Emotional dates

I especially like the dates, I grew up never left jujube.In since I can remember, it is the north front of the house and two thick jujube yard full of sun dates.  A child, I lived in the grandmother at home due to illness, early death of grandpa, aunt were all married, only one person had grandmother.Grandmother speak accent and we do not like to listen to grandma says, grandma outsiders, the family was poor, begging her parents came to Shandong, because Grandpa kindness tube of her family meal fed, parents put the grandmother married my grandfather, grandmother was only fifteen years old, her grandmother have a sister, married into the Feicheng.Jieliang ever met her, but, grandmother never saw his parents, did not return home.  Grandma house more than a hundred jujube trees, edge of the woods in the village.Every budding jujube fast when I have to go stay with grandma watering trees, grandma Dianzhe feet, my grandmother carrying a small jar with water, one by one by one watering.The tree was rough, cracked bark, twisted branches protruding, like old dry withered arm, and some went off half bark, bare stood under a tree on the ground floor held the base, who like Caesar a thick layer of salt, a few willow, almost every tree head, have dry branches, most of them already dead, some bare trunk, there are only a few green leaves on branches, as well as the a tree dry top bifurcation trunk, sprang piles sub-clusters of shoots.  Edge of the woods, there are some grass, sporadic little green shoots, decorated in earth shining white, the individual trees holding a thatched ear fluffy.The edge of the depression that looks a little thatched strong point, I have long had it turned up, scratched red, yellow, white, Chine, and small partners chew, that tastes Chine, in lean early spring, gives us little children brought unexpected joy and moisture.  Mai had the time, jujube flowering, woods full of dates flowers, there is a sweet looking over honey.Tree countless bees, buzzing cried trained, trained, Feifei stop and smell on a sub-Zaohua, stand up, walk, and then flutter up and fly to another branch, totally regardless of the surrounding.This time I and small partners often despite warnings grandmother, secretly Zaolin to go, carefully avoid the thorn jujube, slowly waiting to look for opportunities to catch catch bees.We took advantage of the moment falls bees date of branches, with two fingers pinch the body suddenly bees, bees any dth cried, with outstretched trailing bow venom Ao needle to stretch stretched out.Then we put a bee in two stages, pulled out a drop of juice, a lick with his tongue, Mimi swallow.Bees fling the head, tail and carefully put it aside, bees still a lethal Alice Alice struggling.  Said dead bees, live lethal.We look often bee sting, sometimes careless, feels a pain in his arm, and quickly pinch Push avoid lethal drill-meat, blood and squeeze a little vicious, lethal removed, back to the home base surface slightly wash, then, or the next day, stung where the skin slightly swollen a little stiff, but does not affect our grasp continue to drink honey bees.Of course, sometimes they are stung his face, his face puffy, like a pumpkin, pain for several days, can not go out, could not open one eye was swollen, the other eye only the next crack.  Perhaps what year, there will be one or two southerners to this zaolin where to cut the honey bee.They beehives placed in a circle, to tie up the tent in the middle.We often around watching nearby half because they brewed honey, half white rice because they bowl.Sometimes they speak to us and very polite, but spoke often Gala Gala to a Chase between them, and soon they could not hear.They will take the time to give Grandma several kilograms of honey, the honey grandma would retain the second year Zaohua bloom again, people in the village Toutengnaore regardless of someone’s child, suffering from cough and cold, will come down on the little grandmother.  Corn knee did not start when the rain gradually increased, jujube trees covered with dense jujube big grain of wheat, a little like a bread, all pointy spiked, but a little while, it will fall out, the real left in the branches of the jujube is not much.After the rain, often fall under jujube jujube grain size of a grain of ground, we often pick up a jujube those grains, dried home, drink porridge.  Pea ridge of the time, yo jujube has grown to the size of an egg, this time, the grandmother often look after the zaolin am afraid someone’s little children to the scourge of dates, of course, we can not stop this little help child, this time the main speaker date hair, a little astringent, we often take off dates, bite, not good, throw it anywhere, after the grandmother to see, he picked up a pole shouting side expel us, we will run away , grandmother catch up with us, we will reproach meal.After a while, we went to cuddle in front of grandma, grandma completely forgotten just the thing.  Fast forward lunar month, people have jujube, jujube every family to arrange an old man watching the fear of the scourge of bad boy.Tree dates are not yet ripe, but we pick and eat secretly, sometimes grandmother warned us, must take the time to eat first date tip removed, otherwise the president pimple boil, skeptical at the beginning, and later got really small partner boils, I was afraid, and every eating dates will be the date when the sharp bite to go, sometimes intentionally willing to go to the next half, prompting a burst of good grandmother scolded.  