A fairy tale

Fairy tale for a long time, time to be gone, has not catch, is not to let go of. Every thought how innocent fairy tales, always want to live in a fairy tale, there is no crying, no sad, and even the outcome, both the United States and abnormal heartbreak. Dark, I came to the fairy tale, dawn, woke up this dream. Cold night, a lonely little girl, she was wearing very thin, shivering in the cold night. “I can buy a box of matches?I have not eaten all day, “the little girl in front of passersby and prayed. Nobody cares, humanity has long been indifferent completely, only the little girl crouched in a corner, only that the afterglow of the streetlights pull her shadow long, long. She was too hungry. She too cold. Trance, she saw her grandmother, smiled and opened his arms look. She wants into the arms of her grandmother. She saw the dead grandmother, listening to my grandmother said she went to heaven, where there is no hunger and cold, she was going there to find her grandmother. The little girl draw burning the last match, lit the bomb in her arms. Thud. We all went to see her grandmother.

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