Memorable honeymoon

Middle-aged, enough to live comfortably.I was obsessed with literature worked at the grassroots government agencies, working at ease, can be said that no trouble no angry no sorrow.Outside of work, often have memorable experiences, the scenes of the past through the fingertips, tapping on the keyboard, into a beautiful collection of text on the network.    In former years, I will never forget is the honeymoon in Xinyang.    I remember it was April 19, 1989, then, my girlfriend and I just took out a marriage Liuai Xia.At that time, married men and women to promote the new new thing to do, when I get married and Aixia to catch this stylish, keep things simple, to the tourist marriage.After discussion, it was eventually travel place at the beautiful scenery, picturesque Xinyang.    After the April 19 lunch, I pack up and Aixia essential travel items, check the ID checks, bag loaded Aixia of money and goods in and after marriage certificate.We bid farewell to Mother and Sister Lixia, then pushed their bikes out of the gate, a street on the south embankment gray, gray riding along the embankment to the west, came only Wuqiao, but also along the country road southwest 4 years and more riding on the Yenan Gong on the road, straight down the Yenan Gong Ye county road riding direction, vehicles on the road, not many pedestrians, we ride faster, about a 50-minute ride on to the leaf county seat.    I first got to the bike and Aixia Ye County bus station, the main purpose is to find out the trips and fares go Xinyang.Ye came to the bus station, we found a empty seat bike lock, walked quickly to the ticket hall consulted trips and fares go Xinyang.Conductor told us, at four o’clock every day, a trip to Xinyang – Pingdingshan return car.I look at the table, before 1:56, there were almost two hours from the time at four o’clock, we immediately decided to sit at four o’clock in the car to return Xinyang.”Comrade conductor, Ye County to Xinyang how much the fare ah?”” Ticket 25 yuan.”So, I took out money to buy two tickets to Xinyang, and then we were riding a bicycle to his father’s workplace – Ye County Court.    Bus station to court for almost 2 years and more, came to court, we lock the bike to the shed, hurry on his father’s office building.Fortunately, the father is the office, I long story short, my father told me and Aixia going to Xinyang Wan Jitian, have already bought a ticket to go to Xinyang 16:00 at the station, bicycle lock to the shed it, hoping to father a motorcycle us to the station.Father listen to understand, and quickly slips Aixia drawer and took out a pile of money, “This is 2000 dollars, you had intended to buy furniture or something, you go out to play, from the money is not enough, with a few money now, prepare narrow width with the outer you have to take care of each other, pay attention to safety, let’s go, I’m riding a motorcycle to take you to the station.”We went downstairs with his father, riding his father’s motorcycle went straight to the bus station Ye County.In the bus station, the father repeatedly told us to take good care of us money and, let’s be sure to pay attention to safety.”Dad, you have to work that quickly riding a motorcycle back to the unit and let us remember it!”After my father asked thousands exhorted million, he launched a three-wheeled motorcycle back to the court.    15:50, Xinyang – Pingdingshan Ye County return bus stopped at the bus stop, just stop the car, the station loudspeakers came the female announcer loud voice: “Dear passengers, please note, go Xinyang of Henan S00369 bus set off soon, please carry passengers good on your car’s belongings ticket.”After hearing the broadcast, and I Aixia came to the bus door, pulled out a ticket so that the conductor inspection, quarantine their votes, we got, not many people on board, we found a place to sit, professionals, etc. start with the bus.    16:00 sharp, the bus departed on time.View from the map, Ye County Xinyang 369 miles away, on the road the bus jolted forward, to shake us straight dozing Aixia involuntary head on my shoulder, I seized the opportunity to take her in my arms , so that she can sleep comfortably for a while.The bus driver was a veteran, speaking on the road is not amused when a few jokes, amused laugh passengers.About more than six hours of the trip, the bus arrived in Xinyang bus station, I look at the table, it is 22:06.    After the bus arrived at the bus station in Xinyang, and Aixia I walked down the bus, holding hands and quickly walked to the station outside the gate, the purpose is to settle residence.Upon inquiry passers-by, asking the entrance to the station 200 meters on the right there is a very good hotel – Sunshine Hotel.    