‘ One’ and Life

‘ A”, a very simple stroke, even illiterate people can flick it between their fingers.. In the dictionary,’ one’ is a numeral, which means very little and very simple. Only when it is used together with quantifiers can it form a complete meaning. ‘ One”, it seems, is insignificant and ubiquitous in life, even insignificant and insignificant.. No one will pay any attention to this ” one” or this few ” one”. Only when it is needed will it come and play independently, as if this’ one’ is so casual and simple and so easy to get.. Those words like ” tens of thousands, hundreds, Qian Qian’s millions, Qian Qian’s millions” are so ostentatious, so flamboyant, so important, and so mighty. It is said that the journey of thousands of miles began with the first step, and the figures that make up Qian Qian’s millions, millions of Qian Qian, and even larger to the limit, did it not start with ” one”? Then how can anyone ignore this small ” one”?   I can’t remember who said to me: Divide an object by an unlimited number of times until it becomes zero when it can no longer be divided. Is this statement correct? Even if you can’t split it again, after all, the last split object still exists? It is also an indispensable part? How can it be reduced to zero? How can we ignore the immeasurable? If you insist on this statement, it must be in which link something went wrong, otherwise how can you go to zero? That one and zero are definitely not the same thing, but the essential difference between being and not being and being in disappearance..   In the boring figures, imagine, unconsciously draw out the curtain of the past, memories. Once in the loneliness and pain, I silently counted the cold and cold, and the magic time like fireworks always touched the beauty of the pain.. Yun Qi clouds fall in the sky and an all-consuming love’s dribs and drabs always implicate a lot of ” one” and are hard to forget. The filar silk pain is unforgettable and lingering.. No matter how the years change, no matter how the world changes, no matter how many times change, the ” one” will never be changed and ” one” will never be changed.. Time is silent and love is affectionate. I often think that the feeling of warm heart is like a grain of sand held in the mussel’s body. After the polishing of time and years, it absorbs the nutrition of life and the brilliance of the years, and gradually becomes a bright pearl with a round halo of color, crystal clear, pure white jade and fresh eyes.. Perhaps at a certain time and in a certain process, it is the warmest and most beautiful amazing moment in life. Wash the years and fold the old worries. The ” one” was so bright and bright that it was difficult to let go of it. It lived in the heart, carved into the memory, could not die out, and was rich for many years..   Remember that January of that year, that January day, is also this warm and beautiful spring. My sister took my hand and chased butterflies and played Yuan Ye on the wheat ridge. The jasmine flower of Huang Cancan stopped in Yuan Ye to show its charming delicate and charming beauty and make people feel the spring scenery is endless.. On that day, my sister broke off the willow branches for me and made a beautiful willow flute. Sister used this bitter willow flute with fragrance to play happy music for me. I was so naive and childlike.. In my young mind, I always believe that time is infinitely long and will not think of the changes of the world in the future. That January of that year, that January day, the water in the lake was so blue, I and my sister went into the water to catch tadpoles, accidentally sprained my foot, and my sister carried me home panting with her slender body. At that time, I felt my sister’s back was so warm and the time was so happy.. That January of that year, that January day, I stayed home late for fun, listening to my mother say that my sister and her parents had gone to other places, leaving me a top on the kang.. After hearing what Niang said, worried I quickly ran to my sister’s house, where the door was locked and people went to the house empty, without her sister’s charming face and her sister’s sight.. On that January of that year, that January day, I cried in a daze. Since then, I have not heard from my sister. The situation is so bleak and pathetic.. Therefore, in my mind, in my mind, this ” one” is connected with my sister and is deeply rooted. For many years, it has only been kept secret from the bottom of my heart, and it does not need to be remembered often, but will not be forgotten forever.. There can be several such ” one” in a person’s life? As long as you have experienced and owned it, it doesn’t matter whether you get it or not, it doesn’t matter whether you lose it or not. Life is like a spiritual practice, walking a road of mixed feelings of sorrow and joy.. But this ” one” will be deeply branded in the bottom of my heart. No matter how many passers-by will meet on the road of life in the future and how many will be fixed as eternal brushes, this ” one” will become the only one that can never be replaced or forgotten..   In fact,’ one’ is not simple, it can sum up the length of your life as’ one’. It can make you poor to ” one” and ” nothing”. It allows you to concentrate on ” one”, ” heart” and ” one”. It can torture you to death and life. It can make you rush to the ” one” position and get out of control. It can move you to the ” one” of life. It can make you succeed in ” one” and ” one”. She can make you coquettish to ” one” and ” branch of red apricot”. It can give you a taste of ” one” and ” blue sky”, and it can make you create ” one” and ” square hot soil.”