A roll of Autumn

A roll of paper Autumn / Wei Chunyuan I lit a candle with the blood clotting bleak thoughts thrown the night.Autumn waiting for the day with a bloom of religious term coaching I always thought of myself in the humid night, eating my wings to fly.In each write romantic words of the day, my heart will flutter in the autumn branches, chanting along with autumn leaves along the source of thought.The vast sky, swirling leaves, carrying a touch of Remembrance, has fallen in the past autumn.At the foundation of that dark night pale old.Star took its soul, its romantic moon drank, but I can not tell to each waft of life.I can force myself to travel with the harsh reality, torture me with dust secular midnight to perceive things vicissitudes and helplessness.Eyes full of tenderness, a cold autumn wind, the cold autumn rain, the cold also Qiuchong.Gradually my heart drop out of the freezing cold shadow. A leaf flush autumn, when the landscape is to, is the re-start of season.Starting found the first one leaves, I began to read the autumn, this season, it was witnessed brilliant, it was felt desolate.Leaves falling moment, it also indicates that life came to an end, life is also true.We have also skirts the streamer, the dancing Shaohua.Only leaves after time, a way to carry a dream, for the past fleeting.To the empty mountain sunset, clouds can wake tis for me, some will be forgotten story.Rather critical thing of the past, the moon in the long river of history flows quietly, but my heart is in this dream journey, time and again by reaching this broad-minded mood to impress. No flowers fall, I saw clear water and long days.But I particularly like the fall, perhaps because to a certain age, and autumn will be linked to it.Spring had already agreed further and further away, however, after years of those years, I remain the same for sensational.For example: leaves, such as autumn, autumn, autumn sun as well as the enemy. A friend once said this: “FANTASTIC tentacles dull, wandering at night, standing Egami imagine from the tail of the river, the water will subside long?When people long to be?Lenovo has not seen the scenery, pray to the gods take me all over the ends of the earth, with the sky stroll and look forward to stellar resonance, burning adventures of courage, but their hearts do not want craving rich.”Yes, no one can do smooth sailing to enjoy the scenery in life, other than a lot of scenic Red is no one can know, if known, and that is pale world. Wander in the jungle thinking, enjoying a roll Akihikari serene and comfortable, the kind of emotion mysterious and distant.The terraced rice paddies of life, we can be sad, you can not sink.We can live up to, but not to be missed.Summer is a bitter summer, the hot sun is not melted.For example: Love is a long but people haggard atmosphere and time, the taste of which only Pinza alone can perceive the taste of which.Star palpitations face tells a wish of his own, a place, a mood, a story, thinking about another soul walking.Not to insist is comfortable, do not ask is comfortable, is not carved pecking comfortable.When we calm down all the lust, it is to see a real self. Romantic, twilight seasons, still alternating cycle of rotation; and all this, is life-giving.Taste in the water side, a distant West Side, thought only the shuttle alone in the night full of temptation.Affection, beyond the ritual, into Africa and Africa would like, non-real life, you and me blowing hot and cold non ebb and flow.Life, many black and white intention to let bad words in my blood boil. Life is short, forgetting and memory interleaving, is wrong, love and hate, have become silent memories.Gazing look back, only to find all the past has calmed.Years is filtered sad, or I have grown up in the Mill? How many years ago, like rhetorical exercise, and later abandoned for a long time, until autumn approached life, I have the opportunity of associating with text.Nature is literati never finish the chapter, but the fall is the best source of ideas I take the inexhaustible. Most want to know about Tibet, often think: the earth has been able to raise all things, the void has been able to cover everything, so people do?Artificial human heart can be everything, bittersweet sadness, not a single mortal alive because it did not feel pain.I wanted to leap across a road gully life, however, everything in this world, and all this in the fall, and nothing seems to escape the barriers of the heart.So, life goes by are all very moved and cherish the memory of it?All the wealth of experience it can be precipitated as?All have profound memories worth treasuring it? Autumn draws near, more and more.Rivers started to forget, the river starts to freeze, the river began to cut off.I want this autumn, with a cool autumn alone, back to my youthful bloom had that piece of land, where to find the buried time youth.By a handful of moonlight nourishing the heart, the soul continues to sneak in Autumn, the deep stream.2010-11-25 Published in “Matsumoto Mitsui art” in 2015.8 Total of 56

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