Peach child to open

Peach branches sprout, bud Turui peach, peach children open.Compared to a single flower winter jasmine, peach not alone, because there are willows Tulv with foil and pink and leaves, colorful bright red peach was extraordinarily fragrant.”Last year, this door today, Moment of truth.Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved.”Only the world of plants and animals than we humans, the continuation of their life is relatively unique, spring to spring, flowers bloom, the flower faded, still in its original roots, but also in the coming year recurrence.And we humans and the animal kingdom, there is no life, but the continuation of future generations, its essence is itself no longer exists.However beautiful peach, but more than the Peach Blossom Island, handed down for a mysterious “Legend of the Condor Heroes” movie, the Huang Rong Guo Jing touching love story and narrative of romance and legend.Peach blossom, Taohua Jie, mostly to describe the brief encounter, sad silence between men and women, not long-term injury story, since broken, the outsider feel more sad and moving, vivid, beautiful, in fact, is the day I do not know the black night, and one of taste only the parties a clear mind.It is like the peach, like, with the spring breeze, spring rain rustling, leafy peach fruit of their labor, peach already had disappeared.”Peach child to open.”I remember a TV series about the New Fourth Army, heroic female warrior against the strong, bloody battle in the end, and finally rode jumping, Ma Baiju war, floating scarf, peach tragic song, a magnificent poem war.Peach red, swaying willow, Yan Fei diving.When the peach blossoms, canola flower open when the world really spectacular arrival of spring, nature, the gorgeous colors splashed in the world, outing flowers, spring drunk beautiful moment has come, this is the art painters, photographers, poets Wing Chun the best time.”April Fangfei do, Temple began blooming peach.”Compared to the long Peach Peach in city parks, streets, cottages, houses, fields, roadsides, and mountains come a little late, but it did not reduce her enchanting charm.Peach blossom viewing, cherry wood, carving peach bonsai, “Bao peach apricot wounding.”Folk on the peach fruit is a soft spot, it is no less peach.It is said that there are evil mahogany is said in private that people look forward to a better life for nothing.Fresh fruit peach beauty, beauty, rich in nutrients also not saying much.Peach, cherry wood is not enough, people came up with paradise, especially ancient description of paradise has.Eastern Jin Dynasty scholar Tao “Peach” everybody is contented and happy pursuit of the ideal situation, queer and beautiful through the ages.Today the country is said to paradise sizes of many tourist attractions, but it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity, it just parroting.In recent years, with the progress of society, rich people could not find their own imagination paradise, expect to find happiness outside of substance, then flowers, potted plants, rockeries, fountains, an attempt to move home in paradise, but in the end can not be found I want to feel joy and happiness.In fact, happiness is a state of happiness is a feeling of happiness is a period of time, being on the current.Like peach open, like happy children, short of beautiful, ink painting in general, you do not appreciate, it is not, end in failure.

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