An ordinary mother

There was a mother whose name was Chi Man Di, and she was an ordinary village woman with the same name as her own, full of local flavor and peach and plum fragrance.. Accurately speaking, she is my mother – in – law, the mother of my lover, the mother of simple and peaceful life, tough and hardworking, and kind nature, and an extremely ordinary mother..     My mother-in-law lives in the eastern suburb of Changcheng, a place called Wulipai, which, as the name implies, is only five miles from the county seat. Five miles north of the 206 national highway, south of Mianjiang river, Mianjiang river bank has a large area of flat and fertile land. In the middle of the dark land, there is a lush green shade, among which a small river meanders and gurgles into the Mianjiang River..     This land is called bazi, which is the vegetable base of huichang. it is full of green vegetables all the year round, all kinds and varieties. Mother – in – law spent most of her life on this vegetable farm.     My mother-in-law is a vegetable farmer. She likes growing vegetables very much. She planted four or five beds, about three or four acres.. She planted many varieties, including peanuts, soybeans, sweet potatoes, radishes, cabbage, green vegetables, eggplants, peppers and so on. In fact, these are far more than that, because those things have been forgotten for a long time. After all, my mother-in-law has been away from us for six years..     Six years ago, my mother-in-law died one afternoon. At that time, our family moved out of Ganzhou Development Zone, and my mother-in-law came down occasionally and lived in my uncle’s house in Golden Garden, close to each other.     After breakfast one day, my mother-in-law came to my store alone, and when she entered the door, she took out 600 yuan from her pocket and gave it to my lover because we had just bought a house. She saw a large tub of clothes at the door of the store, took a short bamboo chair, sat down, helped us wash it silently, and found a hoe, dug up a vegetable field near our store, and told us to order a variety of dishes and save some food money….. Before noon, she quietly walked back to her second uncle’s house, without warning, everything was as usual.     An hour later, two aunts ( my wife’s sister ) called in a hurry and told them in panic that my wife was in a hurry to send her mother-in-law to the hospital because she was unwell..     Twenty minutes later, I called and asked, crying all over the other end of the phone. My wife wailed, ” Mom can’t do it.”! When I arrived at the second aunt’s house, I saw my mother-in-law lying flat on the bed, quiet and peaceful, like sleeping. At that moment, I was sure that my mother-in-law really left. The busy life of the old man, at the moment, finally can rest for a while. She was seventy-six years old that year.     Later, I learned that my mother-in-law died of a myocardial infarction. She felt a lot of back pain before she died. She called Second Aunt to ” beat her back and rub her shoulders” and later lay down on the bed to rest. She left after more than ten minutes. Even the hospital ambulance did not wait..     The diagnosis of the disease was undoubtedly accurate, because her son, my brother-in-law came down that afternoon. He was the dean of Ruijin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and had been doing it for a decade or two..     My mother-in-law left without any worries, but the vegetable field in my hometown was deserted because there was no staff to manage it. My third brother-in-law is a village doctor and has opened a clinic, which is very busy for people to see a doctor..     My mother-in-law has raised ten children, four sons and six daughters in her life, not including the two who died prematurely. She is tall, strong and strong, and has a heavy family burden. She has cultivated her hardworking and hardworking character. Labor is a natural thing for her. She has never stopped working all her life, even after her life is better.     More than 20 years ago, she lost her husband, relying on the geographical advantage of the nearby suburbs and on a few green vegetable plots on bazi, she propped up the family and raised her children one by one..     The children are older, ” those who pounced on wait for a while” flew away like birds. Among them are government officials, businessmen and doctors. They are all very good except that I am a poor scholar..     My mother-in-law worked hard all her life, and each’ kite’ was sent out. What she harvested was a piece of missing and loneliness..     Every winter, my mother-in-law will also go to Ruijin to stay with my eldest son for a while, and most of the rest will stay in my hometown and live with my third son.. She is still planting vegetables, planting a few acres of land, can’t finish eating. Every morning, he hiked five miles and chose to sell in the city, almost every day. He grew up in his seventies and did not grow up until two years before his death..     In their village, the mother-in-law is a person who enjoys great respect.. She has no culture, because she is young and poor and has never set foot in the school gate, but she is praised by her daughter-in-law as a ” high – quality person.”. She treats people very peacefully, never blushing with folks, not to mention quarrels and so on. Usually, she prefers to bear silently, bearing too many and too many things..     At home, she undertakes most of the housework, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, sweeping the floor, collecting and drying in the sun.. In addition, they will also receive many visitors. They have a large family and a large number of guests. They are aunts, cousins, daughters and sons – in – law, and even nephews and nephews..     Frequent visitors have added excitement and joy to the family, but they have also brought heavy housework, such as boiling water and making tea, placing fruits, cooking snacks and buying wine and food..     Mother – in – law is a very polite and exquisite person. She does not allow any casual treatment of guests. The dishes and snacks are very rich, with more varieties, better taste, complete variety and meat and vegetable collocation.. There are also meatballs, fish cakes and so on, which are self – made, unique in flavor and much better in taste than those bought in the market, but it is undoubtedly tiring to do so, and it is mainly her own..     In the second year of my marriage, I was laid off, my home building was in debt, and my father was seriously ill and faced many difficulties.. At that time, in addition to the father’s salary, the rest of our family were very unstable, had limited sources of livelihood and had a very difficult life.. My mother was in a bad mood. My son was only one year old at that time, and there was no one in the family to bring him, so he had to send him to his mother – in – law’s house. Without saying anything, his mother-in-law was two months away.. During the two months, it coincided with the child learning to walk, walking and moving, falling easily and taking great pains.     One afternoon, I went to my mother-in-law’s house and her mother-in-law was bending over, holding the child’s small hand and walking slowly in the old hall.. At the moment, it was midsummer, the sunlight outside was bright and dazzling, the heat inside was unbearable, everyone was sleepy, but she didn’t say a word.     Mother – in – law is such a person, an ordinary mother. When she left, the green vegetable fields in her hometown disappeared.With tears in my eyes, I often think of the figure of her picking vegetables, still so tall and so big.     Sometimes, I can vaguely see my mother-in-law holding the child’s hand, bending her waist and walking slowly in her home room..     Looking back, my son is standing on his side, taller than me.     Author: Ganzhou Apeng ( formerly known as Wang Laiyou ) 13879736233,0797 – 8197264; Mailbox: 1613556467 @ QQ. Communications company; People from Huichang County, Jiangxi Province; Current residence: Ganzhou Development Zone; Work unit: Dapeng Commercial Bank; Member of Ganzhou Writers Association.

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