Father love mountains

Father’s life is very tortuous. Father’s career is very difficult, but it is brilliant. Although he did not do earth-shattering deeds, he was already very good in those days.. He had no culture but no knowledge of himself. He began to work as an accountant in the village at the age of 17… I have long wanted to write a text about my father, perhaps because of my laziness, or because I felt that my father had too many experiences and was afraid that his text could not write deep father’s love, so I did not start writing for a long time..   Father was born on August 6, 1936 in an extremely poor peasant family. The people were hungry and cold, and they didn’t live in peace..     After liberation in 1949, the poor had to turn over and beat the local tyrants and divide the fields. Grandpa and his father had food and clothing.. However, the days have just improved and grandparents have passed away in their old age. The children of the poor took charge early, and when they were 12 years old, their father shouldered the burden of raising a family of six..     Father has two sisters and two younger brothers, father is the third, elder sister Liang Xiang, is 82 years old this year, married to Cao Lin Zhu Jia, and is still alive. Second Sister Zhao Zai died of illness in her 40s. The elder brother passed on the peak and died at the age of 11 due to illness and lack of money for treatment. The second brother died in a fire caused by drunkenness in his 40s..     Grandpa had no money and his father only read private mats for half a year, but he was diligent and studious and self – taught. He began to serve as an accountant in the village at the age of 17 and soon joined the party. He was appointed party branch secretary of the village organizationally for 17 years. Since then, his father has been transferred to be an accountant and director of the handicraft industry club of Sheban enterprise before duizi. Later, he was transferred to Duizhiqian Middle School as a teaching director, and later transferred to Duizhiqian as a deputy director of township enterprises, director of agricultural machinery, opened a shop and worked as a buyer until he retired from township enterprises in 1999..     Father’s and mother’s life can be described as difficult and arduous, with nothing at all when they get married, starting from scratch and working hard, bringing up our four brothers and sisters with pay and hardships..     Father’s life is very tortuous. Father’s career is very difficult, but brilliant. Although he did not make earth-shattering deeds, he was already very good in those days.. He has no culture but has no knowledge of himself. He began to work as an accountant in the village at the age of 17, and was appointed secretary of the village party branch by the revolutionary committee. He worked hard step by step to improve his self-study and self-quality and became a good secretary who can write and speak.. Father is loyal to the Party’s cause, persistent in pursuit and conscientious in his work. He loves and does well in his work. He can adapt to his work at any time in any position, and he can do his job with integrity and true feelings for the people. Father’s life is relatively low – key, and his character is upright, strong and honest, and uncompromising. Father’s life was clean, clean – cut, public-private and never greedy. Father is indifferent to fame and wealth, attaches great importance to emotional justice, and often gives the benefits to others. He has repeatedly given his colleagues the opportunity to change jobs, and has given his colleagues and fellow countrymen a good chance to develop their lives. During the Cultural Revolution, his father’s integrity led to criticism from his peers and young people … Ah, in the Great Leap Forward era, when he was the party branch secretary in the village, he adhered to the truth of seeking truth from facts, persevered and did not engage in pomp and circumstance, so he was never promoted again..     Father’s character is very honest and frank, father’s mind is very broad, he treats fellow countrymen and friends with loyalty, friendship and enthusiasm, and he is fully responsible to the people by implementing the policy line of the party and government. He is magnanimous and selfless to his friends and comrades, is like a heart of gold, acts fairly and impartially, never engages in crooked ways, and has a spirit of selfless dedication..     Father’s will is very strong. He died of two diseases.. The first illness in 1984 was due to hard work in agricultural machinery, long journey on business, and’ intestinal obstruction’ in suichuan county People’s Hospital. At that time, medical and medical defects led to the deterioration of the illness, pancreatic necrosis and major surgery. After more than three months of treatment, the patient recovered and returned home. After a relapse in 1987, the patient underwent another major operation, which lasted more than 8 months and two operations. The attending physician issued two death notices and the mother cried into tears. I stood in front of my father’s bed and held firmly to his father’s hand and said to him, ” I will not leave you.”