Glass heart

I have a secret I has a pair of eyes that can see through all that I can see the heart of a large, small, incomplete, or even nothingness of empty red, bear warm yellow, black, or dirty, cool , numbness, and hard as stone…….。And I have is so colorful exquisite heart and my heart but I though rare earth opportunities scarce I spoke gentle words they exchange in the world and I can walk to find a comparable heart with different people, but I do not know As early glimpse through trick their mouth does not mind, I chatted with a different woman amazed at the different cardiac finally there is the same desire, I met a girl, she has a heart of glass shining but my heart beat faster Refreshing seven colors flashing alternately All my experience tells me to hug her to have a beautiful heart sinking, but but it is a sensitive and fragile glass heart na I finally appease his fanatical heart and pretend nothing had happened since then she brushed past me found less his heart is no longer Ambilight color I often burst into tears because I was told that the general appearance of the diamond with glass

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