Sunshine Hotel is located in Xinyang City, 16 Welcome Road, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation.Sunshine Hotel covers an area of 40,000 square meters, construction area of nearly 20,000 square meters, a building, second floor, Building III, conference building, building and other five regions banquet catering.I came to the sun and Aixia hotel, approached the desk to inquire, we were out identity card and marriage certificate confirms the true identity, the waiter introduced us room price, we chose two common rooms on the second floor of 216, room price 30 yuan per night, when I pay to check in, the waiter let us pay 100 dollars deposit items, I put 130 dollars and handed the bar attendant, she put the card room and handed me a deposit article.Our waiter on the second floor under the guidance of 216 into the room, I closed the door, plug in the card room, the room suddenly a bright, Aixia the bag onto the coffee table, smiled and said to me: “The rooms were really Not bad!”Looking at the layout of the room neat and orderly, we stared at each other, happiness wells up.Yes, these days, the day people would like, a good thing again and again, came to Xinyang, we seem to have entered a dream, the sun entered the hotel room, as we walked into the colorful world of two.    Sunshine Hotel in very good facilities, each room has a toilet and bathroom.We sat for a few hours by car, the journey is quite tiring, of course, is a hot bath before going to bed can wish for.I undressed and Aixia shoes and socks, put on slippers, hugged went into the bathroom, under the lights, two naked men and women can be said for the first time in close contact, shower directed at our side, while laughing and joking enjoy each other’s ketone bodies, Flush the shower, we each other’s body with a towel and wiped.”Little baby, two times tonight, we want to show good performance, enjoy, enjoy it!”” Yes!To see your performance, let me to experience!”I picked up homeopathic Aixia, out of the bathroom, she came to the bed, gently put her on the bed Simmons, readily turn off the light switch, wait on the bed, after some lingering fan, we took each other endless aftertaste, she hugged to sleep.    The next day wake up already at 6:16 on April 20 a.We hugged in bed with, each other silly to smile, do not want to get lazy.I opened the quilt, loudly enjoying Aixia that delicate attractive ketone bodies, this time, a surge in the body’s blood boiling, so I can not control myself, hold Aixia again, Aixia also strongly with me, after lingering a while, I was too tired to exhausted, had surrendered.”Small slackers, we wash it up, Chiba Fan wanted to go hiking that Jigongshan!”Aixia rolled over with a pair of beautiful eyes staring at me, and then hand out from the bed, with a soft and delicate real estate broker gently blowing my nose say.”You climb a mountain to climb tired, but I am not afraid tired, I like hiking.”While I was up, while joking with her.”Shameless, also say that, and quickly get up, go downstairs for a while, to get some good food outside Bubu body.”We get up, and quickly went to the wash room was simple wash, wash finished until after Aixia picked up the bag from back to him on the coffee table, I put the card out of the room to pack in his pocket, pull the door back rooms I stepped down from the second floor and Aixia together, come Desk.”The waitress Hello!We went to the morning Jigongshan climbing, afternoon and come back at night but also to live it in your hotel, do not let it check out!”” Yes!However, you have to first turn in today’s accommodation again, this is the rule of our hotel.”I am 30 dollars from his pocket and handed it to the waiter, while she recorded in a book, one side said to me:” You put your card handed to me, I have to re-brush the magnetic room card.”After I took the room card from his pocket and handed over the waiter took the card room on the magnetic brush magnetic brush machine again and handed me.    I Aixia out of the sun and hotels, to the vicinity of a roadside breakfast shop to buy some tea, eggs, green onion oil steamed to eat, each person drank a bowl of bean curd.After breakfast the way they turned the corner shop to buy four bread, 1 package of sausage and four bottles of Jianlibao, shop waiter brought us find a sturdy plastic bag, after we had settled money, Dianqi purchased food out of the store , went straight to the bus station, bought a ticket booth after two tickets to Jigongshan, he got into Xinyang bus bound for Jigongshan.The road, the beautiful young conductor give us the origin of the name and location Jigongshan.The original Jigongshan shape of a rooster, the main peak is reported Hillsborough crow like a cock’s head, coupled with the general Xinyang rooster called “Cock”, hence the name Jigongshan.    