Good tea grandmother, aunt and sometimes northeast of Trustee will send to several kilograms, but from the beginning, grandma tend to blow off some of the wind down of jujube, on Zaotang burn a fire, thrown into the pot , taking a dip in hot water and drunk as a tea, soaked with hot water, water jug floating a touch of incense jujube flavor and gooey, sweet looking over the water, do not have a taste, I still retained this habit even when tea at home, but also throw on a few dates, but also burned a little gooey dates.  July 15 is coming, and dates start green tree in yellowing, especially on dates Shujian, ulterior motives, a string, hanging in the branches hanging down, particularly gratifying.  During that time, I went back to their homes, while a yard, two thick jujube, like a big round canopy, hung above dates, a bunch of series, Shujian towards the sun the dates, some began on purple, with red point.  At that time I was nine, our family five-generation, long live the separation, the grandmother is sick, it is difficult to get up, but in good spirits, my brother and family’s small nephew, niece often ran up to her to go, and sometimes amused she was very happy.  Little sister-in-law grew up suffering from tuberculosis, the body has always been thin, small and hunched man, listen to my grandmother, the deterioration of the condition has increased, but the sister-in-law saw me come home, he just climbed onto the jujube, picking up a bit with a red pole dates, I picked a small toss Qi, ripe dates, etc., she said, she did give us children who eat drunk date, however, two days later, sister-in-law middle of the night vomiting blood and was taken to the hospital, he came back, sister-in-law is wrapped in the quilt back, sister-in-law did not wait until the ripe dates, sister-in-law died that night, the next big rain, the wind was loud sub-lattice windows, two little niece did not get it, but the youngest niece crying all night, I remember the next day sunny bare, under the trees, on the ground floor off the dates with red is not red, most are insect bite, or drilled holes.  Grandmother would have lost no teeth, gums, mouth, laugh together, and not long teeth like a child, grandma like to eat dates, we put the dates in the pot steamed, stripped of skin, the flesh to date to her mouth, shaking his grandmother mouth, moaning, chewing.Her articulation is not clear, the same as the air leakage, but I can translate speak, she told us that we were young, most of them grew up eating steamed jujube flesh, small children, cards vain, dates, sweet and soft, can eat , and top food, well behaved children without trouble.She also warned, ripe dates, etc., in order to save the food, so a large family, the idea to make dumplings to eat the Dragon Boat Festival in May next year, when the dates expensive.After the spring, the old woman drinking a cup date sugar closed his eyes, said goodbye to her proud of this five-generation family, that she was alone up support from a young family, because we are family for generations single-pass, and both men headed early death, until the old woman into the house, change the feng shui to our house for a house style, extended to five-generation Sun Di girls and one man we, the people around me say this is merciful grandmother, the reason aid of others, and now, some of us old people talking about this all people, but also about my grandmother’s grace.  July 15 Ding Bordeaux on August 15 date to the cleaners.  Not to July 15, the tree with red dates a half, there are all red, half red, red Ding head, and some of the green.Blending red and green, white mingled.Here one, there one, uneven, ranging in size, ulterior motives, a string, hung upside down hanging on the branches.  It has long lost its lure, carrying a long pole, early play dates.After the village before the village, around the village, yard woods, everywhere pole against pop popping sound jujube tree branches, men shaking jujube tree, leaves touching the rushing sound, the sound of crackling thunder landing dates, adult children dates hit by falling head hey shout sound and the sound of yelling at each other, like laughter.  Zaolin side, a date the big man waved his pole, vicious slapping dates branches, pops ringing, dates scarred Lengleng De fall down, hit the ground jumping tap tap jump ring, dates mess all over the floor Luangun run; some simply climb trees, catch branches, Meng Jin rocking back and forth, dates flutter stunned grunt fall down, hit the tree below the person’s head, boom boom, under the jujube date of pick up people like grab Like, hi also laughed, ran back, bending straight waist, got squat, busy pleasure it.  Children often pick out the largest and most head round, red, purple, Liu Guang Zaopi of dates, engraved with a fingernail in the eye, one next to a red one green eye, a circle, a road, like a regular, but no rule, and then find a piece of bare ground, circle, collected in one, the first meet, good dates engraved on the floor rolling around, than the size, than the pattern, bumper race, win win go, and finally either fierce arguments broke up, either while Ha Hey, quitting en masse, a respective chewing, grinning, and also hi chew each recede.  