Acquisition happy

Wind wake up in the spring, all things again with a new attitude show in front of the Four Seasons in turnover.    Happy heart jump for joy every day, always obstinately expect every year in the spring has a different landscape flashing jump in front, always with a little joy look forward to exciting chapter in life do not stretch since this spring, It has dazzling blue of linger forever in an instant every look, there is a bloom in every casual dreams of spring.So, I look for footprints in the Nama spring bloom that bundle of fresh green road, searching for a hint of a happy message.    A child, I like carrying a small basket to find a green in the earth is still a barren land plants, when the wind shaking Liu moving spring kiss on the cheek, it is always the first to be drilled soil Yingying be loved.  It neither fanfare nor weak, shallow green leaves holding small yellow flowers open slowly into the umbrella-like white clouds, clusters, the wind blows, it will be buttressed by flying sand filled, casual and secure.  It has a bitter taste, whether you like it or not, open it so calmly indifferent in the field edge.  This is also a medicinal plant, you can detoxify, its name is called dandelion, also known as mother Ding.  Packed in a basket and green dandelion listen to the sigh of the wind in the spring field edge, spread fudge crazy young season.  Those times seemed a wall covered with vines memory, slowly aftertaste in the wake of season.    Just how far happiness?I want to capture some of the dreams installed in the spring, as I sort out every loss, every minute smear me sad.  If, if I had been there, slightly stay in this ever-changing world, the possibility someone will remember a few years later I hurried footsteps only regret is that one of the chasing too?  Years later, that I am, I am happy that collected in the spring, will not be so quiet calm look at the fingers slip past time?  I’m still me, but I always look forward to in this Kanbu Po also had deep with a spring of joy.

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