Cervical disease may be the best method of treatment of cervical spondylosis treatment with scraping

Most of them are now working in the office conducted a long-term action and neck, especially on the cervical spine is not good, prone to cervical spondylosis。
In the ordinary, except for the neck regular exercise can also be used traditional Chinese medicine to treat cervical disease Scrapping。 Next, small series to introduce what scraping method for the treatment of cervical spondylosis。 Location wiped: Chinese medicine, spine and chest, collarbone and upper and lower back, shoulder and arm two flank fever syndrome, the use of coins dipped in sesame oil scraper position in the treatment of meridian points, including the holographic point area。
Fever forehead of legs, the use of cotton yarn or twine blade dipped in the oil。 Large soft belly flesh of fever, use hand rub salt。
The wiping visible position involves forehead item back on the chest and abdomen lower limb body。
Wiping appliance: the thick skin, soft differences are based tools, muscle rich in fat, thin difference widowed, were selected hard and soft scraper, but also as a scraper finger。 Folk scraping porcelain class are often used, such as porcelain spoon bowl edge, side dishes, ceramic glass; metals such as copper, copper, silver, copper spoon。
And using the lubricant oil or other vegetable oils, water, wine, etc.。
Cervical spondylosis can also use the best way to treat Scrapping the treatment of cervical disease often use the scraping treatment prescription: Prescription: Points: divided into two groups; for the wind pool, shoulder well, Tianzhu, day cases, a large loom, Geshu shenshu Dazhui; 2 Quchi, missing, Hegu。 With the disease and with points: meridians closed block with cervical Jiaji Kunlun; sea of blood with blood stasis, with very spring Sanyinjiao; liver and kidney insufficiency with cervical Jiaji complete bone, too River, Taichong, Sanyinjiao。
Governing Law: Use Scraping。
First scrape set points, two groups Zaigua points are to appear until the fever marks。 Back a day。 Then scrape with the card plus Points。
Among them, very spring hole with pin prick "does not scratch)。 Medium intensity approach, a wider operating range。
Indications: cervical spondylosis。 Prescription 2: Points: on both sides of the spine, shoulder area, neck four?VII and thoracic?Its five sides, scapular area, shoulder area Kong, lateral neck region, elbow region, the arm front region, rear region of the arm, the arm and the arm outer region medial region, elbow region of the front side。
Governing Law: Scraping。 To both sides of the spine (from the cervical to caudal) scuffing three lines, shoulder area, lateral neck scuffing?Three lines are to appear until the flushing and scraping cervical four focus?And thoracic?On both sides of five lines and five to occur until the fever marks Zaigua scapular, scapular Kong, and the next front wiper arm, back, inside, outside region, elbow region, antecubital。
Efficacy: clinical, early cervical disease can take to more satisfactory clinical results, if treatment with massage, the better efficacy。
At the same time, the rise should be done every half an hour or shake neck motion, relieve neck muscles spasms, stress, sleep low pillow to use。
Usually not long-term neck postures。
Cervical disease can also be the best way to use the scraping treatment prescribed for the treatment of cervical spondylosis 3: Distribution Point: wind pool, Tianzhu, shoulders well, a large loom, day cases and shoulder and back, Geshu, Shenshu, Qu pool, missing, gu。
Governing Law: Use Scraping。
Sequentially wiping the skin area above points, to appear until the fever marks。
Back every day, moderate intensity approach。 Indications: cervical spondylosis。 Efficacy: repeated use are efficient, if with the massage, the effect will be better。 To avoid long bow neck flexion work。 Prescription 4: Points: divided into two groups: as Ashi (look for tenderness or positive reaction around the vertebra), 2 cervical four?Seven and both sides (including large-chiao points) and shoulder well。 Deficiency with Shenshu。
Governing Law: Use Scrapping and Cupping。 First group scraping point, heavy scratch marks to appear until the fever, then cupping and leaving cans _ ten fifteen minutes Zaigua two groups of points, moderate intensity approach。 Deficiency plus scratch with points (scuffing)。
Every three days back。
Ten back to courses。
Indications: cervical syndrome。

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