Recently, after listening to a well-known professor for secondary school students to do a report Normal University, I feel there is very poetic, but always feel a sweet heart.    For two hours, a professor did not empty talk, but have been using “Although.but.because.”Please children and their own common sentence, he asked students to will and must say that some of the emotional heart of the most want to express, and pledged to the spot selected the twenty best statement to students prizes.After listening to the children Bincolor scene to speak, I could admire body cast for this professor and well-intentioned ideas.    I have listed some of the winning student’s work, for you to enjoy.    Although we have yet China is relatively backward, but has huge development potential, because I firmly believe that China is the first brave lion “sick man of Asia,” the history is gone.Although my performance is not good, but I could not flinch, not to give up on themselves, I will continue to strive, because I know, as long as the tireless hard work, will certainly have the joy of success, I do not want to disappoint my wonderful life otherwise grow up I will regret.Although the computer has its benefits, it is a sign of the times and progress information can be used to learn and play, but it also has its shortcomings, because if you over-play games, chat, will be addicted, addiction will be unable to extricate themselves on the back so fall into the abyss.Although my mother is very strict, and sometimes overdo, and did not consider how I feel inside, but she was good to me, how I will not go blame my mother, because I know that “poor parents” thick.While grandpa seventy, but his youth often, because he insisted exercise every day, every week has to do volunteer work, and now he climbed faster than the speed of the sixth floor I.Although I do not make a big mistake, small mistakes continue, often provoke angry father and teacher, but the teacher and I know I did not give up, because teachers often say that we are not a waste, every man is a pillar of the country’s future only.Although China’s Sichuan Province experienced a rare earthquake, but I think that tomorrow they will not be bad, because the back of Sichuan provinces have a strong motherland and the people support their counterparts.Although China and Japan have disputes, but their dreams will be shattered on the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu Islands as Chinese territory since ancient times is that we.The face of the impassioned rhetoric of the students speak their minds, the worthy professor only in serious record, also smiled and nodded, and sometimes the children to discuss.Finally, the professor said: Although your parents, and teachers sometimes temper may not be good, or that their ideas and you do not meet, but please be assured that they are always love you!Because you are our dream of a better reproduction of the adults is our recollection of adolescents and youth in the hope that the country’s prosperity and national prosperity.Let us put this love into our family, society, love and a deep love for the motherland deeply, and always with a grateful heart to a positive, optimistic smile the way, a never shirk the responsibility to live, to struggle.Everyone to see, okay?    The professor said it best!Although I am not an expert in education, but when I heard these words, Professor, my eyes moist again, all of a sudden seem to understand the true meaning and essence of this report, Professor, because I clearly see a lot of children, there are many present the eyes of the teacher lectures are also shining brilliantly shining with tears.    because of them.(Author: Huang Hongxuan, male, Chinese essayist Association, China Eastern writers center members, Jiangsu Province Writers Association, three national creative staff, works published in various journals, published hundreds of sites six, ten essays winners in competitions at all levels, and published essays “me decade” and the novel “deep sigh”) Yuying second Nanjing Foreign Language school (Dachang Yuying Road 57) Zip Code: 210044 Tel: 13057576807

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