Play dates day, they all go to aunt grandmother at home to help busy dry for three days, the last full zaolin years, a leaf, and each of them under the jujube is one, and occasionally a few children, leaving the neck small net bag, holding a long pole to pick up the missing dates.  A few days later, the leaves begin to yellow jujube, gradually falling, had not much time, leaving only the bare branches, raised outstretched, and occasionally a few small branches left with a few slices of dry leaflets, and trees the remaining tip leave out one or two dry flat jujube.  Almost every household sun dates.On the roof, the yard, the gate, people everywhere can see the sun dates, more or less, big and small.Aunties are shipped on the dam with a thick layer of sand and then spread on the dates above, a thin layer all over the yard.Grandmother move the feet, turning over and over again, I’m barefoot, sometimes helping to work, tired, grabbed sand, small wind down, sowed the earth play, come to a yard full of dust, the full dates sandy soil.  Just the next date, the grandmother with drunken several jars drunk date.Grandmother poured a bowl of wine, the dates Green red one by one to roll about in the wine, and then loaded into the jar, fasten the lid, Wong sealed, then placed in that room dark room.I often can not wait, you have not seen in three days clamoring to try to open, entangled grandmother was really no alternative but to open a small jar, although full-bodied wine, but dates it is just bubble up, and ranunculus and unpalatable.  The yard to dry the basic dates are drying listless, and the wrinkled skin.Began to date into shallow basket in the sun, sun finished put up, waiting for the time to do New Year’s rice cakes and date cake, the Dragon Boat Festival in May, when do the dumplings.Red dates restless lying shallow basket, under the toxicity to the sun baked, sleep peacefully with, bright red, bright bright.Grandma always good drying dates, points a minute, let me give those kids to send some more people, and then packed in cloth, let aunt who helped card up to the rafters, there are no special circumstances, it is do not get down.  After a year off and other peanut, grandmother will put dates and peanuts mixed together, a daughter, two small bags, and asked my mother and aunt who, in order to save food, more children, not a last resort can not come back to grandma to be, in particular, Huang is next spring days do not take the time, this is a family thing for help.I still remember, Tibetan grandmother’s house, dark, and a black cat look after, I do not know what in the end put some, even my mother does not know all.Several times I wanted to try to crawl, but the end result afraid of the dark, fear of bird covered in black, his eyes bright thief, a little close to the cat Mi Wu Mi Wu called on to give up.Just remember no matter what time, as long as life is hard, Grandma always come up with something to eat from there, while small, but very timely.  Peanut helped dates to eat, this is my grandmother taught a special way of eating, Grandma said both blood and dental practice, her childhood with her parents room filled with begging, begging to put something together to eat sinks, often the last remaining peanuts, eat a few okay to eat more appetite uncomfortable, full of glowing smell, once the drink a few mouthfuls of cold water, the stomach will be up, and hiccups, pain can be rolled on the floor , so who do not eat, because you want to discuss something enough to eat, had a grandmother who eat peanuts to eat, but did not dare to drink cold water, and later in the beggar on the road, really thirsty too unbearable, they drank river water the result grandmother did not uncomfortable, because the grandmother accidentally ate a few dates, and since then, the grandmother took on peanuts mixed with a few dates to eat later and later grandmother married my grandfather, every year the dates and peanuts mix together, stay kids eat for the winter.My grandma when he was dying, dental mouth is still very good, almost no tooth loss, like my grandmother did, out leaving only a mouthful of gums.  Red dates, dry skin wrinkled, torn side biting dates, flesh adhesion, the tape tough filaments, filling in the mouth, gently chewing, light spicy sweet, sticky mouth sticky teeth, straight Zaopi drilling teeth, the more chewing the fragrant, sweet and more chewing, chewing pharynx, pit turn around in your mouth, turn in the past, last only a bare nucleus, still suck suck to go, I do not want to lay down.If a mixed peanuts, lose their sweetness, rich aroma of peanut protein suddenly blocked taste, suddenly only a mouthful of peanut thick taste, smell too strong, it seems hard to swallow, sometimes dry mouth, appetite raw block, if the eat a jujube, sweet overlap, played down the flavor of peanuts, dates of concentrating the sweet, eat two consecutive dates, eat a handful of peanuts on, so the mouth aroma, sweet Mei Mei, Amid a long aftertaste, a full belly full stomach, his mouth that tastes pit until the pit bare, full of evanescent fragrance, sweet aftertaste remains in the mouth longer than.  