A lotus flower in full bloom in my heart

A lotus flower in full bloom in my heart, as she absorbed the essence of Zen, the essence of the human world, in a gesture of clean, fresh and persistent, and not be defiled.  Kingston a lotus flower springs between Pitt embraced the clean red, clean scent and fragrance worth hibiscus flowers, lotus of the King is not off the Red haze.Although the pain was more bitter lotus is Yixin.  Buddha lotus flowers, clean mind, but it is empty road in front of empty month May.Light water flow between the night next month, but not with wave green leaves fluttering in the wind.A frog pond lonely night break, a tank truck wind ripple.  Buddha heart lotus is the Buddha heart.Lotus of the Buddha, even the Buddha in lotus.A lotus one a Bodhi, a world-year-old in January, small in the big, a drop of dew, see a transparent pool.  A lotus flower in full bloom in my heart, with a pious, temptation, repentance, to the expense of the suffering of this life, the past life of Bo debt repayment.The purpose is to obtain the afterlife peace and blessing.This is consistent with Buddhist reincarnation, also in line with most people’s mentality.  Lotus, lotus, heart to heart.Flowers result, karma, light bloom, Buddha, heart bath, bath person.Xinxiang people, the world state virtuous.  Lotus has arrived in my heart, it has a Buddha inclusive, I Baifu at the foot of the Buddha, the only thing I can do is pray and repent.  Lotus and soon, also become attached to the Buddha.Hew lotus, lotus life Buddha.Buddha become attached and let us know how to misfortunes in addition to industry, how to donate, precepts, patience, diligence, meditation, how to Purdue beings.  Xinzhi Lotus, Buddha heart sound, listening to the Buddhist epic, long long Buddhist music, I could not imagine the prospect of Elysium.Xinzhi Lotus Busch beauty and fragrance, provoked by nature and possession of Qingming.  Lotus plant heart as the heart of a lamp, lit his gods.Heart Buddha lotus blossoms, like stretch their smile, laugh Yang Liu Qingfeng, sweetness and light.  Of Buddha lotus, lotus of the Buddha, that is my lotus, I Buddha.Bodhi Buddhist lotus lotus throne, not only set off a pad thousands of the world, but also set off a love pad, the US, Germany and the United States, goodness, faith.

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