A cleaner’s wish

Master Huang is a cleaner of Jinqiao Street in guan ting zhen. He is the youngest of the five cleaners. At ordinary times, he not only participates in street cleaning, but also takes charge of garbage transportation. During the Spring Festival, people are still immersed in the thick festival of the Spring Festival, but the five of them wear yellow jackets early and stick to their jobs every day..     On the morning of the first day of the new year, I wore a new dress and visited the streets to pay New Year’s greetings. Although there was a festive scene on the streets, some people were setting off fireworks and firecrackers in succession, but the streets and lanes were full of rubbish generated by setting off fireworks and firecrackers.. What surprised me was that Master Huang and his cleaning team were already fighting in their jobs in yellow jackets, and I stopped and stepped forward. I asked, ” Master Huang, you have worked hard.”. He smiled and said flatly, ” No way, we must work for street cleaning.”. Five seniors are over 60 years old this year. He said: ” I’m getting older and cleaning can maintain the daily life of the old couple. I like this job. The Spring Festival is special. This morning I must burn all the fireworks and garbage in this street and carry them away. It is estimated that I have to walk 30 miles. I can’t go home for dinner until about TWELVE.”. ‘ Their light words touched me very much. This is the feelings of ordinary street cleaners in the countryside. Their lofty post-holding and professional dedication are only between their smiles..     Last night, I picked up my camera to capture the beautiful night scene of the Spring Festival in the street, but at this time, I was suddenly interested in approaching the cleaner’s life.. Master Huang told me: ” At ordinary times, they need to work five or six hours a day and carry away three to four cars of garbage, but they are particularly hard during the Spring Festival. They have to go to work before dawn and can go home after dark. The daily workload is more than three times as much as usual.”. Wu Shu said to me, ” Xiao Huang, you can write. I want you to write about our life, so that everyone can raise their awareness of environmental protection and store garbage in different categories. I hope people will not throw away waste mixed with domestic garbage. It’s too bad to do that.”. You see, I often pick up some waste products to sell when I clean up the garbage at ordinary times, but we really don’t have time during the Spring Festival. We can only burn the garbage first and then load it to transport it away.. After contacting Master Huang, I settled down to work out a detailed account with them. Only one item of fireworks and firecrackers will cost more than 200,000 yuan and produce about 10 tons of fireworks and garbage for the residents of Jinqiao Street in 2000, based on setting off three firecrackers and three fireworks per family during the Spring Festival.. Later, I went to the garbage dump with them and saw what I saw when I got there. In just five or six years, about 15,000 tons of garbage were piled up in a small depression in the southeast of Jinqiao Street and most of them were buried.. Master Huang told me that there is more and more garbage in the countryside, so it is not scientific to pile it up in such a centralized way. Every summer, the garbage dump stinks. Every time it rains, garbage dump sewage overflows, causing pollution to people’s lives in the lower reaches of the river. Therefore, the problem of garbage disposal has become a big problem that puzzles people’s lives.     Therefore, it is necessary and meaningful to advocate the theme of ” peace, civilization, thrift and environmental protection”. So I wrote a letter about the environmental protection wish of a cleaner to comfort readers and especially hope that the local government will actively take effective measures to effectively manage the local environment..

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