That year, the grandmother peanuts and dates in a mix, especially small share, aunt grandmother who say the whole stay up.Grandma out, leaving only a small bamboo basket of dates, the dates grandmother sometimes burnt under the kitchen after tea to drink, sweet potato porridge sometimes do when thrown inside a few, of course, the whole reward me.  The following spring, took off his jacket when not, when it is lean, the Liushu Gang budding stroke was light, the fields of wild barley, little, grandma feel uncomfortable after a few days, the grandmother of heart failure Finally, one night, grandma especially impressive when it comes to her personal life and her parents finally said that the enigmatic dark room, the grandmother said that in fact there is no precious things, the dates when she points to her mother and aunt peanuts aunt who, after several neighbors there, the rest of which is not much, the grandmother of a person with the province, to keep the children.Grandma usually carry their own key, no matter who, less than a certain degree of entanglement, grandma is not going to open the door even opened the door, the grandmother is also a person go, let you wait outside, besides, there’s so dark, very scary, and the black cat crouched in the doorway watching, after a while, the grandmother will come up with some fresh things that make you satisfy desires, hungry for solution.Grandmother just this way, the children are given practical sense, so that children from an early age seem to think there are a lot inside, a little to look forward to life.In the difficult times of life, this is a kind of sustenance, and whether neighbors or children, as long as Ben came home, because there is no way to get food, grandmother will be more or less aid point, critical time can help it is also the grandmother grew accustomed to the hungry, from grandfather to marry later, gradually figured it out, but the grandmother said the biggest benefit is that oral iron and steel period to steal and hide a small pan, turn the village to borrow, not You know how many people saved.  The next day, grandmother quietly away, take the time very calm.Grandmother’s funeral, when almost the whole village have come, perhaps the heart and mind of their grandmother during his lifetime financial aid, may all be directed to the black house, the grandmother’s death, the dark room to be cleaned out, then the windows blocked too tightly, piled inside a thick layer of bran, do not know after how many years, there is still a small jar of peanut dates drunk date, mix together in a small bag on the corner, a pile of dishes bowl, grandfather during his lifetime is used, there is a long bowl fashioned master’s son, grandfather during his lifetime to find someone painted statues and old family tree, there is a dark cupboard, inside candy grandmother a few clothes, and a small fry mosquitoes use of horsetail hair whisk, then there is a bird covered in black cat, black cat just born and long fingers near a litter of kittens.Later that jar drunk date and that dates peanut bags, we absorbed the points, and then later I heard a few people secretly captain to cook the cat to eat.  Grandmother died in the spring of that year, my mother and aunt are each an arm thick jujube, and exhortations must take good care of her grandmother sent jujube dates junction, a large fleshy, slightly reddish, it is brittle Sweet thicken the sauce, dried and full of bright red and raw rot and insect bites birds should not be disabled, so far, in my old hut still stands sinking jujube tree, a series string of dates each year, full of ulterior motives , numerous hanging down.Nearly four years later, although no more than a long rough, but the lush branches, vines stretch at full fluffy.  Before dying grandmother, relatives discuss with that thick jujube trees to make a coffin grandma, but grandma resolutely refused, she said, a few jujube do not know how many people save the village, a few years later they still have continue counting on it a few jujube.  Grandmother died a few years later, the date started to play every day, I often traveled to the village eight neighbors, searching I thought delicious dates.Er Yi family has jujube trees tree, I often pick the food, not dates that tall, round, bite sour after chewing have a son sweet, more chewing the tasty, ripe dates, etc., almost also bare.Sometimes found a spirit jujube, dates long, and green, bite, crisp and tasty, crisp Ga bang, such dates, cyan like to take off, a little red, hair will rot in the neighboring villages off, landing is broken, and some will grin in the branches.There will encounter when milk date, Ding pointed coarse, slightly red area, is soft and sweet, in tough with juice, chewing sticky mouth straight.      A few years later, my uncle worked in the supply and marketing cooperatives, dry the acquisition, my father led a team of people began to smoke dates, date-for-food sold smoked ammonia fertilizer dividends team.  Wheat harvest was busy, ground corn seedlings need to dig weed seedlings, beans, peanuts need to weed grass drought, spring sweet potatoes need to turn Sicko weeding, seed wheat stubble sweet potatoes needed, cotton buds breaking trees need, people busy, At this point you have to do is prepare smoked date: Trench child, the child column, Lei Chuangzai date, the acquisition of wood out baidunzi.  