Hua Xu cited – hate the snow

Wen / Yu Han cup snow, snow sorrow, grief, can not be cut off——Inscription selected from original eyes fall who is sad, that unknown pain and who knows, the world was full of sorrow swirling scattered and doomed to loneliness or this I should not survive in this world, the nostalgia , waiting and miss, and this is just lonely dilapidated memories of Bale!I love or not love good, but all remnants of this body have to expect……    Tears do not wear a single glance, do not see the light of the world。Whose heart is broken, I do not understand the state of mind。Full of love is not in your heart, but never sad cry。Are no tears back, or already sad ending。Dearly, real pain。I do not know that love language is full of swirling, snow desolate world of love and not love shed Petals。Fall of sorrow, heartache is never of sleep, or that never sleeps closing lament。。。。。。    Closing the pain of tears。Had dedicated your eyes no longer have my mind, lingering just back to your tenderness, accompanied by your side but never really loved was hurt too, but memory is not loved and hated。Lomond heart is no longer thrown sea waves, empty quiet no sorrow without joy。Pursuing a dream bustling sad, hurt the memory no longer exists, forget the sorrow。Dance is the best of who tears, who have broken the sound。。。。。.    Love and hate, hurt and pain。Miss dedication was a dream, he survived what is the significance, for the love?That still did not get forgiveness……    Epiphyllum water, such as from about dreams。No matter how much better is the final battle against time and the pain, forget the bustling shallow Zuimeng Bliss, leaving a desolate world。No amount of love, no amount of injury, the final years is too scattered memories。Beautiful world waiting too scattered, ending only sadness……    Memories of sadness, do not understand the years of crying。Until now know when to go lookin 'share of heartbreak, the share of distressed terrible drunk with tears……    Drunk who dream that emerges is too sad, silent whisper that scattered cry。I do not know how to forget the heartbreak or sorrow, promise lament, a silent cry。Love was full of tears at low world of I, Yin sad crooning, unseen eyes……    Twilight Dream shallow vanity swirling forget, waiting for the affection of。Invisible Hua Yan, tears of grief heartbreak。Acquaintance twilight dyed bearing light, remember past sad pain, the pain was crooning Whispering silent……    Woven pieces of magic words, you do not know pain。You just do not want to remember this pain of mind, delighted to see your face。No pain of life, destruction in pain in sadness…. 。 Arrived, but too fleeting love affair, fate!The two of us end is to let you apart……    That world is full of peach full of wind, scattered in your shadow, you make me stand still waiting for you to see you pour dance, but did not wanted to be such an outcome。You hate me, do not hate good, I just want you to know I love you……    When three thousand ink hair becomes white silk, if memory has come to an end, you and I will eventually have to Tianrenyongge, despairing of flowers over the other side of your eye, did not have a nice laugh nightmare appears on your face, why should I leave a man alone in this world……    A Pei, you do not love it, did you ever know that I still love you, I say to you is your sister, to help you destroy the family, did not want to hurt you, how could you know my heart, I just do not want your blood on their hands, cast aside by the world。Apei……    Wine wine, if it is I have too many concerns, we would not have come this far, I've always love you Ophir, if the afterlife, you still love me?    Wine wine, next life do not lie to me, okay?    If you love writing, love music, I love making friends。    So please add my QQ: 1006783781。    Han Yu give you a warm haven。    This diary is not reproduced in the collection and share with your friends is really a pity not turn turn will be happy.youth.I wasted in the body text!    In fact, I am not a text control, there are many people of my control.    In fact, my words no flowery language, but said they would be very worried after reading!    I think the power of words stronger than human strength, because the text is dangerous, the most charming of the most dangerous.    My name is Han Yu, your friend forever.

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