Eat fish

There are many kinds of fish: what freshwater fish, sea fish; What kind of deep-sea fish and shallow-sea fish do the sea fish separate from? Ah, with the development of modern medicine, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of diet to health! For the choice of meat food, the doctor will advise you: ” If you can eat 2 legs, you will not eat 4 legs; If you can eat without legs, you will not eat with legs ” . Therefore, fish rich in protein and low in fat and even some rich in unsaturated fatty acids have become more and more popular table food! People eat fish in a variety of ways. Steaming, braising in soy sauce, frying . Ah, each has its own characteristics, and you will all covet it. The famous squirrel fish and boiled fish on the dining table of the hotel have a good memory. But the most delicious fish in my memory was the fish soup stewed by my mother as a child! When I was a child, my family was in the forest farm. On the edge of the forest farm, there is a meandering muling river that winds its way through ding dong. Every summer, my father, who is also lively as a child, will take me and my sister, carrying a large tin bucket and a net made by my mother, to fish in the river.. Father is like a happy child, looking for the river near the shore in the shallow river, spreading the fishing net with both hands, sister carrying the bucket, I will run up the river and wade through the water from top to bottom to drive the fish into the net . ah hua river, like a continuous stroke, swarms of small fish will be caught in the fishing net when they are driven into the net . ah, it is often to catch a bucket of fish in the afternoon.!! At that time, in the muring river, which was still clear to the bottom, the net was full of small fishes such as loach and willow, the longest of which was only 5cm. When you get home, loach is not eaten and will become a delicacy for chickens in the yard.. Mother will tidy up the little fishes one by one: squeeze out the internal organs. The big ones are dried and fried in the future. Small, mother will make it into fish soup. Although small, the fish in the pristine environment and uncontaminated mountain may have its incomparable special natural flavor.! Fresh, mellow and incomparable! The smell of being a mother forever in my heart! The little fish in my hometown are small, and the thorns are naturally smaller and softer! So you don’t have to spit out thorns. It’s very convenient to eat. When I grow up, because I study and work outside, the fish I eat also become the common big fish.! The thorn is also naturally large! He has been an impetuous man since he was a child. Eating naturally is also a hothead! He swallowed the dates and did what he wanted. Always feel like eating quickly, and the taste will be better. As a result, when I grew up, I ate fish with large spines, and suddenly found that how to eat fish became a technical activity.?! The speed with which dates are swallowed up is naturally not suitable for eating fish with large spines.. After being shamefully stuck several times, he gradually became afraid of eating fish, especially in public places.. What can be avoided is avoided as much as possible. At the dinner table in the house, there are also very few fish.. However, in order to be healthy, fish will have to be chosen as the better meat food to supplement protein after a year without doubt.! Then choose! I have carried forward the spirit of’ favoring Tiger Mountain’ and changed my habits! Every time I eat fish, both of my family become Lei Feng, a united family, and nothing is difficult! Yeah, isn’t life the same?! People live in the world not because society adapts to you, but because you adapt to society! Perhaps the most difficult thing for a person is to change himself! ‘ Jiangshan is easy to change, but nature is hard to move.”! So, can change yourself, you, must be the king!

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