A woman is a gentle cloud

The four seasons of the snowy night show all the charm and elegance of women, not only marking the woman’s face with the marks of years, but also precipitating the unique connotation in her heart. Although a gentle woman like a cloud is the enjoyment of visual beauty, it is also the experience of sensory beauty..   A woman is a gentle cloud that floats above a man’s head and can also be injected into a man’s heart. Like flying imaginary wings, but collecting atrial fibrillation; And like a delicate and charming flower, but there are ten thousand flowers in the world, only a woman can blossom without defeat. She only keeps her purity for the loved one, only sends out her fragrance for the loved one, and is always a landscape of flowers. It is more like a unique leaf, rising and falling in the water with the waves and swaying in the branches with the wind.. With the flowering period, leaves can more foil the charm of flowers, and the green leaves always make people feel soft like water..     Some people say that a gorgeous turn in one’s life may be followed by a lifetime of past life and present life, but the end of life has become the other side.. A lot of time, a lot of things, a lot of people, can only exist in memory forever. Time flies, love is like flowers, life is four seasons, love flowers can only bloom for one season. If you really love someone, please cherish it, no matter how long you love each other, if you can always treat each other gently in the time of keeping together.. Then, all the time will be a kind of flawless beauty.     The life of a gentle woman like a cloud begins with poetry, then prose, then essays, then essays, and finally a heavy novel and ending.     A gentle and cloud-like woman can outline the finishing touches of life with her hands at will.. Time is long, although some strokes are clear and shallow, every stroke and trace seems to record feelings and elegance spanning thousands of years.. Can also dial the heart to pop up a song of heavenly melody, drunk as soon as you enter your heart sea. Such women are intelligent and gentle, worthy of men’s love for life. They come from the tactful song lyrics with graceful demeanour, or are beautiful as long songs, or only hurt as plain harps, or now a pool of clear water, with a bright moon and a smile, leisurely and slowly, with Dai jade’s refined temperament, clear-cut talent, and ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings of jade rings..     The four seasons of the snowy and windy nights show women all their charm and elegance, not only marking the woman’s face with the marks of years, but also precipitating the unique connotation in her heart.. Although a gentle woman like a cloud is the enjoyment of visual beauty, it is also the experience of sensory beauty..     A gentle woman like a cloud is pure and quiet, just like a cloud type fairy. Although the world is composed of men and women into a complete and harmonious picture, it cannot be denied that the most beautiful and bright woman in the picture is a gentle cloud-like flower, which is fragrant and provocative. She shows many beautiful symbols of mankind in a glance under the blue sky and white clouds and above the mountains, lakes and seas..     As a woman, you can show the true qualities of a woman and make no secret of your thoughts in your own world. In other people’s lives, they can play different roles and experience different feelings. In their own stories and stories that do not belong to them, they shed their own tears and changed their position to suit themselves.     The poet said that gentle and cloud-like women are shy in spring, romantic in summer, free and easy in autumn and dignified in winter.. There are also the fragrance of flowers, the charm of poetry and the melody of dance.     Musicians say that a gentle woman like a cloud is a wonderful piece of music, making men feel happy and sad in the wonderful music, and making you feel different shock from different music with special music language..     The painter said that a gentle woman like a cloud is a unique painting, and a woman who tastes like a painting is like a life of taste.. Only if you understand the content of life can you appreciate this unique painting of women at different levels.     The writer said that a woman’s feelings are very complicated, like an essay, whether it is a voluminous article or an opening statement, whether it is emotional vacillation or flying wing running, it is always inseparable from a love word. Prose is like this, it can give many descriptions and feelings of duality, and it can also be discussed and expressed, but the important feature of prose is that words are scattered and gods are gathered together.. Women are in such a period, just as we write prose, we can’t get rid of the entanglement of feeling.     This cloud of gentle women is not born, but is built through internal and external efforts. Charming women form a faint scent of women from the natural surge, eruption and outpouring of the spirit, which makes people miss and yearn for for a long time..     If you don’t know how to gather this cloud of gentle women, appreciate this flower of women, interpret this book of women, appreciate this piece of music of women, and review this painting of women, then life must have less fun.

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