Self-awareness of blind spots can affect relationships

Self-awareness of blind spots can affect relationships!Self-awareness is a people's understanding of their own, many people are not very objective and comprehensive understanding of their own, so there will be blind spots, you know?Self-awareness of blind spots can affect relationships!Self-awareness of blind spots can affect the relationships but like Lily Tomlin said, the fact is that the feeling of a collection。 Our world is both the perception of others, including our own。 If Bob knew others felt he was not funny, then he has the ability to self-perception。
But conversely, after receiving feedback from others dull, still feel like a comedian, it is said to exist Ming Baobo of self-awareness blind spots。
Some typical case of self-awareness blind spots are due to character flaws。 For example, highly narcissistic personality because they overestimate their achievements, popularity and appeal。
On the surface, Donald Trump felt flourishes, quite hot。 But in fact, narcissistic person usually low self-esteem, but they seldom realize that nothing。
Whether the next plane or secretly, narcissistic people will distort their identity in real life, self-awareness deficit。 Self interpersonal cognitive blind spots can affect the show, the narcissist is hard for a continuation of long-term relationships。
This is most likely due to the inaccuracy of self-awareness, they are more inclined to deal with unfamiliar people, but people familiar with them will break their self-perception error。 "Narcissistic personality it hard for some people perhaps because they can not relationships to positive self-perception and self-perception of negative link up."。
If you were able to recognize their own narcissism, and like the real you, it means they are able to tolerate their own shortcomings, and that they were not perfect。

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