Landscape along the way

The scenery along the way falls on the 18th of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, the sixty-sixth birthday of the mother. On the weekend, brother and sister made an appointment to return to their hometown to celebrate the old man’s birthday..     On Saturday morning, the car arrived in Zichuan and Fang Zhihong ‘e Highway was renovated. But had to detour. It is said that the mileage is more than half. My daughter, who has always been carsick, is most afraid of the long journey, and she looks sad and groans bitterly on the road.. I like the scenery along the way, comfort her by the way, and take a summer vacation trip with you!     So, out of the city, through the Kunlun Mountains, into the Xihe River. The terrain gradually presents a hilly area, with crops such as corn and sorghum occasionally seen on the circular hills, and the scenery is no different, but kosi pancakes on both sides of the road are everywhere. At this moment, the driver turned on the stereo and the music filled the car at that time.. It is the current popular regulation to participate in two butterflies. Although singing’ Go through the jungle to see the little brook”, after all, it is not as good as America’s country music to participate in the homecoming regulations.. If accompanied by saxophone’s beautiful melody, this trip home will be even better!     While listening to music, I watched the chubby hill shaped like a big steamed bun move forward, and soon it was Dongping Town. The mountain rises gradually, and there are more national locust trees and loblolly trees along the road.. In the farmland next to the highway, poplar and corn live next to each other, although they are common varieties, after all, they add a little greenery and feel better gradually..     Is enjoying the eyeful of green, suddenly a corner, a castle peak highlights in front of me. Surrounded by emerald green cypress, it stands suddenly. Two temples are faintly visible on the top of the mountain, and the red wall is opposite to the castle peak. I wondered in my heart that I did not know He Shan, and suddenly I saw a big book with road signs on the tree beside the road,’ Mencius Villa’. So I think this is Meng Zishan. Meng Zishan in Dongping, a long time ago, did not expect to pay his respects in this way. It is indeed an unexpected pleasure..     Reluctantly drove past, turned around to bid farewell to mengzi mountain and soon entered zihe town. The name of Zihe River has been changed in recent years and has been called ” Oral Village”. Zihe River is a pure mountain area. It is not surprising that the mountains are getting higher and higher, and from time to time there are towering peaks running over them.. Because what I am looking forward to in my heart is the heroic Ma ‘anshan. The shape of the mountain has long been printed in my mind. I keep searching through the window. When I turned a village, I felt a quiver, but when I saw a horse holding its head high, I knew this was the Hero Mountain. At that time, it seemed as if the steeds were still squawking, and the heroic feat of killing the Japanese invaders appeared in my mind, and I vaguely heard the unyielding roar of the strong men as they jumped off the cliff.! Ma ‘anshan stands tall, and around the mountain, it is also a strange peak and dangerous sceneries, like a sword, stabbing the sky.. The heroic spirit endures the heroic spectrum. Ma On Shan is a mountain of heroes!     Passing through the heroic land of Zihe River, I can’t help but feel proud in my heart. With excitement, Ma ‘anshan is moving forward, the mountains are getting greener and greener, the spirit of purges is fading away, and the charm and beauty are becoming dignified.. At this time has reached the source of Boshan District. The fountainhead was once the capital of Boshan district. Now is the town headquarters. The beautiful Erlang Mountain was the first to meet us.. It suddenly appeared in front of the car and caught you off guard. The surprise to you is definitely its beautiful scenery. The green, lush side of the cliff is just right in front of your eyes, making people unable to respond.. I didn’t understand that this is Erlang Mountain until I slowly moved forward with the car, the overall shape of the mountain appeared and the temple on the top of the mountain came into view.. The car passed quickly and couldn’t help looking back at it. Since I left last year, I have met again and vaguely met my friends. I feel very cordial..     Look along the cableway at the top of the mountain and come all the way to Qinglongshan. Looking closely at the rocks, pits and holes, it is exquisitely carved and seems to imply karst landform near you. Looking across the mountainside, it was Kaiyuan cave entrance.At a glance, he was too busy to visit. He drove along the right side of the mountain with his car. The road left a row of mountains, the trees above the cliff covered with trees, and the mountain walls were hidden among them. The villagers scattered among them, and the chickens and dogs heard each other and became a paradise.. From time to time, the mountain passes through a bay of beautiful water, blue and bright. This is the eye of the mountain. It is looking at the distant Lushan Mountain through the cornfields … Ah, so I know the pond is here.. The fields in Shan Ye are full of purple and blue flowers. Platycodon grandiflorum, as if it had become the soul of this land, otherwise how could the pool be called the hometown of platycodon grandiflorum? When I came here, the trees became obviously dense, and through the gap between the trees, I occasionally saw the villages covered with green trees and red tiles and white walls.. Approaching, the old locust tree beside the road is luxuriant in branches and leaves, though its trunk is empty and withered, it is showered with flowers and rain all the way. Golden acacia, falling on the old lady’s sparse gray hair, appears serene and serene. The old man in the shade, sitting cross, holding the crutch, is staging a Chu – Han war..     Passing through the village, the car turned into a narrow gravel road, and the population became increasingly sparse. Viewed from the window, the road side is a cliff, although the valley bottom is deep and deep, the terraces are layered and the crops and vegetables are unique.. On the roadside, an albizzia plant was blooming with purple flowers. At this time of year, the city’s tree of Albizzia has long been in flower thanks. It is the April wheatgrass in the world that the mountain temple hibiscus began to bloom..     Road winding to the top of the mountain, large areas of Robinia pseudoacacia, everywhere. At the top of the mountain, a dead tree stands out and looks at a stone tablet next to it. It turns out that this is Ziyu Ridge, the watershed between Zichuan and Boshan. Over this ridge is the border of Ezhuang. The top of the mountain was covered with sorghum, millet and yellow tobacco. Sorghum tassels, millet bends down, yellow smoke is holding a big hand like a cattail leaf fan. This is the southernmost tip of my hometown. It is my first time to arrive here. Looking to the northeast, it is as far as the ridge. Another highway is like a jade belt tied to the mountainside. The end of the jade belt is connected to Yiyuan Sancha.. This is the place I really want to go. I opened the window and greedy eyes wanted to close all the beautiful scenery. At this moment, a thunderstorm hit, heaven and earth were shrouded in a fog of rain, and the nearby Phoenix Mountain and yangshan were misty and enchanting.. I tried to breathe the moist but fresh air, walking along the mountain road on the east side of Ezhuang Falls, getting closer to my village … 10 minutes later, the car arrived at the front of the village. The rain stopped, the trees were green, and the top of the mountain was misty.. Daughter shouted, look, much like a place where gods live! Shouted and jumped out of the car and ran to meet the mother. But I didn’t forget to doubt that, hey, why didn’t I get carsick?     It seems that all things keep their normal state of mind and come to peace with peace of mind and peace of mind. There is no mountain of fire that cannot pass through..     Not only the road, everything is the same.

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