Chinese Foreign Ministry to respond to US media correlation analysis: "along the way" has been generally welcomed

  A reporter asked, recently, CNBC analysis made through the use of financial search engine display, including a number of multinational executives Honeywell, HSBC, Siemens, Rio Tinto, Schneider Electric and other have said, "along the way" initiative provide a rare opportunity in the field of basic facilities has brought a lot of new opportunities to significantly enhance their presence in the areas concerned, and pledged to actively seize "along the way" the opportunities initiative。
What's your opinion?  Hua Chunying said, "I have seen you say about the report。
CNBC confirmed through the use of financial search engine learned positive attitudes and perceptions the United States and a number of world-renowned enterprises 'along the way' initiative, from one side of the 'area all the way' to national initiatives, global enterprises as well as major opportunities "along the way "been widely welcomed。 "Hua Chunying pointed out that five years, with 'along the way' cooperation progresses, more and more countries, international organizations and enterprises 'along the way' initiative to cast a 'vote of confidence' and 'votes' and benefit from equality, openness and Pratt & Whitney "along the way" in cooperation。 China is ready to work together to jointly continue to uphold the principles of sharing and building "along the way" to create more opportunities for world development and global economic growth。
  "I think there is a long-term strategic vision of the company and will learn to see and firmly grasp the opportunities brought by 'along the way' construction。 "Hua Chunying said。

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