Chen Zhihong: the direction, the first to do just fine

At an early age, I always think a lot of things, this is the character of reason.In making money, I would smoke a lot of ideas every day, every so often to do.Just earn much.I later found, in fact, I did not do the front. Friends said that each industry to do the first three, will be the lucrative industry.Now, I really feel like this. Friends cousin live with a friend recently, he thought Taobao, so a friend took him to come to me to chat.Talked, I discovered that his cousin has been doing is right.But too many tricks.Originally on a move you can do a good job. But also thinking about a friend’s cousin, is too little tricks.Also I have been thinking, there is no better tricks. I said, you certainly had someone show you, otherwise there can be no such sub-views. Another point is that in fact the direction of the.The first to do just fine.The first to do before, we do not want others to. In our lives, we must know the direction is really important, and if a wrong direction of.So there will be efforts to effect, but that effect is relatively less of.So until then, we must think of the direction is right. But the direction is actually very simple, just a little, the next to find people who know how to ask it. A friend wanted to go to a barber, but his friend told him, you’re going to go look at the stars.At first thought it was a friend to let him see the star hairstyle, followed finally understand, is to talk to the star group photo.Really do it later. So, what has become a star hairdresser friend, what became manager. And together with him had to learn the barber, scissors others have not come, it still has those people in shampoo. Because there is a group photo with the star, people think he does not like his colleagues he will be very good. Another point is that his price is the highest, but many of the guests is to ask him a haircut. So, if we want to be clear next, if at the beginning of time, we just go to a barber.Then we are more halo behind.Even if we work hard again, maybe that stage that we can not skip the shampoo. But for a direction, other problems are solved.Of course, this direction is to be the first of. For instance, he went to a photo, if only a close back then is not enough.Take it or more than one. We are speaking here to do first, is that even in this photo, is the first to do. Thought of this, I think of a friend, he liked to write text.One day the network was launched by 200 days to write 200 articles.Who wins if you can get all the bonuses.That is, the beginning of time, a person to take some money out. Everyone thought, 200 days a very simple, sure to adhere to. Perhaps many people do not really believe that we wrote from 1 100, are very difficult to completely correct. On the streets, there will be a game like this, you have to write you 50, are wrong, as long as 10 yuan to others. So everything, do not you think so too simple, but to finally win friends. Why win it.Because he can stick it?Not really, but at the time did not match.His little computer, already have hundreds of articles.He is usually written, but did not publish it. So I want to say is that a lot of things, but if we go to the normal route, in fact, wrong. Way of life, there are many unknowns.We do not know when there will be happiness.So we can only learn, ask others under.To look at life in the end is how to go, if right, we’re going down.Then happy. When it comes to writing, I thought about writing poetry.In fact, for people writing articles, the basic can write. Whether fiction or poetry, or prose, because of the foundation in that, before Jin Yong is nothing to write. Jin Yong is his leadership behind him write novels, because liangyusheng before him did not empty, but his first time to write, but know to write effective the.He later specialized to write his novels, and rarely write prose, poetry also into fiction. So think of Jin Yong, we think of the novel.And he also chose a direction, deep down. On Ali, Taobao is the same, we have seen too many people, in fact, they really are right ways to promote.Like a friend of the cousin of the same.But they did not locate, no breakdown.Nothing on, nothing to do. Duan Yu as the six-pulse Excalibur, will become try out, only to be serious about the job stimulus. The back is pointing, and finally understand, every time only the sword.Therefore, it is effortless. When we do Ali, Taobao, we understand the breakdown, we know the product you want to subdivide, to locate, to promote ways to subdivide, to locate.Then we’ll do it is very simple, but will be very difficult to do anything. So when we breakdown Well, we have to recruit agents such as, for example, we do wholesale, will first do a good enough. So when we sometimes do not know how to locate, understand directions, to ask others, you have to learn under. We have a group where a girl is like this. She was previously a partner with a team run.She entered the back of our group, do company registration, bookkeeping items.I told her how to do.She took us behind the group’s methods, Ali 2 months did it first, Taobao first. But she was thinking about doing other projects, because she wanted the full flowering, make more money. Later she finally working on this project, we also do other projects. A year later, she contacted me, she said, for a year, reaching more than 400.We hope this year to break through the 800.She said, and now finally understand, do one thing, they must be specific, the effect will be like this big, high efficiency. I said, do not know how any time later, the future will do well.In fact, she was beginning two months have done more than 100. So a lot of time to go our own way this is actually the best way for most. You do not need to go at the other.Think of other, either bad road we either did bottleneck. Pig, he is doing platform.For a long period of time, he is a service charge, is drawn into.In the back, he was the shop, and then let the traffic concentrated in the store.Then charge an annual fee advertising.Later still make money, fast pour. In the back, he learned.What kind of way to make money too.They found that can help a registered trademark. Because a lot of people that design the trademark to be registered trademarks.Three months, so that the Chinese company’s first registered trademark. Therefore, the direction is really important.Especially when it was pointing us, we must be good to do.What do not think, did the first repeat.Because doing, while adhering to the process, we will get a lot of new things. The direction is very simple, find someone to ask next like to spend money to find someone like vaginal discharge. With direction, and the rest is doing the.So, do not think too much, so that the first three are lucrative industry. Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.

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