Bacterial vaginosis diet you have any taboos

Bacterial vaginosis diet taboos do what bacterial vaginosis is a very common gynecological diseases, treatment of bacterial vaginosis lot, no matter what kind of treatment, should be a lot of attention in the diet, the following is bacterial vaginosis food taboos。 Bacterial vaginosis food taboos (1) avoid alcohol and tobacco smoking can aggravate bacterial vaginosis, this is because the nicotine in tobacco can arterial blood oxygen binding force is weakened, alcohol can contribute to hot and humid, so it should be taboo, the same containing food such as fermented rice wine, etc. should not drink wine。 (2) avoid spicy foods spicy foods (chili, ginger, onions, garlic, etc.) eat more prone to heat, so that internal organs heat toxin Accumulation, appear swollen gums, mouth sores, scanty dark urine, anal burning before and after Yin Yang pain and other symptoms, so that the bacterial vaginosis symptoms get worse。 (3) avoid seafood Xingshan was made products, such as mandarin, fish, octopus, black fish, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic products can contribute to heat, vulvar itching after eating can increase, against inflammation subsided, it should eat。 (4) Avoid sweet foods greasy foods such as lard, pork fat, cream, butter, suet and other high-sugar foods such as chocolate, candy, desserts, cream cakes, etc., these foods help to increase the role of wet heat, It will increase the secretion of vaginal discharge, and effective treatment。
(5) Avoid fried, greasy foods such as fritters, cream, butter, chocolate, etc. These foods help to increase the wet heat of the action, will increase the secretion of vaginal discharge is not conducive to the treatment of the disease。 Conclusion: Bacterial vaginosis is a common chronic disease, but also a gynecological disease, for people are very familiar with, and once with bacterial vaginosis, not only to timely treatment, but also in the diet pay more attention to some of the foods you can eat, can not eat some food。

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