Flowers in a in a warm piece by piece

Far from the window, faint flickering lights under the night sky, smelled one after another sad but deep temperament I do not know who \\\\\\ night was dark at the touch of a love War that state of mind, one person at a heavy shadows wandering in the endless night, I think that's a brilliant fireworks and want to indulge in this lonely time, where to send affectionate \\\\\\ flower leaves tumble sad, unhappy and on the brow ferry parting tears, drops fell heart do not know, love to the depths, it is difficult to recover hope Tianshui vast, one, one, the flowers go \\\\\\ come and go, the years of joy eye in a tree, a tree of a bloom leaf leaves long love and love also carry written on the palm of my \\\\\\ waterfront moonlight you see, for me hell and high water, come to see you through the Reeds Shining eyes, I was presented to me a Bing acquiescence, this life, and you Acacia together the old \\\\\\ that still smell of ink?A HREF = "HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% C1% F4 'target = "_ blank'>Nostalgia grind domain?/ DIV>Between the lines are filled with the tree you plant with My Song of length, is Yan Yan flowers How can all the clouds in front of a wind \\\\\\ a ride, a ride rain, go all the way Bangkok mountains to shed my laughter, I have the ghost of you get out of your sight, you have between breathing embed my life \\\\\\ wind, do not hit bursts Qinliang turned to leave, this will give me a piece of a wet rainy season flowers a warm piece by piece, I treasure that one, mountain stream, I have been waiting, waiting for you to chord

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