Cicadas note beating

[REVIEW] in front cicadas, I still remember when a roadside rows of soybean leaves, those with the river half-baked day; that high Mitsuda people canola flower, which hide and seek in those days; after that harvest fields hill like straw stacked, lying on top of the sky, those days; “squeak.squeak.”what sound?In the quiet of the sky to draw a hole in life and life’s voice.That melodious sound sharp, like a first lengthy soprano, the addition of a hot summer and a warm resonance.    ”Ah, yes the sound of cicadas.”I have some surprises.In summer, this nature “single of” notes will be filled with people hearing, resulting in a distinctive flavor of “soothing”.Cicada bug called cicada pupa, large tracts of forest is the largest resident cicada pupa.July and August is when most of the cicada, recall childhood even more than now, after dinner to the woods, the night can catch hundreds.Cicada’s life is short, a cicada eggs in the soil a few years to go through the years, in order to pupate for the cicada, but it’s only a short life, but dozens of days, it shows their value by Liao Ming’s voice.Suddenly thrust found that human life has a lot of similar place with cicada.Life is too short to go through suffering through hardships, in order to crank up the value of their own, trying to struggle with, just like that of cicadas hoarse, strong will contribute their own colorful life, which is perhaps a kind of interpretation of the right to life!    ”squeak.squeak.”Another burst of sweet sounds of cicadas!Summer is a quatrain, every year cicadas are still in the flat Zeze tirelessly played the music of life.Cicadas were, Zen also listen to cicadas in summer, gorgeous my mind.Is in such a sweltering afternoon, people like this, along with the talent, when we have some sense of their words and deeds, the state of mind on anything it will become cautious, thus when the kind of childhood innocence under the state of mind to appreciate the fun will be gone, admittedly adult world there are many new things as a child can not come into contact with, but also more than a lot of frustration and loneliness.Hot, summer, pomegranate open, Cantabile cicadas.On a clear day, the farmers around their houses, poplar, locust, elm branches, leaves through the cracks, cicada can always see light and shadow.Tang Xu Sang has “heard cicada” Poem: “good luck micro raw material, can often be waiting Ming.    Cicada issue melodious singing and warm, loud and lofty, through the ages, that “cicadas, cicada,” the song so that people intoxicated.Also known as cicada cicadas, food perennials root juice, usually after molt five times, we need a few years to mature.Once established branches cicada climb, will tirelessly with light and comfortable tone, and describe the summer of notes, song and sang a lively song of cicadas, of nature to add a strong affection.    For thousands of years, the cicada is a singer, are described from the Book of Songs to poetry.As long as the advent of summer, cicadas are always bright in people’s memory, “streaming audio around the cluster beans, it rang high Xuan”.Cicadas spend most of their time in the dark, when it first emerged, after shelling emergence, the day celebrating the life and passion becomes high-pitched – cicadas spent years waiting time, is to sing a short summer.    Song Xi ‘Southampton Road “poem:” High Yun cicada far, reverberation has Shigeki.”Poet’s ears resounded in the summer cicadas messy noise is not annoying, but brisk mildly, matched into a rhyme, has a wonderful heart rhythm musical notes.Listen to cicadas in summer, summer to endure the unique beauty of cicadas, whom fresh air, dry heat elimination whom.Bursts of cicadas, summer is the most popular melodies, decorated with summer enduring charm.    In the summer, lying in the shade, of cicadas loud and clear, crisp and sweet.We must learn to listen, only listen carefully, will experience more from life charm.Wang Ji had a saying: “Chanzao forest more quiet, more secluded mountain birds.”Is a ‘silent have heard of’ mood, the more noisy cicadas, add anti-static environment.Hot summer, Xinfu tightness, and sometimes listen to the cicadas, let us meditate doing things, more of a laid-back life of ease.    Listen cicadas.Cicadas fluctuated, when emergency relief, cicadas diverse, some belong to bel canto, while others, like singing the national; some shrill, some fresh and bright.As long as there is a cicada began, will lead to a contention, they do not require command, but seamless voice.Cicadas on a lonely losers, it is a comfort, life is inspiration; a positive human effort, is an incentive and agitation.With the summer because of the cicadas, and become warm wonderful.    In front cicadas, I still remember when a roadside rows of soybean leaves, those with the river half-baked day; that high Mitsuda people canola flower, which hide and seek in those days; after that harvest the fields piled hill like straw, lying on top of the sky, those days; there are those who wake up in the fields summer evening campfire burning red half of the sky the day.But in fact people do not live in the memories, life itself is still a good process, as long as you allow yourself to find something meaningful to do, if the person is a lazy, laid-back enough to go with a lot of time memories of the past, former partner, who lives and are willing to put the past to be a contrast with the current, I found that in a way I seem to lack the joy of that time, but on the other hand, in spirit even on the substance, but gained greater harvest, I’m not that ignorant of the full field run barefoot little boy, me against the world, for life, for all things have their own perception and opinion, I think it is the growth of significance.    Write this point, he has been relieved, and everyone must go through a get rid of immature and maturing process, there may also process such one pair of carefree childhood recall the good times, let us think of it as the spice of life you, you can no longer choose the past, but you can choose the future.[Editor: rainy night]

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