Besides, sinking ships

News of the Titanic’s participation in the ” 3D” layout has been hotly debated. However, the movie ” cinema line” has not yet extended to my isolated town, and there seems to be no related public shared resources on the Internet. Besides, my family also does not have special equipment to watch the Three Dimension image. I want to see the Three Dimension’s wish to participate in the Titanic Regulations for the time being impossible to become a reality, but I can only get it when the drama comes out of the restrictions of ” cinema line” and freely enters the general public..     However, I have a local download and an online collection of ordinary versions of the Titanic Regulations. I have watched them many times over the years.. In today’s popular disaster blockbuster, the participation of disaster blockbusters in Titanic’s regulations is the best in the history of human films. The audience who watched the film can be said to be ” benevolent see benevolence” and ” wise see wisdom”. Some people admire the ups and downs, romantic wonders, unforgettable and faithful love in the film, others marvel at the grand and magnificent story scene and the incomparable ” king” bearing in the film, and some people say that life mentioned in the film is worth a chance success after a fight.. However, I think that apart from expressing the above-mentioned meanings, the basic intention of the film is to discuss and interpret the value and meaning of life in the broader context of life..     The artistic and cultural elements contained in the film are very rich.     The captain’s calm scientific reason and the ship builder’s personal will to pursue fame and fortune for commercial purposes; The confrontation of human nature behind the superficial phenomena of poverty and affluence; The contrast between vanity, ignorance, pretence and sincerity, courage and simplicity; The hypocritical concept of gate valve is quite different from the value of pure love. Mercy and ruthlessness are not comparable to life-oriented commitment and support for the beauty they love.. In this way, they are all important topics of life that can arouse people’s soul tremors.. Rather, the film has posed a series of profound questions to mankind itself from the perspective of philosophy of life, and because these questions are too advanced, it has triggered a human cultural phenomenon in which the inquisitor does not ask for answers and the inquisitor does not ask for answers..     In fact, the above-mentioned life problems are not new. For a long time, people have been discussing them in different ways. However, more often they may think only for thinking, or only in a virtual, hypothetical and pure theoretical level, which is a summary of the pure knowledge extracted from the life process and phenomena, rather than putting the above-mentioned problems on the general background of human common loneliness, disaster process and tragic fate for the ultimate and highest level of thinking..     Whether life should be material or spiritual? Or both? Or to some extent? If people make the limited length of human whole life virtually infinite, then what does human finally depend on to exist in the world? Or, what will ultimately support the existence of human material entities and spiritual attributes?     In view of this, the film focuses all problems on a major disaster event, which is not only a solid fact, but also a lofty philosophical implication widely contained outside the fact itself: all kinds of major disasters in human society are inevitable and human beings must actively respond to them.. But the question is how to deal with it? With what to deal with? On the other hand, it is only when mankind faces the ultimate disaster together that mankind can sublimate its existence as a material existence into the existence of lofty spiritual meaning. Only when mankind consciously abandons the encumbrance of material interests and the bondage of various additional interests can it truly return to the origin of the meaning of life, can it truly begin to understand the basic value of life, can it seriously begin to seek the final end-result of life, can it earnestly inquire into the true meaning of life, and can it scientifically and rationally settle life and even the future of mankind..     The film also tells us that lust is the eternal enemy of the noble spirit of mankind.. In the money concept and exchange system derived from selfish desires, human morality and conscience can be bought and sold. However, the film also tells us that although money transactions to satisfy selfish desires are likely to gain more power and opportunity to survive, they cannot acquire the joy and happiness of life in the true sense through buying and selling. Happiness and happiness are spiritual rather than material, that is, they cannot be achieved by money.. Some people may be able to avoid and escape the disaster scene they have suffered through the transaction of money and power, but he can never escape the questioning and questioning of conscience and morality again and again.. In the face of major disasters, more people do not have and cannot have enough’ lifeboats’ prepared in advance. objectively speaking, more people do not have the chance and possibility to escape from the disaster site and must’ die’, which seems to imply the absolute nature of the disaster that mankind will face..     At the threshold of this ultimate question, artists avoid talking or not talking directly because it is difficult to answer, but quickly shift people’s attention to various manifestations of human beings in the face of major disasters. In summary, all phenomena can be summarized as the most basic two points, one is self-help ( self – love ) by all means, and the other is rescue ( love ) by no means.. At the end of the day, it is still a question of moral choice and value choice, which involves what Mencius called ” sister – in – law drowning, aid by hand”, and points out that it is the instinct of human beings and the contingency of human nature, the consciousness of human nature, the automatic manifestation of human moral conscience, the natural compassion of human beings for the existence of life, the instinct of human beings, the instinct of thoughtless and unselfish choice.. If everyone in the world ” drowned” and ” Yu” and ” Jing” got hit, it would be everyone’s own danger and, of course, everyone would save himself, which is the normal expression of human nature. However, such a fact is already the time for ” drowning” and ” aid to the world”. The highlight and extraordinary performance of human nature is to save others voluntarily and without forgetting or ignoring the more dangerous situation of others, taking self-help as the premise and taking rescue as the product. This kind of behavior is the time for people’s lives to experience a common situation..     In this way, the film gives people an ending beyond the meaning of existence with the common spiritual values of mankind: only love can surpass matter, only love can surpass death, only love can awaken the true nature of life, only love can make life life, only love can make the future of mankind cordial and warm, and only love can hope for an attempt..     