A letter addressed to his father

Father: As the saying goes, I miss my parents twice every holiday season. Indeed, I miss you even more at this time when the spring returns to the dragon and the snow dance opens and the Spring Festival is about to come..     The term’ father’ is familiar and unfamiliar to me. The so-called familiarity is a kind and familiar title. The so-called strangeness is a title I have never addressed from the heart and affectionately.. It is said that fathers love mountains. I have not only not experienced the feeling of mountains, but even the most intimate affection has not been tasted at all.. If it is because of his father’s death in his early years, it will be a great misfortune in life, and I will deeply mourn for it.. But my father has been living outside my path ( and better than me ). When I was ignorant, I envied the children around me to have a loving father who dotes on her and loves her, but I can only feel sad and sad alone.. Since I was a child, I have lived alone with my mother. I have no uncle, no brother, and I am living alone and hanging together like peas and carrots.. Walking alone. It was on this background that I tasted the firmness of life prematurely, shouldered the heavy burden of life and did my best to do some housework for my mother.. In the season of leaves falling, I went to collect firewood at dawn, climbed up the roof to sweep snow in the snowy winter, mowed grass in the hot summer, carried a heavy burden disproportionate to my age on the muddy road to carry water, and spent the haze of life with my mother, thus creating my strong, indomitable and indomitable spirit from an early age..     Father, please allow me to call this from the bottom of my heart. I don’t care why you are separated from your mother, but can our kinship be separated? But you did not do your duty of being a father, didn’t spend a penny on you, didn’t hear a warm word, didn’t get a bit of father’s love, didn’t you have a little compassion in your heart??     When the night is still and all is still, when I am wronged, when I am frustrated in life, my eyes will be filled with tears, and the first will silently think of you in my heart, how much I need your company and care! Left several times more tears than their peers! Imagine how many if, if there is a father’s company, if there is a father’s care, my life will be another world. I will never walk like a duckweed in a foreign land, limping along in a strange land..     Father, I miss you and hate you. There is a saying that only one man in a woman’s life really loves her. That is father, but I have not bathed in your care at all. This is the great sorrow of my life.. How many times have I met you in my dream, confided my grievances to you for many years, opened my heart to you for many years, and cried when I woke up. How much I want and how many times have I prayed for someone to hold up an oiled paper umbrella for me, to accompany each other, not to be lonely, and not to let the sadness continue.     After spring, autumn, winter, year after year, day after day, I grew up in the missing love, and gradually entered middle age, but left a lingering shadow in my heart. Now that you are in your old age, will you think of another daughter in this world when you are sleepless, how does this daughter live today, and do you feel like thinking new things every holiday season?. How are you now? I will bless you silently in my heart!     We are predestined friends in this life.     Happy spring to you!

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