The yard smoked date room provided in the yard squad, round straw stack piled on the edge of a river cauldron station chimney long, slightly inclined, like a big barrel, on a large stove wok, next to the pile of stump child.  Both sides of the yard, while a pool smoked date, starting with a mound, in brick, with a high Liang Xizai laying the bottom surface, there are two holes can go under the pool, get fire smoke for smoke jujube.  Lunar New Year in early July a few, there are dates approach, have sent their own, the team sent more acquisitions, full of piled on the north side of the yard near the stove, and a thick layer, green, red red Ding, the red half of just showing the red, red, purple, large and small, shriveled stunned, full, round, long, large head Ding small, pointed head Ding large, insect bite, the residual half of the birds, all kinds, display their shape, each with its shape, has crisp taste, there are surface toot with sour, main speaker has teeth with a bite on the broken and had a noon, most of them turned into a bright red.  For several days, dates go into the yard, people coming and going, the car out into the car, dates to be down in the heap, a drip Wow, the Montreal Luangun, get out far better.  Before the stove, chimney whirring braved the smoke, chefs clear division of labor, there is light a fire, have pushed the car back and forth to transport the child’s date, shipped to, to send a pot, drip dates will be rushing to the pot, the pot stand next to the fishing date people waved large iron strainer, into the pot a stir, dates stand was a fish out, then Push toss the cooked dates was thrown into the car next to the network, and then they It was shipped to date smoke filled lake to dry up paving.Dry water, ripe dates these women no longer be a toss toss Qi Qi to end a date on smoked pond, then a two sturdy labor toss a toss Qi Qi dates Tandao of the pool, three to four centimeters thick , and indeed uniform uniform, soft pink light red dates, a full Chuangzai, and tightly covered with two layers of mats promoter, fast black days when the whip pull next shooting pool, under fire ignition baidunzi to be ignited after the wood baidunzi , then it goes out smoke, then under the pond filled with smoke, the small space gradually over the entire reservoir bottom date, coughing choking tears red eyes, sneezing constantly, quickly drilled to breathe.So the whole pool of dates through the mat, a plume of smoke rising slowly, forming a thin layer at one meter, float does not move.  On the third day afternoon, the pool of people are busy dates, get out, men and women holding winnow Qi, carrying a bucket and pour aside a stall to and fro throughout the yard, north-south thing, rows, a yo, neatly arranged few smoked Chuangzai date, just smoked out dates, getting wrinkled sticks, incense Hongnen aryl, whole body through Yan and pleasant lung, hanging the appetite, saliva attractive.After drying for a while, it was covered with a thin layer of grass thatch child to escape the hot sun and let it slowly dry in the shade.  A few days, hanging smoked date for some time once again brought smoked dates pond, he argued that accepting the second time.After two dates after infection, magenta dark purple, compact texture, trace round, wrinkled shrink reduction, as small beads.Bite, containing hard soft, sweet fragrance tape, adhesive tape in a soft.Purple skin, tender meat inside.  Rows of smoked good dates, the bed filled with dates, from north to south, two long spread throughout the spacious and bright warehouse, often suffused with the fragrance date, Zhizuan nose, hint of smoke, sweet devastated.Women get together, pick the smoked paste, or irregular dates Xunde.In front of a stamped sacks of smoked date, ready for delivery procurement Station, south to send the train down south.  When I get into college notice came, I was to help cook dates, I was the first university student village, the whole village gathered to celebrate our family and therefore subject to the team award, received five pounds ready sent to the south of a jujube smoked, those who smoked were taken to date most of the Northeast aunt home, years later, aunt’s sister came home in Shandong, still looking for that kind of smoked date, however, they did not get that feel of the original that smoky, sweet with a fragrance, there are hard and tough, tough containing soft, sticky and greasy feeling soft teeth, said current enough sweetness smoked date, supple and slightly tired point with acid.  Today, we are in rural areas where the old date tree is running out, even if there are trees, few long date, the bare twisted branches stretched out.Open invigorate, dates all over the world, Yue Ling jujube, Watkins jujube, Xinjiang jujube, jujube small mountains, as well as jujube, jujube is more variety of products, however, in my case, often seen jujube and dates, there is always a sense of loss gradually rising in the heart, is that lost in the memory of penetration in dates, or dates that melt in the deep affection?      April 23, 2015

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