According to the conductor introduction, there is between the bus station and Xinyang Jigong Mountain forty-six km away, sitting on the bus go Jigongshan, while listening to the beautiful young conductor talking about the introduction, my eyes and Aixia not willing to idle, she glanced out the window from time to time to the bus, enjoying the scenery along the mountains.Xinyang City, suburban and rural areas and outlined my mind countless times River scenery gradually match up.Because abundant rainfall, a piece of rice fields are soaring, glow shiny green leaves, the wind blows, Dangqi layers Shakes the Barley, people made a sudden you think of the rivers and lakes that women graceful posture.Shallow streams flowing quietly, buffalo eat while plants in the edge of the stream, while drinking water, women chatting at the water’s edge to wash the clothes, little children in leisure, looking at the deputy should only some of the beauty of painting, thinking of Tao “under the mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain,” the mood much better than this, I wish this moment jumped out to become this painting of a human heart yearning for Jigongshan it is more and more intense.    As the car drifted high, gradually winding road up the steep, mountain also growing, more and more cold, and I Aixia enjoy the charming scenery out the window, just to be intoxicated.    Cycling soon arrived at a point near the parking Jigongshan, this place is the best climber visitors land after we get off, along with the tourists go up.Without a guide, with our feelings, within the meaning of road signs along our view toward the chicken station.    Our trip is the most thrilling place to live Buddhist temple attractions, still a little scared to think of it now, was originally a picturesque scenic tourist attractions, but since we have to start early in the morning, and so on arrival living Buddha scenic area just eight o’clock, the mountain basically no tourists.    After the chicken concept stage, we walked along a quiet mountain road, because we were convinced that there must be a path where the landscape, even if there is no morning mountain breeze blowing really feel refreshed, right when this walking on the less rugged mountain.In the course of our predecessors walked along the road to go on, we met a family home, so he asked what attractions nearby, he said, living near Buddhist temples, and pointed out the direction for us.Living Buddha scenic area is actually a living temple as the center of several attractions, there is a living temple, pond and released, the world’s largest gold and stone and other word Buddha, is said to wander Living Buddha Ji Gong Jigongshan practice Zen meditation place before, in short , is that some of strangely shaped stone or stone and so on and left behind.    Went to a side door of the living temple, we mistakenly think that this is the entrance, is preparing to go on a prayer and worship, a german shepherd next door suddenly jump up to me, I suddenly stunned, Aixia screamed, dogs retreated step, before I could react, we were quick trot, the dogs did not catch up.A false alarm, but it surprised little tight, add a little color to our horror the next parade.To live temple to worship the Buddha, thinking just a false alarm, silent Buddha bless the hearts of the trip safely, so, like how many have a little sustenance, we encourage each other to move on.We are taking this path already a lot of weeds, like a long time no one walked the way, occasionally heard a strange sound, we often regard and shivering.Went to a more inaccessible places, a hint is to make our brand even more serious difficulties, dilemmas, written on the card, “many Yidong, tourists careful”.God knows what my life is the most feared snake ah!In the bush weeds of a small road, there is the possibility of advancing encounter a snake, we are unwilling to retreat, retreat and who knows we will not run into any animal feel creepy?So, both of us had to encourage each other, to walk out of this dangerous place forward.So they walk a little, really nervous the last to die, had higher ground mountain is very cool, but in a half-day walk through the bush, Mende uncomfortable, plus not scared, covered long been to sweat soaked, we were a whole, or backtrack it, of course, to stimulate the stimulus, it has reached the limit of endurance.I Aixia almost running back on the wide, paved artificial cement road.    To report the Hillsborough attractions of this famous course nothing can be recorded, pedestrians bustling, with fair-like, there is no suspense.But, he climbed to the highest point only to find than in the morning to view more chicken overstating the Taiwan Strait.    