. He can make you stick to the rule of ” one” and ” one”. It can let you and I slowly grow old to ” one” without looking back. One is very short and very long, life is also a lifetime, the sum of which is no more than 30,000 days. Life in the long river of history is an instant, which condenses all the time of life.Love ” and” one ” and” the world ” sing praises to love every second; Struggle” One” Life, eulogizing the positive outlook on life; Decadent” one” life, lost the value of life; Happiness’ One’ and’ Life’ show the vitality of life. The road of life is straight, just between the two points of life and death. ‘ I’ and life have an indissoluble bond, so’ I’ and body wrap around each other and accompany each other from beginning to end.. Perhaps, these are all my ingenious and far-fetched explanations. Ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha! A joke! I don’t know if you’ve seen Mo Xiaomi’s draft regulations on participating in the reading of pictures. One group of cartoons reads as follows: The first picture: surrounded by many luxurious villas, ” a” humble and small house.   The second picture: ” a” group of wild children, running frantically in the street, ” a” boy stood in the corner watching.   The third picture: in the dark attic full of spider webs, ” a” beam of sunlight comes in and looks in the mirror,” a” boy is looking at himself.   Picture 4: The boy was called to the blackboard by the teacher to make calculations. The boy wrote 2 plus 2 equals 22 on the blackboard. The teacher was surprised by the ” 1”.   Picture 5: The boy stood on the top of the mountain and looked at the world.   Picture 6: handsome’ one’ young man, wearing a doctor’s hat.   Picture 7: Church” One” Handsome Young Men and Beautiful Brides Exchanging Gifts.   The eighth picture: ” a” man sits in a spacious living room with a skylight, and the carpet is ” a” bear’s skin.   Picture 9: The big screen of the stock market shows the soaring stock price index, and people open champagne to congratulate the’ one’ man.   Picture 10: Brown Pavilion and seashore, a man with a protruding belly in a bathing suit was held right and left by two bikini beauties..   Picture 11: At the cocktail party, there were countless smiling faces and countless beautiful words, ” 1” Men were silent.   Picture 12: A large round table of meetings with subordinates sitting round and round, with a powerful’ one’ chairman sitting in the middle..   The twelve moments of brillant production and profound implication encompass a man’s life. This may be a life of struggle, a life of success, a long and short life. But are these really all the meanings the author wants to express? I can’t explain in detail either, because it was painted by French people and I can’t read the words next to it, so the explanation is rather abstract.   The second time I saw 12 pictures on the Internet, I did not fully understand the author’s intention of creating this picture until now after comparing them. When I saw the words next to it, I was really shocked. Let’s talk about it according to the 12 pictures..   The first picture: a small broken house – when I was a child, I lived in a big house.   The second picture: wild children in the streets – I never feel lonely.   The third picture: the boy looking in the mirror in the attic – I am very handsome.   The fourth picture: blackboard math problem – I am very smart.   Picture 5: Standing on the top of the mountain to look at the world – but one day I grew up.   Picture 6: wearing a doctor’s hat – I became stupid picture 7: church wedding – lying picture 8: carpet and luxurious living room with bearskin – vulgar picture 9: soaring stock prices – I am as poor as ten: bikini beauty on the seashore – no true love picture 11: cocktail party – no friends picture 12: white-haired chairman – I have thus ruined my life.   In the eyes of ordinary people,’ a’ a successful man fighting’,’ a’ life, in the end is destroyed’ a’ life? Perhaps only when he has ” one” and ” one” and ” group envy and success” and ” one” and ” life” can he appreciate the joys and sorrows of them. After carefully pondering, what have you lost in your struggle? What did you get? Only at this time can he be qualified to speak out the true meaning of life naked and to convince others.   Perhaps my article does not seem to have much to do with ” yi”, but in real life, ” yi” itself is closely related to life and lifeblood, ” yi” is closely related to people’s feelings and thinking, which is understandable and should not be blamed.. In fact, this ” one” word with a dry appearance has infinite secrets, and it is indeed very learned to study it carefully. Everything is the same, because when we interpret it attentively, we will have spirituality. If you feel it with your heart, you can realize what seems to be an irrelevant point of view. In autumn, people always feel that their hearts are out of balance and their thoughts are weightless, thus creating regrets and containing too many defects.. In fact, human life is a very simple ” one” word. Let’s paint this ” one” carefully in this colorful spring.!

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