Brother, how are you?

Brother, how are you? My blood is thicker than water’s brother, my relatives, long time no see, are you all right?     You are the most educated of our sisters, your graduate medical university graduate student, and your job is also the best formal, ophthalmologist in the regional central hospital. However, you are now alone, renting a house alone, living a rough and difficult life without company, and there are still hundreds of thousands of bank loans to repay you, and the interest per year alone is more than 10,000 yuan.. Although you said it doesn’t matter, it will be over in over a year.     You are hardworking, honest and kind, with the simplicity and firmness of a mountain wretched man, you show filial piety to your parents and think of others everywhere, and treat our sisters even more cruelly, especially for me.. This excellent you, this has always been proud of you in our family. At the age of 40, your marriage turned on a red light unfortunately, but you and your sister-in-law were separated and deadlocked . Ah, remember that you once blamed me for not being sensible, married rashly without choice, and remembered that you had lofty ambitions and said you would be able to call the wind and rain in Ankang in ten years, and then you married your sister – in – law, you are a formal doctor in the central hospital, and your sister-in-law is a nurse in the central hospital. How enviable your union is, your sister-in-in-law is the only daughter, and the city dongba has a house and a hospital house.? Besides, he is willing to . ” Yes, as a father of military origin, he never dotes on you, but asks you more strictly..     Although you were born in a mountain village and grew up in a mountain village, your parents didn’t value men over women, but they let you eat more hardships, so you knew the hardships of life very early, so you knew precious little time, diligence and study very early, so you were admitted to Xi ‘an Medical University with excellent results, and you entered Ankang Central Hospital with your excellent knowledge and became a glorious doctor.. After you get married, you give your salary card to your sister – in – law. You usually use your own overtime pay. Have you been married for more than ten years?.     For ten years, you didn’t buy a house for yourself. Although many Yamalika who joined you in college bought a house in the city, you didn’t buy it. Instead, you added two floors to Dongba’s house, and then you were sent to graduate school by the hospital. You went to Chongqing for three years as a medical graduate student. Your father-in-law was ill last year and you asked for leave to take him to Beijing to see a doctor, but he finally died of illness. You were busy burying his ashes in the mountain green water show in your hometown in the countryside. Although you respected your father, you didn’t?     However, when you come back from graduate school this year, what is waiting for you is the red light of marriage. I don’t know what is the reason between you and your sister – in – law? Sister – in – law wants to divorce you. You look on the children’s face, but you can’t leave until one day when you go home, because the door locks and keys are all changed, and then you can’t even see the children’s face. In the face of this, you are completely dead, and you have to move out to rent a humble house by yourself. At this moment, Guangdong’s second sister needs money, and you have to pay back the money to the second sister, while you are penniless. You only have to go to the bank to repay the second sister’s money, and you have been in class for more than ten years, but owe it..     Once the love of husband and wife breaks away, it will be like an enemy and not even a friend. How sad.     Three elder sister argue for you, sister-in-law said her father’s death was three elder sister’s anger, claiming that three elder sister owed her family a life, how unreasonable slander and vexatious, now you are deadlocked, not reconciled, not divorced, you have finally frozen your salary, sister-in-law race has also dug and removed her father’s grave that has been buried in our hometown.. In the face of such a hopeless marriage, why don’t you hurry up and end it? Father hates you for not having manly courage. Our sisters have no choice but to worry. You don’t tell me much about you and your sister-in-law or the place where you rent a house. I only hear three elder sisters say it’s very humble and nothing. You have to worry about an air conditioner when it’s too hot in summer. Brother, you once blamed me for the unbearable state of marriage and didn’t expect you to be more miserable than me. I heard you had a cold the other day. It’s not good for about six or seven days. Brother, now you live alone. Please take care of yourself, brother, are you well with a cold?? Brother, are you all right?     You always worry about us, we don’t care about you, worry about you, now we are helpless in the face of your marriage, don’t know how to help you . ah brother, how are you?     Remember when I was a child, you always cared for us, afraid of who bullied us. We laugh together, play together, go to school together, sing together and weed in the fields . Ah, then go to high school, live in school, you and I are not in the same school, but you always walk more than 30 miles from home to get food for me, you hate me for disobedience and marry into a family with poor conditions..     Every Spring Festival, you bring gifts to visit my rental home. You are always afraid of bothering me and don’t even eat rice. You will hurry away after a while..     My son is near – sighted, and you are busy with his optometry without any charge. Relatives and friends who are ill in the hospital must find you trouble you. You always try your best without complaining..     When you know that I went to work in a foot washing city, you immediately sent your sister to quit my job for me. When you know that I went to see a stranger, you mercilessly and bitterly scolded me. You have too much heart for me.     During the festival, you asked me to take your mooncakes and gifts from others. Sometimes friends invite you to dinner and you don’t forget to bring me and the children a copy..     Brother, long time no see, how are you?     A person’s day, please take care of yourself and take good care of yourself.     Brother, how are you? In the new year, may you be safe, healthy, happy and happy! I wish you a happy marriage and a happy family as soon as possible. In the new year, I sincerely wish you find your own love and happiness as soon as possible … Ah, brother, how are you?? In winter, in the New Year and in the future, may you take care of yourself and take good care of yourself .

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