Don’t forget to smile

Look at other people’s calm and calm face, oneself also feel safe and calm; Looking at other people’s smiling faces, they feel that they are really happy living in love and happiness. Even if there are hardships, even if there are seven disasters and eight difficulties, they can be completely diluted by love and happiness. If you look at someone else’s painful face, compassion will also arise. If someone else’s pain rises to suffering, those with conscience will have a sense of responsibility..     These completely different faces look like different kinds of flowers blooming in the life of the world. All flowers will not upset people, let alone anger and resentment in life.. As for the exaggerated smiling face, it may sometimes lead to jealousy. However, wherever there is jealousy, there must be unquestionable excellence and beauty.. Therefore, a jealous face is naturally abnormal, not very cute and not good – looking. However, because this face is associated with excellence and beauty, it can also be forgiven by others. Others can regard it as dramatic abnormality or comic humor, and exaggerated smiling faces that lead to jealousy are not to blame..     The complexity of human faces is endless.     Strange to say, it is often not a heartfelt smiling face but an angry face that has a great impact on the surrounding environment and the crowd.. If the facial features with different emotional signs can cause relaxation and deformation of facial muscles to different degrees, the chain reaction caused by one angry face is the strongest, and the facial deformation caused by other facial features can be counted as harmonious, but the angry face is being destroyed and its face is askew, like sudden convulsions, all facial features are deformed and displaced, and serious facial features can also make people feel mismatched.. The angry face is distorted and deformed, and it is just enough. Unfortunately, the infectious effect of the angry face is also outstanding.. Imagine that a person suddenly raised his face with a straight face and raised his eyes to others with a flushed face. All the muscles on his face suddenly gathered in an emergency, all arranged horizontally and stacked vertically in a blink of an eye. Coupled with the tone sandhi of his voice and the increase of his voice volume, the people around him will involuntarily tense up, and his expression will immediately become serious and gloomy until his face is all set up, his eyes glazed and his expression frozen, as if a group of sculptures of victims were also like a tense battlefield. Everyone is secretly rapidly accumulating strength to prepare to fight, and the war is kindled from his heart and the air-conditioning reverberates in the crowd.. Perhaps, the global arms race that troubles mankind’s cause of peace and development came into being under such circumstances.     The ugliest is the angry face on the podium.     Everyone has a reason to be angry and the right to be angry. Similarly, people should also have specific objects of life and specific environments. After all, the one who didn’t do a good job was someone else, the one who didn’t observe discipline was someone else, the one who didn’t pay attention to the public image was someone else, the one who’ held a meeting’ at the meeting was someone else, and the one who did things outside of work during working hours was, after all, someone else. When these things happened, the leader was of course very angry.. By rights, it is all right to choose the right time and occasion, criticize and educate these ” individuals” and instruct them to change their previous non-serious work, strengthen team awareness, strengthen cooperation awareness, pay attention to interpersonal relationships and public image. However, the leaders have to take these things to the meeting to say, which is puzzling at first.. Let’s just say, how many ways of speaking can be described. People on the stage don’t choose either way. He just chose to get angry at the meeting. People on the stage first let their emotions and reason out of control at the same time. Once these two things are indulged, they are like wild horses running out of control, with one mind missing, without cultivation, with one face changing and the other boasting. Therefore, the mistakes made by a few people have left most people to bear the consequences.. Everyone was in danger, the whole house was filled with resentment, cohesion and collective self-esteem suddenly disappeared, and the corresponding other negative emotions began to flood like a flood.     From a reasonable point of view, things that are not satisfactory are inevitable, but the way to deal with them can be chosen. What keeps the meeting order is the professional standard, the spiritual contract of the group, the core values that a team pursues together, the self-discipline of the legitimate identity concept and the heteronomy of the sense of responsibility, the common embodiment of the public morality of each participant, and the active maintenance of each person’s public image. There is no compulsion, rigour and harshness in the legal sense, no virtual stage performance, no firm adherence in the sense of commercial interests, and the above concepts and actions should be respected as necessary on specific occasions.. However, once the people on the stage get angry, all this will lose its meaning immediately, and a group full of humanistic spirit will suffer a spiritual disaster and massacre immediately.. Think about it, the person who brought this disaster to everyone relies on only the power he has. His purpose in doing so is only to test the reliability of power and enhance the deterrence of power. His words and deeds are clear hints to everyone. What he reminds everyone is not his personality charm as a team organizer and leader. On the contrary, what he shows is the weakness and ugliness of human nature.. In addition to his inner emptiness, his ignorance and his low self – cultivation, his behavior can no longer explain anything else.     It is impotent for a person to get angry with a person, ignorant for a person to get angry with a group of people, and savage for a person to get angry on the stage..     It can be inferred as follows: suppose an ordinary person who does not have the attribute of power is allowed to go to the podium, if he is angry about something present, can he get angry on the podium? No, once his role changes, his anger will dissipate and he will be replaced by calm, tolerance and silence. If he has to get angry, he must not be on the stage, because he still holds the basic concept of identity, and he is extremely clear about his situation.. However, for a man who is used to being angry with everyone on the stage, many advantages of human nature have been completely discarded, and his human nature has changed, at least at that moment. People who are used to getting angry on the stage, he himself hides behind a straight face, shaking with his inner emptiness and fear..     