My family around the house, courtyard terrace are planted with bamboo, or even a desk a few cases also placed on bamboo.Ah!A stupid laugh of “lip service.”.  As for why such a “good bamboo,” I did not take my mind to seriously thought about likely the main reason is because bamboo great support it, keep it a living, do not like to spend so hypocritical.Since flowers can not feed, it had to keep the bamboo.In fact, spend is not never raised before, but it was too bad Fusi, although you in every possible way to cautious, but finally can not help but give it to Fusi was half-dead a suicide.Bamboo is different, it does not need “support” and live on earth a stick; also nothing, a sufficient Jushui.That is its quality Pu Qinglian.Even without water it can still stick to long-term patience, once with a little water, they immediately turn stretch, full of life.Conversely, if too much water it also flooded die.That is its strong and tough!So, this is also best suited for a fool like me to raise the.  Bamboo is so strong vitality, and an all over hair Lin Serve alone show.It grows so fast, and even call you every day, there are new discoveries, new hope again and again, and always thrilled.Green bamboo, bamboo tall, slender bamboo, bamboo canopy, everywhere to show their beauty.When spring and summer flowers are blooming of giving rise to it; autumn and winter darkness and dreariness occasion of its independence was its emerald.Flowers are blooming is not surprising, Genuiness Chun!It is this silence of all things winter, but also highlights the strong qualities of bamboo, bamboo full of superior refined.  Speaking of bamboo, people can not help but be when it comes to its “open-minded”, in fact it goes.why?Strong vitality of bamboo, it shows its strong adaptability, and this adaptability is its great capacity.Rich or poor soil, drought and waterlogging, heat and cold, it can inclusive adaptation, which is its strong vitality sources.If the flower symbolizes the beautiful, green, symbolizes the vitality!”Flowers last forever,” meaning the flowers bloom.Compared reflect the flowers hypocritical, want nothing but evergreen, grows rapidly and constantly rising, it is bamboo’s self-improvement, every day of vitality!  Having said that I seem to understand, I like bamboo, it is like it’s such a compassionate, open minds, like it’s such a clean, noble, strong, proudly character.  ”Insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind.”Bamboo beauty, but also reminds me of my cheerful bamboo flute that sounds wonderful, I think that when Xiao mesmerized silence.Summer, autumn night, scant, when the tall bamboo window, gentle breeze, swaying Zhu Ying.Bamboo, I would like to accompany with you all year round, seasonal dependencies, learning every day, always encourage each other.    October 25, 2013

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