As Xiao Xia Park, Place des Nations, villas and other places, although the scenery is artificial, but also quite a bit strange charm Water.    Most notable was undoubtedly the deep ditch, and spring all the way down along the terrain, the formation of many different styles of the waterfall, there is a glimmer waterfall, eagle nest, rhino lying waves, and ultimately spring collection to show women Tam.Qinglie spring, many visitors can not help but see this innocence big time, took off his shoes to play a lot of cool spring water, mineral water bottles and even visitors with access to quench their thirst.The water that is pure natural mineral water, now sold on the street than a mineral water with this water, I really do not know how much worse it?    This tour is also a feeling Jigongshan gorgeous wildflowers bloom, bloom arrogant, driving too loudly.Wildflowers able to open Chuzhe Deng level, it makes raspberry, light blue, lavender, pink, pale yellow, orange, and greatly, drove dignified than many rare flowers growing in the greenhouse really do not know how many times to look good, I suspect that this flower is cultivated, it can be asked a few local mountain people, both answer wildflowers.It seems even God favor this treasure pregnant with beauty, here shed seeds elsewhere see the odd grass different flowers.    Although this line hasty, but bring pleasure to the mind but lingering, down time really is sorry to see the future expect to have the opportunity to revisit this charming scenery Jigongshan!    Climb the mountain for a long time, I feel really tired and hungry, and I Aixia together to find a place to sit on a large rock, then brought out our food, gobble up food and drink, to be satiate, we feel confident mood and spirit, immediately pack up the articles they carry, stood up, walked to the car all the way tottering site, after riding buses return back to the hotel we stay in the sun.    Back Sunshine Hotel, is 14:10.I Aixia on the second floor, I pulled out the card room opened 216 room door, plug in the card room, we have carry-on items placed on the coffee table, next to the wash room wash the hands and face.I Aixia out of the wash room, he came to the room, sitting on the bed Simmons.We discuss, plan to go downstairs to eat dinner, then back to the hotel to rest while the sun, and so after waking up, go out and shop to shop, to go to the cinema to see the Chiba Fan night movie, then back to the hotel to rest, wait 4 21 morning, the car went around Xinyang Teachers College, then return home.    After careful planning, we decided to go downstairs to eat dinner talk.I stood up, remove the room card into his pocket, he pulled up from the Aixia on Simmons, then locked the door and went downstairs rooms.Out of the hotel door, we went forward along Welcome Road, the roadside to see there is a flavor of Xinyang Dumpling House decoration very good, so we came to Xinyang flavor Museum dumplings, warm and thoughtful waiter for our seat, tea, let us hold a la carte menu.I asked Aixia Diansha like to eat, eat dumplings she said it, so we asked for two lamb dumplings.Waiter reported over dinner, the chef’s deft light a fire under the dumplings for us little time, two delicious lamb dumplings end up, had dinner, paid the money, we returned to the hotel, take off shoes and socks and underwear , lying in bed, covered with blankets to rest.Probably am too tired to climb Jigongshan, a slept more than four hours, and so when we woke up already 18:16, and I have done more than twenty push-ups in bed, then put on underwear footwear out of bed, wash room to wash your face.We get the never ending card, locked the door downstairs.Out of the hotel door, arm in arm we Guangzhao scattershot purpose in the street, and finally came to welcome Mall, the shopping center is funded by five clouds Xinyang Group 1.600 million in the construction of commercial radiation population of over 70 million and the business area of 13,000 square meters, is currently the only company Xinyang City discount hypermarket type.Welcome to the mall every year since 1986 to establish, by the mass consumers, shopping center array of goods, everything, so that customers dizzying.Southeast Asia welcome the introduction of mall stores advanced management idea, high standards, high starting point, adhering to the “one-stop consumption, to ensure satisfaction” business philosophy to “the pursuit of easy living, creating a century classic” as the goal, to break the traditional and single commercial pattern, the “leisure, entertainment, shopping and” one-stop complete, in line with the pace of modern life demands, has become a shining