The truth contained in this is actually very simple. Like the physical world of nature, the spiritual world of man has reactive forces when it has reactive forces.. The people on the stage think that they are performing their duties in good faith. At most, the people under the stage think that he is just casting a splash, which is no different from scolding the street.. Because the people who scold the street are cursing in broad terms, or cursing at the same time, it is because he did not dare to face the specific object and facts that he chose this broad and cursing way to vent his anger. To put it bluntly, his heart is very weak and weak, and he is afraid of it.. The people who scold the street have hurt many neighbors and neighbors, and everyone has become the object of criticism. Of course, everyone should hate him.. In the same way, the angry man on the stage hurt all the people under the stage, but also seriously hurt himself. His life situation is conceivable. He is already in the midst of multiple human disasters. So, what is the power he relied on when he became powerful?? Power cannot save the whole defeat, nor can power save his own soul, nor can power win people’s understanding and love, nor can power strengthen his personality charm. On the contrary, he was angry again and again on the stage and exposed his ignorance and incompetence again and again.. In him, the bright colors of the beauty of human nature gradually peel off from him, leaving only the skeleton of ugly human nature in the end. His internal and external image is becoming more and more out of place with his ” stage”, his personal dignity is diminishing with each passing day, and his power is becoming more and more abstract and empty..     This is the ugliest face in the world.     Mr. Hu Shizhi once said, ” The worst thing in the world is an angry face, and the worst thing in the world is to show the angry face to others.”. After thirty years of teaching, I was amazed to find that the most horrible face in the world is the angry face on the platform.     This is another dark corner of human nature that I discovered. This is the place where human reason seriously collapses..     For the time being, we can not count the reasons why the teachers are so angry with the students. We can assume that these reasons exist objectively and are valid in human nature. Our focus is to talk about the negative consequences of this dark corner of human nature..     There is no regular room, no clear rule, and the classroom will hear yelling, questioning, tearing paper, doors and frames banging violently and sharply, pleadings, whining, crying … ah, no matter from the aspects of teachers’ professional ethics or children’s growth environment, these sounds should not be heard in the classroom, but the actual situation is that these things happen from time to time..     The teacher’s anger at the students on the platform is far more lethal and widespread than the anger of the people on the platform, because there are a large number of minors under the platform, and they are a group of vulnerable groups without any life experience, enough psychological endurance and basic self-help and self-protection ability in their hearts.. When teachers get angry on the stage, they have no choice but to continue to bear the fear in fear.. At this time, teachers who get angry on the platform are extremely scary, and what the teacher’s actions leave children’s memories of life is far-reaching hatefulness based on terror..     As far as the angry teacher is concerned, he appears to be more childish and ignorant than the children below.. This leads to a paradox of human nature: the people on the stage are more naive and ignorant than those on the stage, but the people on the stage are teaching for the people on the stage.!    Teachers are the group most in need of anger control, and teachers are the profession most in need of anger control..     A child has been growing up in a friendly and pleasant environment for several years in a row, but a sudden burst of fire by a teacher in the classroom may immediately lead the child’s mind and spirit astray from the normal track of their original operation, or, like a normally growing young tree suddenly suffering an unexpected severe frost and failing to recover, the teacher’s bad behavior may cause the child to suffer a fatal disaster related to the fate of life..     Teachers, stop your anger. Once you start to get angry with your students, you will enter a completely different boxing in two heavyweight categories. You may be a good general, but when you get angry, your opponents don’t know how to fight and are unarmed.!     Ignorance is the imaginary protection of the weak against their own incompetence, and it is the deceptive expansion of the ignorant against their own emptiness and weakness..     At a meeting one day, someone on the stage was angry with everyone for a long time, because some routine work in the unit did not rank first in the annual appraisal. This fire is really unreasonable and unnecessary. From a reasonable point of view, there are such appraisals every year. If only the legal representative of the unit at the top is eligible to laugh, then the legal representative of all other units not at the top should cry, because not at the top is, after all, a disgrace. When a person is humiliated, how can he shine his light on his colleagues?? Shame and sorrow, sorrow and tears, is reasonable. According to this logical reasoning, the smiling faces in this world are still too few and too few after all, but in fact, most people are happy to smile.. People who know honor and disgrace by people and are not qualified to smile are unwilling to cry. Instead of crying, they want to get angry and want to save face and dignity by getting angry. Such ideas and practices can no longer be called illogical, they can simply be called bullying.. Bullying also has two kinds of situations. One is that it may represent real inner strength, have enough ability and grasp to make one’s work performance top every year and make one laugh every year. There is only one way to go, that is, to be the ” king of beasts”. However, in a society of people and an era of fair competition, no one can be the ” beast” big MAC, enjoying spring scenery alone and laughing alone. That is impossible. Besides, there are many reasons for the differences in work performance and so on. It is selfish, cruel and ignorant to blame others for poor performance.. The other is that bullying may represent just the opposite of strength, such as being poor in skills, in trouble and in danger of life, and rushing to roar and give yourself courage, but in the final analysis it does not help. Such anger can not explain anything other than proving incompetence..     A truly powerful person in his heart must hold the same important magic weapon that is readily available in all things, that is, to uphold a tolerant heart and always give people a modest and generous smiling face..     On the way to life, don’t forget that you still have such a smiling face.     2011 – 10 – 25

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