Mexico officially launched the high-speed re-tendering

Mexican Communications and Transport (hereinafter referred to as "Mexican Ministry of Communications") released preliminary information on the 14th Mexico City to Queretaro high-speed rail project a new round of bidding, which marks the Mexican high-speed rail project officially began re-tendering。  The Ministry issued a press release on its website that the preliminary information on the tender published in the Mexican government bidding and purchasing network and ink Ministry of Transportation official website throughout the tender period of 180 days from the date of publication of the announcement until July the end of the 14th。  November 3, 2014, the Ministry of Communications announced the successful ink Mexico City to Queretaro high-speed rail project by an international consortium led by China Railway Construction, was questioned due to external and domestic pressures ink and announced the cancellation of the bid after three days and re-tendering。  According to international media analysis, China Railway Construction will participate in the bidding again, and carefully selected local partners。Ink Ministry of Communications said they could not determine who will participate in the bidding before the receipt of tenders。China Railway Construction workers in ink asking for reporters is always No reply。  The announcement also announced a detailed agenda of a new round of bidding: January 14 released preliminary information on the tender; January 29 published a full tender information; February 5 – February 10 organizations related to corporate site visits; February 12 – February 24 associated companies can further consult the Ministry of Communications ink; July 14 tender; July 31 announced the successful results。  Notice that the final bid shall ensure that companies have the ability to ensure high-speed train project run full functionality, safety and security, and will also be responsible for the project in trial operation after completion of the project within five years of maintenance。

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