Common people talk about beauty

[‘ Qingfengmingyue’ entered China’s dating website as soon as she got off work, opened the dating cabin designed for her, and opened the buckle chat online ]Qingfengmingyue: hello! The cabin you designed for me and built with your own board is very beautiful. I just took a nap in it, turned on the stereo and took part in the home bill, ate some ice cream you put on, and was accompanied by green trees, blue sky and wind. It was comfortable and comfortable..   Read not to understand: Ha ha! It’s very kind of me. I just built it for you according to my understanding and aesthetic standards. There must be something that doesn’t meet your own aesthetic requirements. You have reformed it yourself.   Qing: I just feel too light with blue sky and white clouds in illustrations. I prefer natural decorations with life breath and symbolic meaning, such as flowers, leaves and so on.   Read: Then you can change it. There are some flowers and leaves.. (‘ the cool breeze and the bright moon” change the blue sky and white clouds into a bunch of leaves’ ) Qing: do you think this is good and beautiful?   Reading: I think so: Beauty is both a natural giving and a subjective recognition. In the end, it is a question of’ beauty’ and’ aesthetics’. You live in a world full of beauty every day. What is ” beauty” in your mind?   Qing: ” Beauty” is a high-level knowledge. A mediocre person like you and me doesn’t even have the ability to ” arty” and is not qualified to talk about beauty. However, on the other hand, the’ world of beauty’ we are facing is not narrower than that of Baumgarten’s time. Our lack of knowledge does not mean that we have no opinion. It should be that he has his high opinion. I have my common opinion: beauty is natural and comfortable in my opinion, and aesthetics is to enjoy pleasure and cultivate temperament..   Read: Can you give some examples?   Qing: That’s wonderful. For example, the illustration I changed shows that the branches and leaves are full of dew and the green is gradually tender, giving people a feeling of infinite vitality and beauty. The small traffic volunteer in the street is helping the old man cross the street, giving people a sense of civilization and harmony, and it is also very beautiful … Ah and’ beauty’ and’ not only’ things’, but also widely exists in the field of consciousness, such as’ when those red berries come in springtime and flushing on your southland branches’? take home an armful, for my sake, as a symbol of our love” is a kind of beauty; ‘ thousands of hammers hit the mountains, if the fire burns lightly; It is also a kind of beauty – the former is poignant beauty. The latter is strong.   Read: So, what do you think of the existence of beauty?   Qing: As you said earlier, beauty is both objective existence and subjective recognition. Besides, I think beauty is closely related to the environment of the times: ancient beauty may not be beautiful now. The beautiful place here may be ugly. I once watched TV and saw an unacceptably dark ” girl” dancing Latin while twisting her waist and hips. I thought it was nothing more than an ordinary ” Bantu nigro”. But I didn’t know that she was an intercontinental beauty pageant champion.!   Read: Ha ha, your supplement is very precise! Let’s discuss another topic – ” The heart of beauty, everyone has it” – ” How do you see the form of beauty realization?   Qing: I think the realization of beauty is a combination of appearance and connotation, only the beauty of appearance is unattractive.   Read: Try to give examples.   Qing: For example, there are many fashionable girls who look beautiful, but when they talk, they show up without cultivation or culture. Some people are plain in appearance, but their manners and manners reveal elegance and education. They are decent and easy, not affected, and make people feel comfortable and want to get close to … Ah read: Yes, women like Zhang Xianmei, and many people confuse’ Zhang Xianmei’s personality’ with’ Zhang Xianmei’s lipstick’, which is actually a big mistake.! Dressing up only complements the ” extension of beauty”, while ” inner taste” may need to read a lot of books and experience a lot of social life, even this is still not possible – because the Tang Dynasty was plump and beautiful, the Qing Dynasty was beautiful, and modern times were thin and beautiful. In a word, there are different standards for beauty in different places and times, and it is conceivable or even impossible to perfect ” such beauty.”.   Qing: So, beauty’ difficulty’ is so big!   