The sun in July

The sun in July was in a hurry, and the day passed like this. Today, I am not happy because the date of returning home is near. Instead, I feel frustrated because the time of separation from the children is near.. In the afternoon, I had a PE lesson with the first-grade children. I found that I was more suitable to be a PE teacher.. I felt full of happiness when I heard the happy laughter of the children in class. After school in the afternoon, when the children were sent out of school, their smiles were as bright as the sunshine. They said’ Goodbye to the teacher’ in a crisp voice to every teacher who sent off.! A simple goodbye and thank-you sweet as honey moistens every teacher’s heart. After sending away these innocent children, I returned to the classroom with a heavy diary. I read every diary word by word, because it was written by the children with my heart, and I also wanted to reply to their diary with my heart.. Every child has their own feeling. One of the children’s feelings touched my heart. She wrote in her diary, ” This is my first time to see a movie. This movie is different from the TV we watch at ordinary times. After I watch it, I realize the hard work of my father and mother and I will be a sensible and good child.”. In order to make it easier for children to accept some philosophical knowledge, we have set up different movie classes for each grade so that children can learn more truth.. Yesterday, I gave the children a little movie about orphans. After watching it, the children all realized the truth, which touched me very much and satisfied me at the same time.. These children are as bright as the sun in July. We can not bring them much in ten days. We only hope that they can understand some simple and memorable principles under the guidance of each teacher.. Today, I seem to understand that sentence more clearly.’ I don’t regret that my clothes are getting wider and wider, and I’m haggard for Iraq.’ Today, my greatest harvest is to know how to pay. Only by giving can we reap something. If you don’t pay, why not talk about harvest!

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