A narrow world

Is the time, is also the time, after the Mid – Autumn Festival dark but weathered. Perhaps, I have never seriously looked at the world where I live, a reunion without moonlight, the world has already had too much chill. A rain, with a very serious attitude, hopes to get wet with the passing memories, but I always meet you in my former dream. There is no sound, only figure, and the stories coming and going are full of elusive air.. The picture in the dream is like a flower, very quietly opening in a happy spring, decorated with sweetness that makes you happy – honey bees and butterflies that love each other, flowers and snow that pretend to be beautiful, the Wizard of Oz that linger and forget to return, all the memories that can create beautiful associations.! It is not irresistible. The world was originally like this, with a seemingly very broad vision to encompass a very narrow world in reality.! So I don’t always feel lonely. I always live with the closest people. In order to keep the proper temperature, we have all learned to take good care of our bodies. If we do not have a very special task, we will spend a lot of time in the house.. This is the warmest time in my life. I don’t have Chinese clothes and food, and I don’t have to worry about my livelihood day and night. The old memories in those ancient books are very much like myself in reality, because there is not much place to go, so I decided to stay in the old house where I was born.. If there is sunshine, bask in your clothes and quilt. If there is nothing else to do, wait until the sunset to bring yourself back to your dream. Vaguely hear the child crying, but it is by no means his childhood. I have always been a happy person and should not have an unbearable past. The sun shines on my house, just like the life you touched. I only wrote down your life, and I will never be afraid of losing it again.. It’s time, it’s also time. Even if it’s weathered, I still love this narrow world..

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