Bonsai tell

Bonsai tell my son Glen is an unfortunate seed.    After detachment from the parent, I can not fall on a thin thin roadside crevice.    That is kind of how a crevice way: narrow, shallow, short, empty, that point the soil barely a handful!I came to no longer fly, and had to take root in the crevices sprouted.    The road is a very remote village in a small mountain cattle firewood.    Spring is here, I just pulled out the new shoots, tender, green, full of vitality, full of hope.However, a buffalo walked, went to bite me half of the body.I’d rather die!Sadness, re-birth of the branches, Tam Chai child has broken my branches.Large hot day, boiling hot sun stone, that point meager soil in addition to the heat, not the slightest moisture to suck.I struggled to boil, to maintain life against the stone at night it difficult perceptible Gel.Rain, rare earth a little bit of rain was splashing away, was washed away a trickle, it was the loss of my life!Winter, crevice dirt quickly frozen on, life is almost frozen.    Hunger, drought, frost, cattle chew, pull down inadvertently passers-by, firewood child has no intention of flying knives….Year after year, so repeated, destroying.My heart is so bitter with, endure.    I do not know how many years during my fellow citizens have become trees, towering proud of the day.I have little deformity was disgraced.I was so helpless helpless alive, helpless with any fellow citizens, shady covered her, with compassion, laughing.    You can not blame others, look at me askew countenance: less than half a meter short of the body, short trunk, such as buckling Qiu, the whole body is full of bizarre knots, occasionally a few out of a sense of full Cangsang sprig, garnished with a few slices of the same old leaves, called show me alive, life has become a luxury flowering.    My fellow citizens of the finished product.Some were cutting away, some tall and straight forward, worth from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, and then rise to several thousand dollars.I did not even end up eating cattle do not bother me!I was so senseless faced mother, facing God!    Finally one day, to a few people wearing a sun hat, carrying a hoe up the path up the mountain.Back when I loaded up with the same kind of deformity are.One by one from the laughter came by, ignore my existence.I am down to the extreme.    A walk in the last side wearing reading glasses who suddenly screamed, “I found an incredible treasure”, it flew at me like mad, indiscriminate white, carefully Ji Ji put my roots dug from a crevice start.His laughter was so joyous pride, but also a kind of grim horror!    From then on, I left the stones, was admitted to another piece of not much more than dirt crevice place.However, that place a thousand times a hundred times stronger than the stones!Look Sheng clay pots, fine, Founder, elegant, noble, dragon and phoenix patterns inscribed, the soil is well-optional.Regular watering, regular fertilization, time to let me accept the daylight, let me bathe regularly rain.I move in the summer half shade, winter moved into the greenhouse.Wind, and manned, thick cream, and it was the guardian.For a time, I’m so happy!Good grateful!    I know I cried bonsai.    I was a happy seed!    One day, reading glasses carefully took me to a strange place, where I filled with the same kind of deformity, but also with the last jump with me from the mountains to the partners.I was placed in a most conspicuous position.Then a group of a group of people to give lessons to us, pointing, wave of wave of people in front of me cooing, poem pictures, good fun that scene!Finally, a team of people who hung the sign on his chest all over, and taste similar commentaries on them one by one.Finally a big gold medal was awarded to reading glasses, my body also Gualv Phi Hung, was lifted Lao Gao Lao Gao.I was very happy, but also very fortunate.    And later I experienced such a situation countless.I figure all over the land of China, also went to Europe, North America.A blue-eyed people even offer a few million dollars to buy me was reading glasses firmly rejected!    Superior habitats, my vitality and strong together, my stout branches day by day together.I want to repay this good friend and love of reading glasses, but also achieve my dream grow into towering trees.    However, reading glasses found that not only did I have a stout happy, but I can not pull from the bowl up, I cut off the fibrous roots, cut off the tender new Article I smoked, but also go for fertile soil, fertilizing watering is strictly limited , sun and rain also rationing.    I want sunshine, I want rain, wind and thunder to me, I have to frost, I want to grow, but these may not by me.That I usually love reading glasses as precious moment Why become so cruel?I am confused.    I was hungry, emaciated, and incomplete, and the gnarled and twisted.Just overflowing with vigor and wilting, and towering trees and shattered dreams.    Although reading glasses still took me around to show off the exhibition, however, I was very sad, very sorry.I even eager to return to the narrow shallow crevice go short.Because there is full freedom, there can not see like me who lives bitter with similar!    I do not know much, but I want to finish my rightful aspiration and mission as a tree, why it is so hard?    I was an unfortunate seed!    God, I.

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