Camellia flowers

Early to know camellias, is in young middle school, Mr. Yang Shuo’s essay “Camellia Fu” fascinated me.Before that, I have not seen Camellia can be exquisite prose description made me produce a flawless yearning and worship of camellias, Mr. Yang Shuo’s “Camellia Fu” What I know: camellias in full bloom represent a spirit, it is a spirit of making progress, is the driving force and vitality of the catalyst!    Shortly after, I had the opportunity first saw the camellia.It was in his hometown of Zhongshan Park, something I have not seen before (or never even pay attention to before) is a shrub tree, patches of land covered with white flowers, green leaves gray, and white was truly beautiful it asked a casual gardener aside work, What kind of flowers?Gardener smiled and answered, “called Camellia”.Camellia?This is the camellia?There are also home camellias?I can not help but surprised them.I could not help but some look around Camellia: This is a single-lobe white camellia, white petals surrounding the junction compactly into a piece of yellow flower cluster in full bloom, to give bright white in the spring, although there is no Yang Shuo Mr. pen as colorful camellias, camellia can be seen for the first time I have been extremely excited enough to make a.Since then, something all right often go to the park to see old camellias, see when flowers blossom, heart, intoxicated with flowers sway in the spring, when the flowers look at flowers, heart, flower and with the sad sad thinking.As for why so Camellia myth, I do not know, the old saying goes: all things are destined to meet.Perhaps this is the cause and effect tied to a doomed fate.    Fast forward twenty years later, due to the busy work, camellias teenager had faded out of my sight, occasionally, catch a glimpse of Johnson in the shadow camellia flower market in the New Year, but each time left in a hurry shadow away.I think, if camellia Gnosticism, but also for my relentless tears.”I do not know ruthless passionate suffering, who pity pretty content off the wind,” I think I should apologize for camellias, it was all my years of neglect and indifference!Camellia flower can forgive me?    A few months ago, with his wife and children back home after an absence of many years, I was surprised to find some kind of mother several strains of camellias glossy dark green in the garden stands in the cool west wind, and makes a room look small green leaves studded a small bud, like a doll in a proud disdain for me, I can not help the music, it seems, spring has come when I can see a long absence, the camellia.Camellias can be at home and how it?Mother if reading my mind, laughter and said: “It is red camellia, red like fire!”That tone was the same as buds, with a sort of pride in there was also pride.Since then, I will go out or go home every day around the camellia intentionally or unintentionally, took aim at a sight, as back to the youth.Every day that passed, the courtyard full of buds also strong up day, one of the sturdy like a cherub-like.Slowly, slowly they found one plump bud, are exposed on top of the faint red dot, with the red dot becomes larger, darker in color, the entire bud as subtle smile, like the girl, mother He said: “camellia will bloom.”.Camellia would be in bloom, and this, not that I expect it?Heart, desire in the days of anxiety was waiting, waiting for that flowers!    In a cold, wet weekend in the warm blanket do not want to rely on the up, I get up early to hear the daughter clamored loudly in the courtyard, saw me out, I can not wait to take my hand: “Dad, camellia flowers the, ah Haojing camellias “.Daughter said as he pulled, push and hold me in front to pull the camellia.Oh, I saw a large-sized red camellias in my eyes.Wow, camellia really open, open in the cold in the cold, cold rain in the open.This is a red camellia Orange Peel, I do not know what species, looked thin: red satin petals if a camel layers of stacked hugged the yellow flower blooming in the rain, and the petals hanging drops raindrops allow the flowers and under the shade of leafy significantly shy of.This garden is in full bloom the first camellia!Daughter is the first time I saw camellia flowers, watching her daughter looking at the rapt look of flowers that face filled with innocent eyes, I can not help but think of the first time again and camellias encounter years ago.With the opening of the first camellia, as if inspired similar like other buds and open competition next sequence, one, two, three.Camellias in full bloom, surrounded by lighted, yard dyed a fiery red, as his mother puts it.Looking at the full House camellias in full bloom, looked at my daughter and I look intoxicated look, mother laughed down, got used to light angry: “Look both father and daughter, what is this ah?You 有空去看看, several neighbors yard apart camellia bloom is also quite drift Liang “.After listening to his mother, I hold my daughter’s hand stroll away with laughter.My home district is located in the green every household was done quite well, every courtyard planted a variety of flowers and trees, coincides with several neighbors nobody at home, looked through the walls of the fence, but also really saw the blooming of camellias, and as our family was in full swing open.The difference is the color, in addition to other than red, white, as well as pink, clumps clusters, the sorts of charming blooming in the warm sun.Daughter looked up at me: “Dad, I love camellias, a lot of color ah”, less than three years old daughter, too complicated words will not tell the truth, I smiled and nodded, regarded as tacit.At this time, I do not know where came a few times melody of birds, daughter of curious again: “Daddy, what is the birds singing ah?”I replied:” Yes is the cuckoo, also known as cuckoo.”” Dad, cuckoo sing, farmers uncle to farming, are not you?”My daughter is innocent voice made my heart quiver: Spring is here yet?I subconsciously looked at the calendar on the phone, oh, it is already the beginning of spring.It seems, it is the camellia spent Primula.”Son, Spring is here,” I told her gently forward, can not ignore my daughter whisper, aside loudly recite from long ago I taught article “Spring is coming, approaching of spring.”Watching her daughter in Yaotouhuangnao, the tone of milk and milk sound of gas, I can not help but make great music: boy face is not exactly a camellia bloom just in front of me?In my eyes, it was much better than Mr. Yang Shuo novels depicted the.While watching the colorful camellias in full bloom, and then look at his face innocent daughter, and instantly, a deep sense of well-being sweet swarmed the heart, echoed in a long time.Spring is here, camellia blossoms!

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