The fact that Jack, the hero in the film, is a civilian with nothing tells us that he is very poor in material terms, but he is also a painter with great potential and prospects. The fact tells us that he is extremely rich in spirit.. However, fate must let him live in the early days of a capitalist industrial society where money is paramount and people want to cross – flow.. The only thing he can rely on in other people’s face is his free life and the same free art. Therefore, it is not surprising that in him, gambling on the whole life actually happens every day.. In his numerous gambling games, he unexpectedly won a handful: some money and a ticket to go home, especially a ticket to go home. However, this ticket did not take him home, but let his life sink forever at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean with the sinking of the’ Titanic’. This seems to imply that the audience’s material life as a free artist is destined to drift endlessly with his artistic life.. What needs special attention is that he has left some fine works of art for the world. Besides the portable sketch book, there is also a specially painted sketch for Rose, which deserves special attention. This sketch is a painting of Jack’s life when he finds the ideal love, when his youth is stirring, his emotion is focused, his soul awakens and his consciousness is excited. Finally, the painter has made the most touching interpretation of this emotion with his own life and fulfilled his promise of love..     Besides, the heroine Rose. Because of the chance encounter, she saw a free life from Jack, a free and unfettered life and a happy heart. Of course, she also got a true love that touched the soul.. In a sense, Rose also gambled on her life. When she finally made the bold decision of ” I changed my mind”, she had resolutely thrown away the empty shell without practical significance and value, hypocritical and almost dead noble identity and was willing to become a civilian. The biggest purpose of her doing so was to gain physical and spiritual freedom, which is the fresh starting point from which she began to move her life towards freedom and reality.. Especially when the ship began to sink and everyone’s life was at stake, for love, she gave up the last chance to escape by boat and preferred to be with someone who really loved her, and the end was doomed not to survive ( although she was lucky to live, it was also after Jack replaced Rose’s life with his own )!     At this point, when our souls begin to shake violently and start to ache violently again, the question that leapt into our minds is still: why are we alive? How should we live?     For today’s people, these questions seem particularly interesting ( I didn’t say they are particularly important )! ) ). When we were at the height of the disaster, did we have the courage to say ” you jump, I jump” to our dear people and to do nothing for the people we love?? When we face the choice of life, will we abandon all the shackles of fame and fortune and even life to devote ourselves to the joy and happiness of natural and simple humanity for the sake of true love’s decision of ” I changed my mind”? When we face the choice of moral conscience and financial interests, is our soul numb or painful? Will we resolutely and unequivocally choose the former?    When we are exposed to emotional confusion and rational fanaticism, is it necessary for us to rediscover the classics of human spiritual civilization from those serious arts that represent major themes? Do some of our TV stations and some TV people want to restrain those vulgar entertainment programs that are only aimed at the audience rating?? What kind of precious spiritual food did the ” hot air” program bring to the youth and society by beating, laughing, crying and making noise.? Some ” literature and art” works that wantonly promote violence, pornography, crossing, black and evil, tactics, calculation and so on are people’s spiritual stimulant or poison? We can also ask this question: Do people have to indulge in debauchery after their material life is full?? Do you think the most luxurious and vulgar things can be called ” living happily” and only in this way is ” life”? How many people will ” you jump, I jump” so recklessly once such a national encounters a more serious disaster?? After that, how many ” I changed my mind” were decisively made in order to choose the moral conscience of mankind??     Our society is like a big ship. By rights, there should be no self-righteous ship developer, no arrogant, arrogant, hypocritical, selfish, greedy and vicious ” aristocrat” on the ship. There should be no captain who wanted to act calmly but could not act calmly, but there should be someone who dares to break through the barriers of family status and love Jack and Rose boldly. However, even if there are, we can’t know how many.. We also have to care about whether our’ boat’ is strong enough,’ rudder’ is big enough, and whether the’ voyage’ in the future will meet the unexpected’ iceberg”,’, and we are still complacent about’ full speed ahead’?     As a visual art film, the difference between the ordinary version and the three dimensional version probably lies in the amount of high-tech means involved, no matter how high the simulation level is, how good the virtual animation effect is, no matter how immersive the audience feels, but it is all about mobilizing people’s sensory organs to play their maximum perception function, and it is only a more intensified virtual effect and can never replace the real life situation.. The philosophy of life contained in the film will not change with the improvement of technical level, just as Lin Daiyu changed from a plain dress to a Chinese dress, no matter how beautiful and gorgeous the Chinese dress is, but it is still Lin Daiyu wrapped in the dress and will not become Zhang Fei or Diaochan.. Of course, the intervention of high-tech means is not to blame. The development of science and technology can enable people to’ personally’ experience all kinds of mysterious and thrilling scenes in cinemas without actually experiencing the ultimate disasters such as sinking ships, glaciers, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.. However, no matter how the visual art changes, the cultural elements and spiritual implications contained in it will never change and should be strengthened.     The pursuit of sensory stimulation has become a daily trend, but the hot trend will eventually cool down. As the impetuous wind cools down, the crystal should still be the thinking about the meaning of life and the continuation of the human spirit of great beauty and goodness, and should still be the improvement of personal moral quality and social public moral level. Perhaps the original intention of artists who created the Three Dimension artwork should still be this, which seems to be extremely important. As for the Three Dimension movie itself, it is not too late to see it again later..     2012 – 4 – 17

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