star of the retail industry in Xinyang!Welcome Shopping Center good good style Yeah, inside the shopping center in welcome, we turned a full one hour.After a welcome shopping center out, we went to Xinyang flavor Dumpling House dinner, or point of 2 parts lamb dumplings, meal, paid the money, to find out the address of the owner of the cinema, we are out of Xinyang flavor Dumpling House, stroll went to the cinema.Movie staged Huangmei “Goddess Marriage”, we went to the ticket booth to buy two movie tickets, after entering with the crowd, to be a cinema ticket staff inspected them, we find a seat to sit down approach, and pretty soon, the curtain movie I am deeply moved by the story, when the story fairies were forced to play, leaving a son and daughter, while reluctant to return to the temple, my tears are falling out, and Wang Shao Fang Yan Fengying played seven fairies and Dong too realistic the.After the movie ended, I Aixia holding hands leaving the theater, stroll back to the hotel we stayed in the sun.216 into the room we live in, we were off underwear and socks, put on slippers to wash a shower room, a shower each other to be finished, take a towel after each wipe, back to bed again lingering about it, then turn off the lights to rest.    April 21 morning less than 7:00, and I Aixia they all woke up, we were put on underwear and socks out of bed, to the bathroom after easy, do a simple wash, then pack up the things we brought, take the never ending card, locked the door downstairs rooms, the service came to the front desk, I put the room card and deposit bars and handed the waiter, the waiter arranged for a waiter after 216 Check refund me 100 yuan, I installed after the money, and Aixia side by side out of the sun hotel, breakfast Tan Qian came to eat breakfast.After breakfast, we strolled the streets for a while and later to Xinyang bus station, to the ticket booth to buy two tickets to Xinyang Normal University.    8 km from the bus station Xinyang, Xinyang Normal University, we boarded the bus to go to Xinyang Normal University, did not feel much effort arrived at the door of the court Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang Normal University in the bus stopped at the door.    Under the bus, and I Aixia stroll arm in arm walking on campus with great promise to turn down a campus at least more than three hours, we talk while walking side can not help but cooing, college too, in a single glance less than edge.About a suspension from college, we learned that some relevant information Xinyang Normal University: Xinyang Normal University is located in the historical and cultural city south of Henan Xinyang City, covering more than 1,500 acres, building area of 600,000 square meters; modern books collection of books 166 million copies, more than 3870 kinds of foreign periodicals; is one of two focus on undergraduate Henan Normal University, was the former vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, Mr. well-known social activist, educator Yu Fei as “the cradle of teachers”.College was founded in mid-1975, formerly known as Kaifeng Teachers College Xinyang Branch.In mid-1978 the State Council approved undergraduate institution and the name is changed, the following year became the first Bachelor of authority.Xinyang south of Wuhan, north of Zhengzhou, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, the Beijing-Kowloon railway, Nanjing-Xi’an Railway, State Road 106 107 312 and the Beijing-Zhuhai, Shanghai and Shaanxi, are big wide highway in this intersection, is even south to north, east and west of important transport hub.The school is located in the northern foothills Yin, Shihe water Sea, west “Changhuai Pearl” Lake South Bay, South Point “Cloud park” Jigongshan, beautiful scenery, pleasant scenery; campus trees, flowers, Four Seasons one spring, the Ministry of Education, Henan Province, the leaders unanimously praised as “the most beautiful campus in Henan Province”, “China’s most beautiful university.”We’re walking up walking in the campus, turn turn ah, I do not know how much road to go, and finally came to my coming to this place to study – Xinyang Teachers College teacher education.Aixia and I looked at the inside turning, feeling very impressive, came here to see, from the heart to really appreciate the feeling that some worthwhile trip.Unconsciously close to noon, the stomach also started snoring, feeling tired and hungry, look at the table, it is already 11:56, and in Xinyang Normal University stroll in a big circle, we have reached this after the end, then, we return Road, then strolled to the door of the hospital Xinyang Teachers College, Xinyang bus station to take a bus straight to the Xinyang bus station, get