Dr. Li Yuxi City University of Macau to Zhuhai College of Jilin University lecture

  To allow students to understand the status of development of education, look to the development trend of global tourism education, working Macau tourism education and comparative studies, a comprehensive system of mainland China to build future-oriented, with international standards of tourism education system, under an international perspective innovative architecture has tourism development model featuring local education, Zhuhai College of Jilin University Department of Tourism management at June 11, 2015 on Thursday, two in the afternoon to go to the international Tourism management and Associate Dean of the University of Macau, visiting professor, doctoral tutor – Dr. Li Xi first two teaching building classroom D101 brings a lecture entitled "development of Tourism Education of Macao and its mode of innovation" for the students。   According window of Chinese university reported that before the talks began, Liu Bin teacher to the students a brief introduction Dr. Li Xi。 Dr. Li Xi Lectures will be divided into three parts。 First, he introduced to the students of the Macao tourism development in recent years, showing a group of Macao scenery of the students, guide students to find a Macau "ancient and modern" attraction coexistence, "dynamic and static" activity characteristics of both。
And others by the students to perceive the image of Macau attractions Macau saw the eyes of others, we learned from the side of Macau。 Then, one by Professor Li Xi "2008?2014 total number of visitors trend "line, and a" 2007?In 2014 the number of Macau hotel change "line chart to show visually the prospect of Macau。
It leads to the problem of lack of talent Macau。
Then we talked about the second part of the "stage of development of higher education and Macau features"。
After the development of Macau higher education review, Dr. Li Xi summed up the characteristics of the development of Macao tourism higher education – the first school started late, the development of faster, is the second covers a wide range of professional disciplines Division meticulous, first Third, the school system diversified, flexible teaching methods, favorable conditions of teachers, etc.。
The third part of the "Macau Education Reflection and innovative development model" section, Professor Li Xi on the development of tourism education in Macao made a SWOT analysis。 Finally, interactive sessions, the students not only a question of their own problems puzzled Professor Li Xi, Professor Li Xi also received well-prepared small gifts。
  As a contemporary college students, should be to grasp the pulse of the times, good at the situation and its development trend, the trend in large-scale development of "homeopathy", understand and analyze developments in the external environment and internal factors, seize opportunities for development。
I hope the students can see a new world from Professor Li Xi, the discovery of a new world!(Baiming Yu Lan Geng Ze Sun Xiaoxia)。

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