For 27 years, I was the happiest brother in the world

For 27 years, I was the happiest brother in the world. When I knocked down this sentence, my eyes were moist. Because these twenty-seven years contain a person who has paid too much and too much for me.   My sister has not read a book. A few days ago, I bought a fully automatic washing machine and called me and said, ” Bro, I bought a washing machine and it doesn’t work very well. You taught me how to use it.”. I taught my illiterate sister to use it on the phone. Afraid she wouldn’t, she found the model of the machine she said on the internet. Step by step, teach her how to operate on the phone. I feel very happy and can do something for my sister. It’s really good. In fact, my sister can find the people around her. But the first person she thought of was me. Not because of ability, but because she missed me.   My sister is such a person. Those who do not have self-interest dedicate their love to their loved ones and those around them. A great woman, what she did affected me. Teach me how to be a person.   In 1990, my mother left us. I left my sister at the age of six and me under the age of four. From then on, my sister’s fate has been doomed, that is, she will lose a lot for everything I have. Losing the chance to go to school, losing the happiness a girl deserves.   After my mother died, I was still a naughty child. The elder sister took on the responsibility of a mother. Her childhood and youth will all be dedicated to me.   That year, that year, not long after her mother died, her sister began cooking. Grandma later told me that her sister could not reach the chopping board of swimming noodles at that time. She stood on a small wooden stool and began to learn to knead noodles.. And I also turned over the stool several times, and my sister was also dropped several times. But she didn’t scold me, didn’t hit me, stood up to wash her hands, and then made dough. I often wonder what it is like for a girl to cook for her naughty brother at the age of six.. For many years, such a scene appeared in my dream. In front of a tall chopping board, a cute little girl with both hands on her face looked back at me with a smile.. Every time that dream appears, I must have tears on my face in the morning. Because that girl’s smile is the most beautiful in the world, because that girl loves me most.   When I was a little older, I went to school. At that time I can remember. Every time my sister stands at the village entrance and waits for me to go home, she will run up to me and take the dust off her body with a swearing smile as she looks at the dust in the village entrance path all my life.. Take off my schoolbag, open my book, look at the figures inside and ask me something. At that time, I was too ignorant. I answered her lazily and ran to play with others.. I know how much my sister wants to go to school. My father was still young, and he was a man of no sense.   Every winter morning, snow covers the courtyard outside. I will sit by the window and draw horses or small trees. Sometimes I paint my sister sweeping snow in the yard.   My sister always said, ” no”. I said, ” I won’t paint again next time.”. ‘ elder sister always took out some small things they loathe to give up to others for me. Let me not be angry, and then try to make me laugh.   Sister went down before she was nine years old, weeding and sowing seeds behind her father. Of course, she did all the housework.While other girls were learning to dress up for the fair, my sister scraped grass and fed horses on the mountain..   At the end of each meal, I will see a little girl with a boy’s head cut coming from a distance with a bundle of weeds bigger than herself, smiling with sweat and asking me to help. I held the grass in my hands behind my sister and asked, ” Sister, what kind of meal do you have at noon today?”. What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you. ‘ Go home, I burn the fire, she cooks, she always asks me about the school. Those warm days are such wonderful memories.   I remember too much about my sister. But I can’t write it out. If I write it out, I estimate at least hundreds of thousands of words. I was bullied when I saw others walking around my mother in beautiful clothes with a bag on their back. She went to fight with the boys.. I remember one time when I was beaten by a child who beat me at the village entrance, my sister ran over and said nothing, picked up a sunflower pole and hit the child on the body until the sunflower pole was cut several times and hit the children for mercy.. And that was the only time my sister fought with anyone in front of me. Fight for me.   She walked beside the adult women with me like an adult. It rained in order to send an umbrella and cook for me to take the exam early in the morning..   On Children’s Day. I was the conductor of the performance and was going to perform in every village in the brigade.. She followed me all the time. She would say to others, ” Look, it’s my brother who blew the whistle.”. ‘ I was in the middle of the playground and saw my sister’s sweet smiling face. When the show is over, my sister will run to me and hand me water. Wipe the tears off my face like other children’s mothers.   Once I got full marks with my composition, the students in the village told my sister. My sister told me not to read it. I cried when I read it.. I want to have a mother’s composition written there. Sister touched my head without saying a word, and I cried that day.   My sister often gets beaten with me because some things can’t be done well. My father will beat us, but my sister always protects me every time. For my mistake, my sister was beaten many times by her father’s whip. I saw purple scars on her back.   In this way, we have been growing up. I know my sister will be separated from me one day.. She will marry. But I didn’t think it would be so fast. That year, I went to school in other places. I didn’t have any money at home. She was betrothed to my brother – in – law. The money I went to school was also my sister’s wedding money.. I came home late that winter vacation and came home on the 28th of the year.. I was still sleeping on the 29th of the morning. My sister came in and woke me up. That day she was the most beautiful in the world, wearing beautiful clothes. That was the only time I saw her wearing new clothes. Her beauty broke my heart on that day.. She didn’t say a word, didn’t say a word.   I felt something was wrong. I felt the sadness and sadness on my sister’s face. If she takes two steps later, I will hear her cry and see her tears. I chased out, a lot of people, a lot of people at the door. People in the village, relatives. I rushed them away. I walked beside my sister. I saw the car and my brother – in – law. A man in a suit. I took my sister’s hand, and on that day, I cried. I took my sister’s hand and did not want to let it go. My sister also cried. We are all silent. Who can feel this feeling. Who can feel the feelings of separated siblings. I said to the man, ” Be nice to my sister.”. She is too bitter. I looked back at my father. I stared at him. At that time, I began to hate him.This hatred continued until my father was seriously ill and hospitalized last year. I saw my sister in front of the hospital bed.   That one, from the 30th to the 6th of the year, I haven’t seen anyone. I left. I didn’t contact my family for the next three years.. I live in chaos. I didn’t go to school again.   Three years later, the Spring Festival returned home, and so did my sister. At that time she already had children. We have a lot of relatives in our family, because everyone knows I am still alive. Come and have a look. My sister’s thin hand held me, tears streaming down her face.   I know that in those three years, my sister was filial to my father for me. Take care of my home. Later, my sister went on to do these things for me, and my sister will continue to do them all the time..   I now call my sister and nephew and sister every day. I miss her. I owe her too much. As much as I take life is not clear.   I hope my sister can be well and well.   I want to tell her: Sister, I will be a responsible person and a good person like you all my life.. Be a kind person. I will use my best efforts to care for those around me and those who need my care and warmth.. For 27 years, I was the happiest brother. No matter how many years I have left in my life, I am the happiest brother in the world. Because I have a good sister.

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