! Father believes his illness can be cured. After more than 8 months of treatment, father finally defeated death! My father’s strong will told me that people are not terrible when they are ill, and as long as they have the confidence to fight tenaciously with them, they will surely overcome the disease..     Father is very thrifty and does not pay attention to food and clothing. He wears shabby clothes all the year round. For the sake of the three brothers to live a good life, father and mother took pains to save food and clothing so that we can eat well and wear well..     Father loves mountain, father’s love for son is incomparable to all fathers in the world. Father is very strict with his children and does not like them. We have four siblings, each of whom has devoted a great deal of effort to the growth of his parents. Although he does not have enough to eat and wear, his father attaches great importance to our study and would rather work hard to bring up our three brothers.. He often teaches us to be dutiful. He often teaches us that money we shouldn’t use cannot be used, money we shouldn’t spend cannot be spent, we should abide by the law, be honest, do things firmly, and can’t fool around.. After working outside for a long time, my father didn’t see our brother’s face. He always wanted to call and ask about our life and work. Once he found something wrong, he would come from his hometown to the county seat to solve our problems.. Our sister and brother, no matter who is sick or what, always care about them and try every means to solve their problems and difficulties for us..     When I joined the police in March 1994, my father made stricter demands on me. He often asked me about my work and warned me to exercise caution in my power. He often taught me to work well, especially in handling letters and visits in the office and handling petitions from the masses. I should be fair and enthusiastic and should not make any mistakes. Ah, I remember my father’s words, I worked hard, worked hard and worked hard for more than ten years in the office. The letters and visits, secretaries and archives in charge have been advanced year after year. For three consecutive years, I have won advanced secretaries of the Jiangxi provincial public security system, advanced workers in public security propaganda and advanced individuals in letters and visits, and visits, and even set up two third-class jobs..     After his retirement, his father returned to the village, unwilling to be lonely, and opened a small shop at the bridge of melon seeds island, where he could live from hand to mouth, relax and raise sex, and do something good for the villagers. from then on, as long as there are big and small issues, disputes, quarrels and disputes in the village, he will always ask his father to come forward, and his father will always ask him to come to write pairs, entertain guests, come up with ideas and offer suggestions, and his father will not be pleased to serve the villagers selflessly..     My father spent his spare time in the shop and wanted to sell a power machine to cultivate his mood. The younger brother bought one for him when he knew it. He liked watching ancient costume operas and listening to Beijing opera, and he also took Hu Qin to court himself. Sometimes, his father wrote poems and words, practiced calligraphy, and wrote letters for the villagers.. Father is also very lonely sometimes. Whenever he feels lonely, he pulls up the erhu and relaxes his mood.. The older his father learned, the more he learned. He was not only proficient in ancient and modern Chinese, but also learned to see a doctor and practice medicine. His neighbors had a difficult disease or something. He could also observe the nature of the disease, ask, hear, cut and open an earthwork, and also cure many patients. Nevertheless, his father did not accept any money from the patients. As long as the patients were well, he would happily say to us that so-and-so’s disease is something I like with him, and it is still useful to learn some medicine.. Today, my father’s health is not as good as that of a year. He often suffers from soreness of the waist and back, but he seldom goes to see a doctor. He wrote a prescription or something from himself. It would be good to drink one or two posts of traditional Chinese medicine..     On August 6, 2005, my father was seventy-two years old. I took my father, mother and sister on a trip to Beijing. My father felt a lot about the trip to Beijing and wrote many poems and poems after returning. My father still remembers the trip to Beijing today..     All children in the world have fathers, and all the people in the world enjoy their father’s selfless love, but being a son can’t repay his father’s love like a mountain.. Therefore, when filial piety is in time, we should often go home and look after our parents while they are still alive, and show more love to them..     Father’s love, however, is far from enough for me to tell my father’s love with such stupid words. There are so many love words that can’t be said and expressed in any language. I said to my father: Wash away the past miserable years and sincerely wish my father better health as he lives.![ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

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