Essay “Walking the Soul” series of chapter five “days of rain falls.”

The rainy season miss miss home, miss home of the head of a rain falls.    Two days ago my mom called and said this is the rain of May, the home is still snow, there is fear of what omen.I never believed natural phenomenon and appeals of man, that Dou grievances only scholar to express a thought nothing of sustenance.Be in my home, pray for rain in May is pretty commonplace, this sudden flurries of May will really help but panic a lot of simple country folk.    I have to walk on sorghum leaves the village came to this world, we can not hope from rooted in the city.Or away from home too long reason, the most discussed topic when the rain gradually became the home of my family call.    From wear pants memories began to search.    Water dripping eaves tile transparent curtain strung a few naked children playing arm pull up water, Tukang a mother to mend the clothes over and over again recite the Meng Jiao’s “Song of a Wanderer”, laughing children playing in the water outside the house I was so happy.    Gradually, the rainy season came and went, coming and going.Is still a “loving mother in the hands of line, wandering clothing,” the familiar voice, the other end of the phone nephew constantly cried my uncle, I heard my sister severely reprimanded, if little nephew dared to play out the rain, he broke it ass.    So a few years, I should also have a baby.I can not guarantee I could have met on a rain hometown, I can not guarantee my child will rain curtain under the eaves of curiosity or interest in the home, and his mother will go to what kind of language educational him then?    Rain falls silent, only the footprints left in the mother’s Shuangbin.Today’s mother is old, nagging and sometimes becomes the case, obviously I’m calling to complain about the same time was very expensive, but a trial of strength to go on, do not hang up.    Away from home longer, more will miss home.Miss a piece of paper to write down their favorite girl’s name is not to say others know shyness, an old poplar miss the entrance to the village, remember that the sun was standing on the flood of foot licking Tobe summer afternoon, miss….    And there is a miss from only the rainy season, simply abbreviated to a rainy evening, a mother standing in the doorway, for me, the one who was called to go home to eat children.    Quietly listening to the rain in a foreign land open casement, listen from the depths of the city came the rain.    Lonely soul as a silent stone, Hanlaishuwang, eventually draw the lines in the years traces.By washing the quiet footsteps of the soul, the sound of rain falls moist.All the complicated sound can stop at this moment, “Pi.Snapped…Slap.Snapped..’, Loaded in turn mind hanging in the trees falls grass, taken only from the feet to the floor-walk head and depression wind.Listen to the heartbeat-like sound of the moment, quietly, only a handful of places, with nature, from life were more in awe.    Give their lives to stay a touch of the rainy season, lay down in the hot sun care.At this moment you can not disguise the strong, the rain to be flowing through his eyes, tried to cry out with tears interpretation of the other side of life is not a bad idea is a beautiful landscape.    Covered with a recall for rain, the rhythm, the most brilliant childhood I have.I believe that the pace just walked forgotten, share warm moments will not be watered down the years.Bravely stood up, dew touch the rain, life was shining brilliantly concise time.    Listen to the rain of the day, it would not be the end of time.From beginning to end, the arch out of the new shoots of life.Looked on a pan-green of new leaves, let your mind calm down, germinating in the deepest wonderful poem of nature.    If the world is moving, but because of the uproar, the angel is quiet rain.Extrusion damp bones, put them to the vote during the rainy season, the mood is different look.    Oh, strange city, with the exception of the rain brought back the nostalgia of the homeland.

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