Read: Yes, in the development of human society, the formation of the proposition ” beauty” may be the earliest, but the ” perfect answer” of this proposition has not even been – of course, it does not affect people’s pursuit and exploration of ” beauty”.   Qing: Yes, ” Mei” is an extremely troublesome problem, and I have my own experience: a person went to the store to buy a skirt and clinched a deal in 10 minutes. Two people to go, have to pick about 90 minutes; If more than three people go, it can only be’ to go on the spur of the moment, to be disappointed’.   Read: Exactly. The crow thought he was ugly and begged God: ” I would exchange all the virtues of my body for a beautiful appearance.”. ‘ God replied, ” What I gave you is really the most beautiful, but I forgot to teach mankind what beauty is.”! Qing: Ha ha!   Read: This is ironic for human beings who flaunt deep understanding of ” beauty” day and night, or ignore the four directions and keep an eye on fashion and fashion all day long..   Qing: Yes, since no one has put an accurate ” beauty” in front of us, can we learn from the ” screening method” in number theory to ” involve beauty” and ” approach beauty”?   Read: Of course! For example, we know that there is no’ perfect’ beauty in the world so far, so we can say that’ gold is not enough red, and people are not perfect’ such’ lack of beauty’ is’ beauty’, and it is precisely this’ beauty’ that appears more attractive.!   Qing: I believe that beauty needs’ no beauty’ to set off. It is said that in the era of Zola and Picasso, when classicism prevailed in Europe in the 19th century, France was very popular with the ” companion”: a rich wife who paid a lot of money to hire one of the ugliest people to wear his arm and parade around the city, really a beautiful city landscape.   Read: After that, the ” alternative” was born in our Chinese language. Ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha.! – Therefore, there are no’ not beautiful’ people, even those who are not qualified to talk about beauty!   Qing: Yes!   Read: The’ contrast’ mentioned earlier is beauty, but symmetry is also beauty, and I think it is the main tone of life: blind people and blind people fall in love, and neither of them feels blind to the other, so is mute. A general is reluctant to betroth his daughter to an ordinary soldier. He always wants to marry her to a noble family. This is the truth of the so-called ” door to door” policy..   Qing: Ha ha, straightforward and reasonable.   Reading: In addition, the expression style of beauty is also complex and diverse: Asmeralda is beautiful, quasimodo is also beautiful, one is beautiful in appearance, one is beautiful in heart … Ah, there are strong beauty, solemn and stirring beauty, weak beauty, etc.   Qing: Yes! In the face of such complexity of beauty, we can only deal with these conflicting ” existence of beauty” from a variety of aesthetic perspectives, right?   Read: Yes, but there is also a yardstick for accepting beauty to an individual: I am not willing to accept Asmeralda’s unattractive heart or quasimodo’s unattractive appearance.. Social activities, people and people all want to communicate harmoniously, ” aesthetic feeling” is the foundation. However, the feeling of ” beauty” is very different from that of people. It is not realistic to exchange my aesthetic feeling with your aesthetic feeling.. I feel that beauty is not so much a harmony as a recognition of their own aesthetic requirements. Didn’t you also say ” beauty is nature and comfort”.I believe you are reluctant to face a man who is learned, lame and has a big eye and a small eye, although you can’t see a real person online..   Qing: What you said seems absolutely definite. Beauty has both visual and spiritual feelings. Only when it is combined into one can one feel no regret. But real perfection is rare, just like the mole on a beauty’s face, ” imperfection” is also beautiful..   Read: This is just as we talk about beauty: there are celebrities and authorities talking loudly there, and we can’t see who is more advanced than who. As a result, the image of all the people immediately looked very dignified and tall.!   Qing: Yes, there is still a comparison between our ” thus” proposition: Goldbach’s conjecture, proved by Norwegian mathematician Brown ( 9 + 9 ), and the result of our further calculation is 9 + 9 = 18; Chinese mathematician Chen Jingrun proved ( 2 + 1 ) that the answer we blurted out directly was 3, is it severe, haha!   The first draft was held in Hengshui, Hebei Province, in the summer of 2003

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