Beloved camellias

Green hills gently into my dream, tottering footsteps wandering in the road in the mountains, Zhang Kaichun bird wings, the sound of crowing, Shenghuan sound, call sound, awakened the sun’s lazy waist, wake up mountain poetry, deep green.The clear mountain air guard all night just play a doze, who has not come and the night chill, warm the respectful on the path through the mountains, as I go to the city of dust Shan, the journey of Lawton; grass bleary face not come and wipe away the drops of water after washing, hanging surprise, joy hanging, hanging crystal; tree squirrels forget naughty, forget the trouble by standing on a branch with folded hands, as I reveal eyeful glory, blessing eyeful.Mallard tight walked behind its self-referral scholar Scattered asked to do a tour guide, but I’m stubborn taken the first step to test it a question, the answer to hire, not the answer had to worship.Quack self-confidence along with dedicated long neck waiting for my questions.”You know the legend of camellias do?”I asked with disdain.It has a long neck forward Geng Geng, is flat mouth began its eloquent.Camellia legend, a beautiful legend, the hero Dabney’s hard-working, kind-hearted, Chilian Camellia, my heart has followed.Dabney is a women’s favorite flowers, she planted a lot of flowers outside the hospital courtyard.Dabney long as a free, give flowers and watering, weeding, catch the worm.Seasons, there are flowers.Looking at the contests and festooned with colorful hillside, that breeze smelling fragrance, move one deeply.But she was still a little lost, she was always looking for one of her favorite flowers planted in her heart hospital.She scoured the mountain mountain ridge, her favorite flower Yeah, still not found.One day, Dabney back to the Quebec Court Longtan water the flowers, went to the Longtan side, see a nine core eighteen flowers, reflected in the water, the color is extremely bright, they stared.Read a while, she looked around and found no one on the water kind of flower, it is filled with water, carrying home.Go out think of the kind of flowers, the door to the kind of flower they think, think of the kind of flower eyes open, eyes closed, also think of the kind of flowers!Would like to think of it, not a few days, they got sick, eat or drink all day in bed.She gave birth to what disease?She did not know.Many doctors to give her medical treatment, and no cure her.Her illness Yeah, every day it heavy!Sick for several days, Dabney dying.Critical time, a beautiful girl, crossed the threshold, came Dabney bed, sweetly call her grandmother, speaking for her medical treatment.Dabney looked outside to see the girl’s head stuck flowers, flowers hanging from his chest, and that she saw on the water exactly the same, Dabney made a sudden turn up, boom to get out of bed, a blinking, looking at girl.Girl smiling face, she saw the same kind of flowers.Dabney asked the girl to wear what to spend, she said, is the camellia!Asked if she did not spend seedlings, she took it to an Dabney.Dabney left foot forefoot girl actually took the hoe, camellia will be planted in the heart hospital.Dabney watering every day to camellia, camellia fertilizer to month, quarter to quarter Camellia weeding, like raising Milkman is so careful, thoughtful.Not a few years, camellia tree is grown up, bloom.Kindred tea, Qiu Jin tree appearance beautiful, green leaf does not wither seasons; a flower that flower, as big as a peony, Chan as clouds, graceful, dazzling brilliance!More surprisingly, growing on camellia in full bloom, people around the village, with Jinpen fetching water, could see the reflection of camellia; Longtan side back to the water, could see shadows in the water Camellia.I do not know how many years, Dabney died.It is said that the girl sent to Dabney’s camellia, Camellia is heavenly fairy!To commemorate Camellia fairy, also to commemorate Dabney, on the local species of camellia, built a temple and named Camellia Temple.Between the late Qing Dynasty, camellia temple destroyed, but the legend of the camellia, still eulogizing!    Ducks do not have the charm of telling me once again revisit Dabney’s infatuation, so I look forward to once again lift the mood from the well, I want to drink this sweet pursue, I will moisten my throat, I want to nourish my soul.”Hurry!Brought me to the camellia tree!”I am eager to urge.    Mallard long neck stretched again, shaking his head issued a hearty sorts, seems to inform the world of the mountains all life, it is as I lead the way, pilgrimage here La Traviata God.    Through mountain road, follow upstanding grass, mountain walk through the flow stream, over a slope another slope, and finally, its pace duck stopped on a hill, it was not long neck stretched stretching, but a lot is retracted, and no longer quack, head down toward the lower slope silently looked affectionate.With my eyes it looked around, I saw that thinking towards the dream, depicted with countless brush on paper, with countless bamboo flute playing, and Chihiro Wan call only appeared camellias.Suddenly out of a brief surprise, I like a white rabbit down the hill, I have to run my camellias.Mallard did not move, did not quack, it silently turned to leave, it’s time to put this wonderful left us alone.    I stand by your side, excited trembling hand gently stroking your green leaves, which is what a deep sense of deep green Yeah, how many dark clouds bear, bear with much sun and the moon and stars, bear with how much United States “under the mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain,” the paradise of.That leaves the context clearly record your seasons, your indomitable flowing blood, the ripples that you bite deep root land.That time when crude fine trunk, straight when bending, dual single, there is no law, this is the imprint of your life, the growth of freedom, no pruning shears branches of a tree, not bound by the old rules, only the strong belief that life, even even flexion to extension.This Zhu Zhu camellias grow quietly in a corner here, no smoke, no longer lonely lonely, lush green leaves that lined baking blossoming camellias blooming true meaning of life.    Red, white, pink, colorful camellias like a fairy one, glamorous amazing.Deep red, Xuexue white, pink and tender.Well-defined layers of petals, as if carved Smart, Smart like a puddle of the water vortex swirling, these lonely hillside beauty in my arms, affectionately kiss, kiss the eighteen flying wing, dancing, in the blue sky, the elegant dance, dance out of the pursuit of a poetic dance, and dance out of the nine core camellia long love Italy.    This is the camellia, this is your blooming beauty is not comparing ourselves to others, not fighting Yan and others, not bees and butterflies, just to full bloom of life, in order to repay this land, for the four seasons of hard green leaves, twigs for a long time lift, sun and moon to light, in order to be able to sing a beautiful love song.This is the camellia, which is you, my beloved La Traviata God!    Write to 2012091123: 52

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