At the foot of the road, just in front of the future

Gently, gently, in 2015 she was gone, she really gotta go.Sometimes, really wanted her to go slowly, but she was going to leave us 2015.Well, in that case, it would be better to let us fly 2015, Outlook 2016, flying past, look to the future now.Perhaps not for anything else, because at the foot of the road, just in front of the future!    Zither fleeting blossom, wasted years too hastily, rich past, our hearts, our souls enriches memories, but it also left us with a sadness that muddle, and the light touch of melancholy.In the future it?That belief is like lights, pre-dawn dawn, early morning dew on the petals that sings clear and gave us hope, gave us longing, there was a slightly sweet dreams.But what really enables us to correct and positive and optimistic to face life’s joys and sorrows, but still it did not stop us at the foot of the road to explore, which never stop chasing the dream.    Has not left the matter go, passed away not feeling love.”The road ahead will be long Come, happiness and earth”.To love to stay, it is not today.That’s what the future is full of ups and downs, and is full of joy, full of success or failure of full.Positive people is the sun, where it shines bright; negative people is the moon, who started 15 different.But if you believe in yourself, then your future is certainly brilliant.    Chrysalis into a butterfly will want to cocoon, you want to Nirvana rebirth of the Phoenix will want to succeed, they must be strong and confident.Well, since at the foot of the road, just in front of the future, let us fly 2015, Outlook 2016, flying past, look to the future now.Perhaps the only way you can really objective understanding of their own, the real correct understanding of everything they currently have, rather than blindly walked aimlessly, never stops moving forward.Way in the future, you might lose to anyone, but you can not lose yourself.Because the battle is, in itself with its own war, with their own contest, the generals themselves are always strategizing.    This disappearing in 2015, came gently 2016.After all, the past is over, the future has not appeared.Then it is better to be realistic sober, facing the sun, access to energy, and strive to enrich their own every day for it.Because we only look to the future, in order to move forward, only fly past in order to understand life.Well, since at the foot of the road, just in front of the future.That, before the advent of the future, we will have the courage to face, dare to struggle, and no longer timid, no longer retreat.Like Ma said, “Today will be very brutal, more brutal tomorrow will be the day after tomorrow would be nice, but most people will die tomorrow night” as its tears of remorse today, as fighting with sweat today.    In life, there’s no rehearsal, only live telecast.People can not live in the past, the past is history, people can not live in the future, the future is still far away, and today is the only thing we can truly grasp the actual.That, in front of the struggle, before the fighting, before the arrival of a better future, let us first clarify your own thoughts, to adjust their mood and do all their own eyes, happy smile optimistic and positive face life every day it.    Even distant future road again, again full of thorns way, we have always believed that as long as willing to try, willing to go, courage and optimism to actively fight, go through the clutter, we will be able to reach the other side of success, you will be able to come bird your own destination, the heart of Zuimeng paradise, rather On that autumn raindrops transfer window frames, shallowness that one time the flowers.    Well, in that case, we in any case, do not be discouraged but not in front of the future, but also the most full of the spirit of the most self-confident attitude to embrace the future, fighting the future, look to the future.Because the harder, the more fortunate, as long as our heartbeat continues, the pace will not stop.Like Bacon said it: youth is fleeting, you squander it, time will abandon you.    Well, that life on the road upcoming trials and hardships, an upcoming bitter Love, we can only work hard, because only hard, will have hope, it will be possible to see the dawn before dawn, there was a slight glowing light dream.That future, let’s do 2016, will also certainly because of our tireless efforts and become better, become more dazzling, colorful bright flower.    Well, let us fly past, look to the future, flying 2015, Outlook 2016, trying to take advantage of it now.That is not anything else, just at the foot of the road, just in front of the future.    But perhaps, life had unwittingly given us a lot of inspiration, a lot of hint, but let’s not clear to understand living in this world of sense: it is not for others, but more for ourselves.Live fish will be upstream, dead fish will drift.Well, why not take advantage of their young, you have any idea what went bold attempt daring to do it, and now, but that is only just beginning tomorrow.Let us courage to hold up a strong and optimistic and confident heart, and go chase the future, together to greet the bird belongs to the dawn of our success it.    That being so, it should be a little rude to say farewell with the past, with 2015 to say “goodbye”, and said the future forever, with 2016 saying “When I”.    We learn from others all the time in life, can finally do it just our own.Others look down on you, unfortunately; look down on themselves, but unfortunately,.So, do not be too concerned about other people’s eyes, do not always look at the lives of others, and regret their choice, insist you think is right, you do what you want.And life have never had any fixed rail, fixed pattern, so no matter what way you choose to live, as long as the heart is strong enough, you can also win exciting.    So whether we own where he will face what territory will all have to always believe in ourselves, because we are the best, we are unique in the world on their own.Did not make life difficult for Kaner, there is no insurmountable difficulties.And when you pass over obstacles difficulties and then look back, you will be surprised to find that once everything is just a superficial, light wind Danyun.I do not feel others treat you, because they have a good heart, you the same as having the world.But also clearly aware of “a bowl of rice raises benefactor, a rice raises an enemy.”Because in this world someone to help you, it is your lucky, no one to help you is normal, do not think everyone owes you, go for a long time, it was all he owes his.But perhaps they are the Indus, the Phoenix will come to roost.He is the sea, rivers converge before, floral own butterfly flying.    Over the past will never come back, we need to strive future.So do not expect that tomorrow’s sunrise, and do not always look forward to the future of TV drama, because that vision without action is just fantasy, it will only stop our pace, but we live in this community and in constant progress with , so we have to constantly follow the progress, because the only way we will not be eliminated.    Well, since the future is the one who can expect a word, everyone should live in the moment, so do not be too concerned with what others think of you, because we truly understand their own just ourselves, so we have to always remember: If not in this world people pamper you, you have to pamper yourself, no one you see on, you have to see on their own.Do not look for any reason to own: you just want to occasionally play a nap children, or you originally want to sleep, just like screwed up for a while, can actually really asleep.Well, this is why?Perhaps, “nothing, that is the reason you golf.”The future is full, the reality is skinny.Wind and rain is the real life, we know the real life Kujintianlai.At the foot of the road, no end, and the future lies ahead.Perhaps that is the world’s longest foot path, because the dream was there, feet in there, where it was in the future.So, let us face the future, step by step, full of pride to make their future it is no longer a dream.Because the future gives us hope, it gave us the opportunities.And on the road, let us “learn the knowledge of others, become their own wealth; learn the strengths of others to make up their own deficiencies.”Because” you stand on the bridge looking at the scenery, watching the scenery to see you upstairs.”How others see you, how you want to live, and others also have no relationship.But you have to clearly know that you’re not good, who know not important.But a person help themselves, this life can not forget.”returning a Favour many times more.”Maybe life is not perfect, but it does not mean the United States.So, let us do the immediate thing, cherish the people around, take a good foot of the road.Flying past, look to the future, flying 2015, Outlook 2016, clasped hands, seize the day, down to earth, each step it.When the heavy footsteps of time to myself: “I believe you line certainly can do it, you can do it.”Because the only way you will find direction you want, you will find your goals, you will have more faith and strength.    So, let us work together, come together, because at the foot of the road, just in front of the future.That better future, a better waiting for you in 2016, are waiting for me.

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