Years such as wine, a cup of joy, a cup drunk

Years fly, the farther the other side and this side like a pair of twins, the character is poles apart.So, in thinking about the End of the World in numerous, not the tender roots of iron swords, nor desert eagle.Those old legend will become vintage old snow, so legend has become dust fall horizon, the lights that light of time, after years of precipitation carved reliefs on the vast beams.Since then, though still in sunlight, but as the afternoon spring flower falls gurgling water flows, but just passing scenery.The years when the shuttle, leaving a hourglass instead of sand.    When the moon disillusionment, all hovering become elusive river in a minor dust, leaving a cloud of dust everywhere dust blowing from the other side of the sea, when empty, the Phantom was used beyond the speed of light beyond a must the legendary beauty of the world.In the true magic of magic in false light derivatives, also in order to survive or to find a love of faith.Time flies in life there are always left behind in a lot of frustration and regret, even if there will be another beautiful face as the years old.Like the moon Lang said in his heart, the days are still just our flies, you want to say too much, I do not know want to say something, some things too far, too far not to miss.Some things too close, too close when they can not feel.If the trance that past life of fireworks, but ended the cycle of cold-blooded of this world.Whispering, I was just passing through it.    A person of a different life, a different life mystery.As we embark on a road, they no longer ask how far, if the situation of ups and downs.Stop and go, bustling scenery, it is barren years.Once thought, a man on the road, freedom, lonely walk, who would not only singing softly one who touched hearts, who would not stop the hurried footsteps only to see who is more than one in the crowd.Accustomed to walk through the text between, Keeper deep down that touch of warm sun.Cool earth fingertips warm place, so often forget the time being alternately dawn and dusk.    Standing in the wind, listening to the season and leaves scattered deserted, precipitating the heart, blurred smile.When the wind blows grip a calm, big rain when keep a firm, dreamless night to perform a self-confidence.Some people think they want, and some had their own day.In fact, this feeling is needless to say, the attitudes of this world, everything is in a hurry.Convinced that nothing exciting is really leisurely from.Looking back to when the road, being bright moonlight concentrated.    Allure has a warm, I promised myself smile.The study has led stretches, discard the night enjoy the sunshine.I will take this spring’s force, blew away the heavy, gloomy cloud haze, promise a bright, warm fragrance often accompanied by bright fleeting seasons.    In the fleeting time freeze that moment, the Red terraced rice paddies, you come to me, no words, no longer love War, quietly, to passing a loving hug, either browse all the desolate back, no longer look back.Pillow season cold smoke, dust and wind to bypass the dream window of heart, mind and tempting to Jian Zhang, should to sleep in the dim past, fleeting light singing, dressed in Yu Chang, who engraved into the atrium?Any dye drunk mournful desolation broken strings of sadness, I covered obsession to finger, and describe the traces of the years, flying soul to remember, shed silky love, to walk in his fictional paradise, letters from I Dream War, no longer the Red continued margin.It follows that a flower convention, in my palm to bridge the harps, the Red painted in the deepest and sincere wishes, looking back, laughing all the vicissitudes of life Yan Liang Jing, pale blossom concept of the two, a cup of joy, a cup drunk.

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