nuclear submarine launched。 When this carries the dream of a powerful Chinese nation, strong army dream of behemoths float from the water, Huang Xuhua was moved to tears Flows。 In the absence of any foreign aid, the Chinese people in just 10 years time, it developed a few years abroad only developed nuclear submarine。
China has become the world's fifth nuclear-powered submarines。   "Our nuclear submarines is not a piece of equipment, instruments, raw materials from abroad, each part of the hull is made in China。
"Huang Xuhua proud to say。
What is self-reliance?What is innovation?This sentence is sufficient to answer。   Today, for the dedication of a lifetime Huang Xuhua nuclear submarine has attained 93 years of age, have been listening ear is not clear, but still agile legs and feet。 As the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry 719 honorary director, he still went to the Institute every day from the family wings office, tidy material, after giving birth to ideas to help if necessary。
Huang Xuhua said he hopes young people most remember the word – "Patriotism is volunteering his own life together with the fate of the country, there is this enough。
  "The world because of you beautiful –2017-2018 impact of World Chinese Festival" awards ceremony will be held the evening of March 30 at Tsinghua University gorgeous debut。 By then, the co-organizers Beijing Youth Daily, China News Agency, Hong Kong headlines, Ming Pao, Phoenix, Phoenix, Sin Chew Daily, Ta Kung Pao, when Want Media Group in Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, World Journal (North America), Asia Weekly, a little information , China Press, will gather representatives of European Times site, to ask questions winners。

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