off, we first consulted ticket to Ye County the trips, the conductor told us, has no cars in the afternoon, only to wait until April 22 morning 7:20, we have made a trip to Pingdingshan in Henan S00369 bus.I immediately go out and buy two tickets to Ye, then, and Aixia together out of the station looking for a place for dinner, Aixia like to eat dumplings, so we went to Xinyang flavor Dumpling House, two to the lamb dumplings, Chiba Fan, later paid the money, we had no choice but return to the sunshine hotel room, I asked the front desk to the service, 216 room was empty, so we go out and set up the room, handed over a deposit after , the waiter handed me the card room, on the second floor after me and Aixia, open room 216, respectively, off the underwear and socks, lying in bed, covered with blankets to rest it.Wake up already 17:00, and we did not immediately get up, instead of lying in bed quietly talking, talking about the past two days saw and heard and feel, we lay in bed Imagine a bright future, outlining beautiful life, and my heart is sweet beyond words to describe.Around 6 pm, we rose from Simmons bed, put on the clothes and footwear, wash room to wash your face, then take the never ending card, locked the door and went downstairs, went to the street to stroll, Incidentally eat dinner.We welcome along the road walking up to go, suddenly, a sign shiny thing that catches my eye – Ruifeng braised pork shop, when in Ye County, Pingdingshan Teachers College and high school to go to school, and occasionally eat a few times when the streets halogen meat, taste very good, travel came to Xinyang, Xinyang rare to have met authentic braised pork, “Aixia, this Ruifeng braised pork shop good, very clean, a real treat tonight we go in it!”” Yes, I also like to eat braised pork, Come on, let it into the store!”We walked into this Ruifeng stewed meat shop, the owner greeted us warmly and, the store has just pan of fresh braised pork, bread and soup have horns, I asked the owner gave us weighed 1 kg of stewed meat, took three horns steamed, filled two bowls of noodles soup, braised pork cut after the owner put into a tray served, I Aixia breathing and eating soft and fragrant braised pork buns and croissants, feeling very comfortable, a kung fu, a large plate of braised pork bun and three horns is nothing left to eat us, then soup Gudonggudong reach into the belly, satiate, we paid the money, he burped out of this Ruifeng braised pork shop, we stroll around in the street after the hotel back to the sun.Room with a TV, but I do not like to look back to room 216, I plug in the card room, the lamp room immediately lit up, I take off my underwear and socks, put on slippers, a shower to wash room, Aixia to see me go in the shower, but also the whole underwear and socks off, wearing slippers, a shower also came to the wash room.End Rinse shower, we each other with a towel to dry off each other, and then turn off the light switch, we doubled clouds and rain in bed, embracing each other, fall asleep soundly.    When the natural wake up in the morning on April 22, is already 5:10, because the rush to catch the 7:20 bus in Henan S00369, so we quickly dressed to get up after the wash room to wash, tidy we carry stuff, went downstairs to get the never ending card, the waiter came to check out the service to find the front desk, I put the room card and deposit bars and handed the waiter, she gave me 100 yuan deposit, I installed the money, and Aixia together to a nearby breakfast Tanqian ate some breakfast, then stroll on the road for a while, then went to the bus station waiting for the bus Xinyang.    Around 7:10, Pingdingshan in Henan S00369 sent to the bus stop at the bus station hospital, the last driver or the driver, but for a conductor.Before we get on to the bus ticket until after the test conductor for votes, we were on the bus, in accordance with the corresponding seat seating sit, not many passengers on board, about a dozen.7:20, the bus driver started the bus engine on time, under the control of the bus driver slid from Xinyang bus station, and headed toward the direction of Pingdingshan, along the way, the bus passengers pitching sleepy, head Aixia fell on my body was asleep, I was sleeping and waking, about more than six hours of the trip, the bus has arrived S00369 Henan Ye County station.    In Xinyang few days, both in Jigongshan, or in Xinyang Teachers College, and I have the same feelings Aixia, Xinyang is a good place charming, mountain water the United States, more beautiful.    That Xinyang honeymoon despite past 20 years, now in retrospect is still vivid in my mind, haunted my mind, I will never forget!

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