Hengda backdoor program is about to launch!A SHENSHENFANG announced before May 14 to resume trading

According to disclose at least once every five days progress in restructuring requirements, April 27 after-hours, (000029.SZ) re-disclosure of material assets reorganization announcement progress suspension。  The announcement shows progress, SHENSHENFANG A is expected to disclose major asset restructuring plan or report a few days ago on May 14, 2017 and apply for shares resume trading。It suspended from its September 14, 2016 just eight months。  It is worth noting that the April 20 after-hours, SHENSHENFANG A had announced that same day, the parties agreed to extend until 31 December 2017 the original agreement of exclusivity period; the extension of an exclusive period, and its controlling shareholder and actual control people, Kairon home and its controlling shareholder and actual control people, Evergrande shall be carried out with the purpose of the original agreement similar or related in consultation with other parties, to negotiate or sign any document。  21st Century Business Herald reporter noted that SHENSHENFANG A scheduled before May 14 to resume trading before on the set。It was in progress in the restructuring announcement April 14's disclosure, in order to ensure the smooth progress of this major asset restructuring, the company stock price prevent abnormal fluctuations, safeguard the interests of investors, to apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company's shares will be from 2017 since mid-April 14 to continue the suspension is not more than one month。  Further reading Hengda Real Estate Xu India under the name of the road to return to A shares are still facing heavy fog。  April 20, SHENSHENFANG A (000029.SZ) announced that the parties agree that the original restructuring agreement to extend the exclusivity period to December 31, 2017。  According to the agreement signed by both parties on October 3, 2016, Hengda and SHENSHENFANG A exclusive period was due to expire in May 2。  The announcement that a similar purpose to extend the exclusive period, the company and its controlling shareholder and actual controller, Kairon home and its controlling shareholder and actual controller, Evergrande shall be with other parties to the original agreement or related consultations, negotiations or sign any document。If the parties to the transaction within the validity period failed to sign a formal agreement or the parties fail to extend the original agreement, unless the parties otherwise by consensus, the original agreement automatically terminated。  A SHENSHENFANG said that as of this significant asset restructuring involving Shenzhen State-owned enterprise reform, the proposed purchase of a larger asset size, transaction structure is more complex, with some particularity in terms of acquisition of asset size and scope, is a major no precedent matters, are not expected to disclose this major asset restructuring plan or report and other related information in the original agreement and the validity period of exclusivity。  Hengda Real Estate to return to A shares of the process is not smooth, SHENSHENFANG A recent announcement from the release point of view, Hengda Real Estate reorganization SHENSHENFANG A longer than expected to complete。  September 14, 2016, first published SHENSHENFANG A planning major issues suspension notice, Oct. 3, (03333.HK) backdoor former position will make a return to business Hengda Real Estate shares。  However, the suspension of more than seven months, from SHENSHENFANG A and Evergrande ranked agreed on when he is about to expire, its restructuring plan have not been significant progress。  A SHENSHENFANG mentioned in the announcement April 13, the company expects to disclose major asset restructuring plan or report a few days ago May 14。The company promised, if not to disclose major asset restructuring plan or report before May 14 in 2017, and did not apply for an extension of resumption, resumption or extension application is not to obtain the consent of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company will release to terminate a major asset restructuring announcement and apply for shares resume trading, while commitments from the date of publication no longer planning a major reorganization of assets for at least two months。  In order to complete the backdoor SHENSHENFANG Evergrande A, Hengda were frequent capital。  In June 2016 Hengda Real Estate to shareholders 52.When 78% to become the controlling shareholder, Jia Kai City and Xu India have respectively issued "to avoid competition with the commitment letter," promised within one year after the share transfer success, Jiakai City to model-based industry does not change, and complete problem-solving competition in the industry three years。  February 9, 2017, Jiakai City disclosure of changes in equity report, Evergrande intends to hold all of the company 9.5.2 billion shares, with 6.53 yuan / share, a total of about 62.1.8 billion sale price to its controlling shareholder Kairon Guangzhou, Guangzhou Kairon will make the tender offer exemption application。  At the same time, and Hengda Real Estate Xu India has been solved with the competition issue a commitment, the acquisition at the same time lay the foundation for promoting Jiakai City nurture and develop new business and enhance profitability for the business steps to resolve intra-industry competition,。  Hengda accordance with the investment agreement previously signed with the introduction of eight strategic investors, if and Hengda Real Estate listed SHENSHENFANG restructuring agreement could not be completed before 2020, January 31, strategic investors will have the power to require Kay Long Real estate to buy back shares held by the original investment cost, or free transfer of part of the Hengda Real estate shares to strategic investors by the Ashkelon home, transfer ratio of shares held by strategic investors 50%。  This means that if SHENSHENFANG A backdoor listing of the reorganization of the final can not be completed, leaving Xu India to find a new path to market for the Evergrande of time will be only two years。  It is noteworthy that, in the last three weeks, Hengda has spent HK $ 3.3 billion to repurchase shares of the Company by the close, China Hengda News 9.HK $ 08 / share, or 2.83%, the share price hit a record high after its listing。(Source: surging News) (Original title: Hengda upcoming backdoor program!A SHENSHENFANG announced the resumption of trading before May 14) (Editor: DF142)

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